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Villain: In the beginning, the heroine’s spiritual pupil is cut out with a knife chapter 080

The young eunuch led the empress to leave first, and then the civil and military officials of the court dispersed one after another.

Shen Yuan came to Qiu Lin’s side and stretched out his hand.

Qiu Lin honestly handed the magic ring to Shen Yuan。

“You are really brave. “Qiu Lin pouted and lowered her voice.

Shen Yuan didn’t seem to care at all.。

“What do you mean? Is it to feed monsters, or to mistake a deer for a horse? Qiu

Lin put her hands behind her head and changed the subject, “Didn’t you recommend me to His Majesty?” Why hasn’t my appointment been communicated yet?”

“Who knows, maybe His Majesty was busy and forgot about it. I will remind you when I have time. ”

The corner of Qiu Lin’s mouth twitched slightly. Did you forget it because you were busy? Did you forget it while playing?

Seeing Qiu Lin and Shen Yuan chatting animatedly, Qiu Bai quickly stepped forward and grabbed his sister’s hand.。

“Prime Minister, we have something else to do, so we’ll leave first.。”

“Not sending。”

“Brother, what are you doing? Don’t hold me back, I’ll walk on my own……”

Shen Yuan handed the Dharma Ring to You Ruo。

“Wear it and you’ll cause trouble for me as much as possible。”

“Thank you master……”

When Youruo learned that his demon clan identity was exposed, his mind went blank. Now that the crisis has been resolved, she calmly thinks about it carefully。

“Who on earth leaked the secret of my identity? ! ”

Shen Yuan also intends to train You Ruo’s thinking ability.。

“Come back to Shen’s house with me first, and think about it slowly after you get back. ”

He followed Shen Yuan obediently and walked out of the palace immediately.

Unexpectedly, he met the enemy brother and sister again just after he came out. The two of them hadn’t gone far yet.

Shen Yuan smiled at them, said hello, and then left Get on the chariot。

“Miss Youruo, I’m sorry about what happened today. Come with me and I’ll choose a spirit horse for you. ”

Youruo also knew that she was not qualified to ride with Shen Yuan, so she followed Qiu Lin.

Qiu Lin quickly took Youruo to the royal stables and selected a peerless horse for her.。

“thank you。”

“You are welcome. Qiu Lin smiled coldly and handed the reins to Youruo, “But I kindly remind you, don’t forget your identity.” Youruo gritted her silver teeth slightly, ”

Master Qiu, what do you mean?”。”

“It’s not interesting, it’s just that some people are born in the sky, and some people are born in the earth。”

“Oh, look at my memory, I almost forgot that you are not a human at all, but a monster.……”

Qiu Lin leaned against You Ruo’s ear, her tone was gentle, and she issued a warning.。

“Stay away from him, or I’ll kill you……”

Youruo turned around and mounted his horse, looking down from a high position.。

“Miss Qiu, are you jealous of me?”


When Qiu Lin didn’t respond, You Ruo rode away.

Looking at You Ruo’s back, Qiu Lin spat bitterly.

They are just a small Night Bat clan. With such a status, how can they be worthy of being the Prime Minister?

Shen family.

After Shen Yuan and Youruo returned, Shen Yuan came to the study to deal with the accumulated affairs of the Shen family.

You Ruo, on the other hand, was squeezing his shoulders and making tea for him as always. At this time, she was secretly happy in her heart. She didn’t expect that the master would openly treat a deer as a horse in the court for her own sake!

“What are you giggling about?” Shen Yuan’s expression remained unchanged. “I asked you to think about who betrayed you. Have you come up with any results?” You Ruo quickly pouted and lowered his head


“Master…I…my brain is not working well. Didn’t you say before that all I have to do with you is kill people?……”

“The past was before, and the present is now. If you want to go to the upper realm, is it not enough to just kill people? Or are you saying that you don’t want to go?”

