Type Month; My fiancée is a politician Chapter 152

On the largest shopping street in Fuyuki City………

At this critical moment, that is, when the heroic spirit has just been summoned, I am afraid that when the people of the Ren Magic Association, the church, and the royal three families could not have imagined, there would be several greedy heroic spirits and a few unreliable royal lords coming here to find food, right?

Alice Phil, who still thinks she is “ordinary” clothes, and Artoria, who is wearing men’s clothing, but is extremely handsome, has attracted a lot of attention from the pairing of the two.

The silver-haired and red-eyed princess, the blond-haired and green-eyed knight, with the taste of lilies and full of taboo feelings, the elegant and dignified two almost satisfied people’s yearning for all good things.

It was early in the morning, and there were not many pedestrians on the commercial street, but it was not too few.

Excitedly looking at this and that, Alice Phil’s heart flew with joy.

“Lily, Lily, look at it, how about I wear this?”

Picking up a large black-framed glasses from a street stall and looking at Artoria, Alice Phil asked excitedly.

“It’s pretty.”

Nodded, for Alice Phil’s innocence, Artoria really liked each other.


The pure smile made everyone feel calm, and continuing to shop with Artoria, Alice Phil suddenly saw a sushi restaurant unique to Sakura Country.

“Lily, how about we go try this?”


The amount of food has always been large, and Artoria has always felt a little unable to resist the temptation of food.

Follow Alice Phil into the sushi restaurant, they are the first couple to come here.



“Well, wouldn’t it be nice if we just ran out like this?”

Some are not used to the eyes of people around them, although Fiore is the current head of the Furvigi family, but the experience of growing up since she was a child is that she has not experienced the brilliant life that a girl should have.

“Well, Mr. Dunick didn’t say no, so there should be no problem.”

Besides, with Miss Nero and Miss Morgan, I don’t think we’ll be fine. ”

Looking at Morgan behind him who was silent behind him and Nero, who was curious about everything along the way, Coles and even his own sister were bored and distressed these days.

Pondering and taking his sister out to relax, coupled with the existence of these two heroic spirits by his side, he firmly believes that this line will not encounter any problems.

“I hope so.”

Sighing slightly, Fiore also hoped that things would really turn out like Kollers said.

Gradually falling into a happy atmosphere, walking down the shopping street with Nero, it didn’t take them long to notice a nice shop.

“Hey, that shop looks good, how about trying it?”

Pushing Fiore’s wheelchair, Nero ran over.

And Cowles and Morgan behind them could only helplessly follow.

Anyway, it didn’t matter what these four people did, it was much more fun than staying in the dreary room of Yugdomi Milenia.

So, the second and third pairs of the combination of the lord and the spirit came to the sushi restaurant.



“It’s boring, these humans. 】

[After so many years of development, can the times only develop to this extent?] 】

Her beautiful face is unforgettable, and her long blonde hair reaches to her waist, making her shine even without any restraints.

Wearing expensive custom clothing, under the courtiers of Tosaka Shichen, Gilgamesh recognized the identity of this guy.

If she doesn’t disdain to chat with King Humble and Tosaka Shichen, no one knows what Niang Shanshan thinks in her heart.

Remembering that at that time, Enchi always complained about her own affairs, and she rarely broke away from her magic and went out as a woman.

[Ah, the feeling of freedom…..]

In the days of Uruk, Gilgamesh had never come out as a woman, and he did not expect to come to modern society as a heroic spirit, but he could experience such a feeling.

Watched by the people around her, before she knew it, she came to the place with the most crowds, that is, the commercial street of Fuyuki City.

[Ordinary people’s gaze?] It’s not quite the same as Uruk’s feeling. 】

Shaking his head, feeling the admiring eyes of the people around him, Gilgamesh rarely pulled out his sword, but quietly looked around.

[This feeling of silence has not been realized for a long time. 】

Under the blue underworld, the heavenly sound struck, blowing the girl’s golden hair slightly.

Looking at the gradually rising sun, the wind above the clouds fluttered, and the figure of the man appeared in the girl’s eyes.

[Motoyanagiin, where are you. 】

[You once said that my world… You come to carry it, but what about you? What about carrying my world on your back? 】

The crimson eyes were filled with disappointment in everything and hatred for himself, and whenever he thought of that moment, Gilgamesh felt that his life was meaningless.

I don’t know if the existence of the Holy Grail can let her know the figure of that man, and her heart’s desire will always be only one.

Tell him as a woman how much you miss him, regardless of identity and background, just doing what you want to do.

This one…….. It is her, the wish of the hero king Gilgamesh!

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