Type Month; My fiancée is a politician Chapter 151

“Wish? King Ben doesn’t have such a boring thing. ”

Golden hair standing on end like burning and ruby-like eyes. It was none other than Servant of Tosaka Shichen, the hero king Gilgamesh, who answered the question of the humble king.

The golden armor on his body shone, and after getting the results of the understanding between King Humble and Motoryuin, the Hero King stopped speaking.

“No wishes? So why did you answer the call? ”

Returning to the human form from the dragon body, for Tosaka Shichen and Yanfeng Qili on the side, whether it was the existence of the humble king or the brilliance of Gilgamesh, the conversation of these two heroic spirits made them unable to penetrate.

Servant was supposed to be the master’s servant, but on their side, it seemed to be the exact opposite.

“Answered the call? Ben Wang just felt bored.

Grail? Almighty wishes? The vortex of roots? It’s boring. ”

The north star shone in the night sky, and the golden eyes looked at the moonlight that poured down, and a trace of memory and complexity appeared on Gilgamesh’s handsome face.

The sweet and bitter taste flows in the heart at the same time, and this inseparable feeling has been haunted by Gilgamesh for thousands of years.

Yes, it is obviously something that all magicians dream of, but it was brought by the hero king with a smile. But for the lowly king, it is understandable.

Because, Gilgamesh’s expression had already told him the answer.

“What? Rider, you actually want to see your teacher? ”

On the bridge in Fuyuki City, along the way, he said that he wanted to see the scenery along the way, and the two chatted while walking towards the snack street.

Unexpectedly, this man who was bold in front of him would have a teacher, and Weber remembered that poetic legend.

“Yes, my teacher.”

Another sip of liquor, Iskandar stood up.

“Teacher, when are you coming back!”

A fierce and missive whisper leaked out of Iskander’s throat like a lion’s low roar, but a smile could be seen in the expression on his face that lifted the corners of his mouth. In Weber’s view, this is a peculiar smile that belongs to Iskander.

“Oh? Have you heard his name too? ”

I thought that my existence had been forgotten, but I didn’t expect that Shien knew the name of Motoyanagi in addition to himself, and Skaha remembered that there were almost only a few words about men in the records of the Shadow Country.

In this case, it is really barely within the scope of Ziyuan’s knowledge.

“Of course I knew that man existed, but… I didn’t know he existed through the Land of Shadows. ”

After several hesitations, Shiyuan finally told Skaha about the legend about the man.

“During the mythological period of Sumerian Uruk, that was the demon king, who personally destroyed the gods and opened the way to bid farewell to the gods.”

Hurriedly took out a few pictures of documents from his computer that recorded the deeds of Motoyanagiin, of course Kenneth knew the man’s story.

Once upon a time, when he had just begun to learn magic, he regarded that person as an idol in his heart, after all, opening the way of farewell between human beings and gods as a human being, this kind of thing sounds exciting.

“During the mythological period of Celtic Camelot, the one who was the sage, he taught Arthur and the tyrant, walking in the country of the dead, was for the sage.”

Nodding at Mordred, Kaos seemed to understand that the truth of Camelot’s time, which was obviously the end of the gods, but still lasted for two hundred years.

“During the chaotic war in Macedonia, the man who was the king of men, inherited from Alexander, personally created the Greco-Persian national republic, so that history never stops.”

Reaching out to instruct Itani to boo, Merlin’s purple eyes were full of solemnity and seriousness.

“He is the terminator of the gods, he is the originator of history.”

The sword in his hand was burning, the gun in his hand was trembling, his golden eyes unreservedly released the momentum beyond the heroic spirit, and the black gun stayed on the highest building in Fuyuki City and recalled everything that the man had done.

“He is an observer of time, he is the originator of magic.”

Glancing at Morgan, the smile at the corner of Nero’s mouth grew bigger.

“Forgot? Morgan, he is our Roman envoy, this is not fake! ”

Nodding, Nero looked at Coles and Fiore again, the conviction in his eyes unmistakable.

“Enchidu, what did you say?”

The feeling in the body is finally better, I don’t understand why a woman like Enkidu appeared in the Holy Grail War, and she has always been unable to understand human feelings, and Karen wants to know what the Beast King’s heart thinks.

“I said, I want to see Motoyanagiin, my beloved, and the demon king of Uruk.

I look at your expression and seem to know him. ”

Sitting cross-knee in a chair, Enchidu’s turquoise hair fell smoothly and vertically.

“Yuanliuin, I think no one in the entire magic world will not know this name, after all, he is a legend like the creation god.”

Nodded, under Enchidu’s curious gaze, Karen recited the ancient saying that has been passed down; “He is a god, he says the demon king, he is a sage, he is the one who witnesses all this and creates all this legend.”

“The history of our mankind will eventually be made by him…”

Countless stories about Motoyanagiin have been found in Einzbelen’s documents, and Alice Phil as a child liked to read those legends the most.

She had always recorded those as documents, and for the first time discovered that the incomparably strong Artoria would also shed tears and grieve.

“The development of our human race is only a trace of his existence……….”

Speechless, sighed, Meili really didn’t expect someone to be able to do this level, really worthy of being her roommate in the oldest family, really great!

At last……..

“No choice, teacher.

My wish has been fulfilled……..”

Looking at the man in front of him, Hephaestion didn’t need to make any more choices at all.

The purple tulip, which represented endless blessings, had always been in her hands, and at this moment, the demon girl with golden and silver eyes felt great satisfaction.

Because, the wish that belongs to her, belongs to them, has been fulfilled……….

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