Type Month; My fiancée is a politician Chapter 153

“I’m tired, I’m tired, I can’t run.”

Obviously one second he was still listening to the wind and rain on the bridge in Fuyuki City, but the next moment Weber experienced what is called the feeling of floating.

Directly carried by Iskandar by the collar floating in the air, by the time he came back to his senses, Iskandar had already run within the range of the commercial street.

“Food, wine!”

It wasn’t until he was awakened by Iskander’s voice that Webb realized that he had left everything behind in the Holy Grail War.

“Why is it like this?”

Looking at Iskandar, who was wearing armor and being watched by people looking for food not far away, Webb finally gained time to calm down and think and tidy.

Recalling his ugly appearance just now, the man held his head. Even if Iskandar is a powerful Servant, he is also his contractor. But the dominance should be in the hands of the master.

But now……..

Looking at the trump card in his hand called the Writ, Webb knew that these were three Writs that would disappear with the exercise, that is, three absolute commands, indicating the decisive existence of the master-slave relationship between Master and Servant.

Orders generated by the spell, even absurd instructions for suicide, Servant must not disobey. This is a contract system built by the Kirito family, one of the three founding families of the Servant summoning center.

Conversely. Although the Master who uses the three spells will fall into the danger of Servant’s rebellion, it is a risk that can be avoided as long as the Master acts carefully.

That’s right. As long as there is a spell on this hand to suppress the uneasiness in his heart, Webb stared at his right hand in a trance and snickered, no matter how big a muscle you have. It is impossible to defy the magician Weber. Virvet’s.

Wait for that Servant to come back. The rules in this regard must be strongly spelled out

Behind Webb, who was thinking about those things, there was a sudden explosion.


Startled by the voice, Weber looked back and saw a girl with a small body compared to Iskander.

No, it is a bit exaggerated to say that the other party is small, the perfect tall body even Weber thinks is a peerless beauty, plus the golden eyes and golden hair, the other party is only under the burly body of Iskandar.

“What’s wrong?”

Not knowing what happened, Weber couldn’t tell where the voice came from.

“You guy, this is what I chose, don’t grab it!”

The armor made of magic on her body has long been replaced by a pure black dress, and the golden hair is scattered casually on her shoulders, and Artoria, who is dumbfounded in black, has just arrived at the commercial street.

The thirst for food surpassed everything, and she was the kind of personality that didn’t matter much about what she ate, as long as she thought it was delicious.

Competing with Iskandar for the last skewers sold by small stalls, she does not take a step back even in the face of the conqueror who is easily more than 2 meters tall.

“This piece of barbecue is my fancy, little girl, you go and choose something else to eat.”

Under the bronze carcass are the upper limbs and legs that extend out, covered with muscles that seem to bulge from the inside. It looks like he has arm strength that can strangle a bear to death with his bare hands.

The sculptural and profound face, the glittering pupils, as if under the burning red hair and beard are dyed red by the same crimson color, with a heavy cloak with extravagant ornaments.

The strange dress is enough to attract the attention of many people, and it is still grabbed with a beautiful woman of wonderful age, although it makes people feel a little funny, but for Weber, who has been frightened into six gods, he has no time to find it interesting.

“This piece of barbecue is what I fancy!”

Competing with Iskandar for strength without regression, how could Artoria give up on eating?

The golden dragon pupils and Iskander’s red eyes looked at each other, and as the strength of the two increased, the floor under their feet cracked at the same moment.

“This power … Little girl, you are also a heroic spirit.

Although I don’t know where you are, I am not interested in joining my umbrella and conquering this vast world with King Ben. ”

Without the consciousness of being in the middle of a busy street, the cloak behind him was raised, and Iskandar shouted without hesitation.

That look was like being afraid that others wouldn’t know what he was doing.



On the other side, inside the sushi restaurant.

“Lily, your food intake is really good.”

Looking at the thick stack of plates in front of Artoria, Alice Phil couldn’t understand how Artoria could put so much food in her petite belly.

Interdimensional space? Two-dimensional storage? I don’t understand, I don’t understand.

Fortunately, when she went out, she brought the special black card given by the Einz Belen family, and she didn’t have to worry about not being able to pay.

“Allie, my thirst for food is because of the supply of magic power, not simply like to eat.”

Being looked at by Alice Phil was a little blushing, but Artoria still said this bluntly.

“Yes, yes, I see, Lord Knight King.”

The smile made Artoria blush even more, looking at Alice Phil, who looked innocent and innocent, King Arthur could only shake his head helplessly.

As she continued to prepare delicious sushi, she suddenly heard a familiar and unfamiliar voice from behind.

That is……….


With Nero and Fiore, Coles walked into the store, and Morgan did not expect to see his sister here.

And unlike in memory, this look of Artoria seems to ……. Not the desperate girl she knew.

—————————— dividing line——————————

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