“No, no, of course I want to go! Youruo was filled with longing, “I heard that by ascending to the upper realm, you can cultivate the path of immortality and seek immortality. I don’t know if it’s true or not.” ”

Immortal life is what countless monk

s in the lower realms dream of.。

“It’s not that simple……”Shen Yuan lowered his eyes slightly, “Even if you go to the upper realm, it will be very difficult to live forever.。”

“Why is this?”

“The four major immortal families join forces to determine the path to immortality, breed immortality trees, and bear the fruits of the path to immortality. The longevity path fruit absorbs the longevity luck of the entire upper realm. Ordinary monks, without the consent of the Immortal Family, still want to live forever?”

“It is so difficult to live forever in the upper world, let alone the lower world where we have thin spiritual power and poor resources.……”

The four major longevity families are the longevity Gu family, the longevity Wang family, the longevity Xiao family and the longevity Lin family.

Picking one out alone would give Shen Yuan a headache, but in order to seek immortality, it was only a matter of time before he became his enemy.。

“Okay, don’t ask any more questions. You don’t need to think about these things for the time being. As long as you can think of who leaked your true identity, I will be happy.

Youruo thought for a while, and then said firmly: “I know, it’s Tong Ji. ” ”

Shen Yuan shook his head.。

“Oh, I know, it’s Tong Guishan. ”

Shen Yuan still shook his head.。

“Tong Chi?”

“Do you guess it one by one?”

“Anyway, only those five people know my identity, and I must be among those five people!”

“well. Shen Yuan hissed, “Don’t guess, it’s Qian Linglong.”。”

“Qian Linglong? How could she know me as a court official?”

“She told Qin Yang. Qin Yang guessed your identity through her description. You should know what happened next.。”

“It shouldn’t be, she hasn’t seen my appearance either!”

“The Nirvana Demonic Eyes can see all demonic features, but in front of her, the ghost face is useless. ”

It’s not surprising that You Ruo can’t think about it. After all, she has been with Shen Yuan since she was a child. She doesn’t know much about the Nirvana Demon Eye. Naturally, she doesn’t know the ability of the Nirvana Demon Eye. Youruo is thoughtful, and then she hates it

. make a fist。

“Damn Qian Linglong, I brought a few of them to Yinxu Valley, and they actually betrayed me!”

“In the eyes of a demon royal like Qian Linglong, a low-level demon like you is nothing more than an ant, so how can she care about your life?”

“Master, how did you know? ”

Shen Yuan sipped the fairy tea, “Don’t forget, Mr. Qu has actually been controlled by me for a long time. I know every move of Qin Yang.。”

“There must be something wrong with his current cultivation, because I asked Mr. Qu to teach him the wrong way of cultivation. And, most importantly, Mr. Qu may not even realize that he has been manipulated by me.……”

“Originally he was still in Yunzhou, but now he came to the capital and threw himself into a trap, which was exactly what I wanted.……”

“The master plans to kill him?”

“Killing him will help increase the power of my Thousand Illusion Spirit Pupils. Now he has betrayed all his relatives, his sect has been destroyed, and there is no one left to rely on in this huge world. If you are homeless, you will inevitably suffer from the suffering of the mortal world。”

“The head of the family is compassionate and kind-hearted and sent him on his way. Firstly, he can be spared from the torture of this world, and secondly, he can be of value and help me with my spiritual eyes. This is a heart-warming move on the ancient road.

Youruo suppressed her smile, “Then…master, when do you plan to deal with him? “”

“Don’t worry, I know exactly where he is at the moment. The most important thing at the moment is to deal with the Dongyi envoys.。”

“As for the five monster clans in Yinxu Valley, please don’t act rashly. I will go and meet them personally when I have time, so as to find out what their true purpose is in coming to Beiqi.

You Ruo hurriedly said: “What if they want to leave? ” Let Yinxu Valley keep them by force? Shen

Yuan shook his head: “They won’t want to leave, because in a few days, the Demon Suppression Department will intensify their search efforts in Yunzhou.”……”


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