The super villain of sports Chapter 803

Xiao Hua could see it, but he didn’t have a good way, and the situation that was hard to stabilize gradually broke out of their control.

Originally, I also hoped that the Lakers management would come forward and help convince Ye Fei.

On February 1, the Lakers returned home to face the Denver Nuggets. The pre-match interview is the focus of fans’ attention, and the game itself is not worth the fans’ excessive expectations. Ye Fei did not indicate that there were bells and whistles before the game, he must continue to win by blocking, and one or twenty blocks a ball was given, which was completely out of the question, shouting six and it was over.

They wanted to know, what exactly did Ye Fei plan, did the All-Star Game really not participate in the five events?

Journalists, the media is also focused on this.

The players from both sides entered the stadium, and the reporters who had been waiting here rushed up and surrounded Ye Fei, but Ye Fei refused to accept any media interviews, and under the protection of security personnel, he walked into the stadium steadily.

Lakers coach Luke Wharton became the focus of reporters, facing the long guns and short cannons in front of him, Coach Wharton said extremely calmly: “What kind of decisions the players make, we as coaches, we must respect them and consider them, the All-Star Game is an entertainment event, as Ye’s coach, I even hope that he will not even participate in the All-Star Main Game, our goal is to win the championship, I support any decision he makes.” ”

The coach’s words are credible or not, such as the words of Mr. Bobo, many media friends will not even believe the punctuation.

The final decision-making power of the team is still on the general manager and the president of the team, which is why so many coaches are currently extending their hands to the position of general manager. Team coaches may be able to favor their own players, but team general managers and others need to consider sanctions from the league.

However, Lakers president Jenny Buss, in an interview, resolutely supported Ye Fei.

“Ye’s decision was wise and the players needed plenty of rest. I don’t want him to be in all five events at the same time, and even in the All-Star Game, I hope he doesn’t play too long. But for the sake of the fans, we will still let Ye play in every event he is willing to participate in. ”

The final decision is on Ye Fei, if Ye Fei is not interested in participating in your competition.

Sorry, our Lakers management will not put pressure on him, your league has the ability, just go out and ask Ye Fei yourself.

The meaning of the Lakers management is very clear, Ye Fei can do whatever he wants, and they fully support Ye Fei’s decision.

Knowing what the Lakers management meant, the NBA league top brass couldn’t sit still.

Ye Fei did not accept the interview, indicating that he still maintained his previous attitude. More fans, pointing the finger at the league’s management.

“Waste Xiao Hua, quickly get off the stage for me, see how much David Stern respected Dayao back then, why do you want to target me Daye God!”

“Yes, I will not participate, when I Ye Shen is a lingering existence, I don’t want face.”

“Whether Ye Fei chooses to play or chooses to avoid the battle, we support him, but the league management dies first.”

“Don’t think you can control any player, I Ye Shen won’t agree, you can get your way!” If you want Ye Shen to fight, please correct your attitude and reflect on yourself. ”

“The refund is over, I originally wanted to go to the scene to watch the Spring Festival, but now I save the ticket money.”

“Always support Ye Shen, Humi will always be your strong backing, why don’t you let me participate, I can’t participate, if you want me to participate, you must participate, do your dreams!”

“Just ask if your face hurts? Ye Fei is not allowed to participate yet, and now you are asking Ye Fei to participate, stupid waste, a good all-star, you have to engage so many moths, I feel sorry for New Orleans. ”

The league management was targeted.

The management who went to the sidelines to watch the battle finally went back to their lives in ashes, and Ye Fei completely ignored them. Let the team’s PR department send them all away.

The final result of the game between the Lakers and the Nuggets did not have much suspense, and the game process did not have twists and turns.

The Nuggets players dodged Ye Fei’s attack, causing him to block not many times, but in the game, Ye Fei, who had been “sluggish” on the offensive end for a long time, suddenly stormed away.

Three-pointers shot from three shots, a death dunk across the three defenders opposite, gorgeous dribbling tore through the opponent’s defense, sending a wonderful pass to teammates…

Ye Fei showed his superb and comprehensive skills to the fans, and it was also a silent crusade.

Shouldn’t I be competing in five events at the same time with such a good performance?

The answer is imminent.

The Lakers beat the Nuggets 120-110, the expected result. Ye Fei’s 22 points, 18 rebounds, 16 blocks, 10 assists and 7 steals, the fans have no fluctuations in their hearts, and even want to laugh, is it Ye Fei who can do everything?

Things got worse, fans were less and less buying, and the league finally couldn’t sit still.

On February 3, before the Lakers’ game against the Wizards, the NBA officially announced the 2017 Slam Dunk Contest.

Ye Fei appeared on the poster C position, and the Magic’s Aaron Gordon and the Timberwolves’ Zach LaVine were left and right on Ye Fei’s side.

Perhaps in recent editions, tall players have had a good performance in the dunk contest, and Andrew Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers was selected for the slam dunk contest.

The rest of the famous generals in the alliance refused the alliance’s invitation.

There is only one reason, Ye Fei is out of the dunk contest, do they still have a chance to perform?

The newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, and this year’s draft was lost, and Derek Jones Jr. from the Suns bravely participated in this All-Star Slam Dunk Contest, which finally allowed the NBA league to regain some face.

As the defending champion, unless it is due to injury, under normal circumstances, you cannot refuse to participate in the tournament you won last year.

There has to be a player who guards the ring, and having the rest of the players challenge can add a lot of highlights.

The list of dunk contests came out, and the fans finally breathed a sigh of relief.

In addition to the All-Star Main Game and the Rookie Challenge, there is still a game Ye Fei will play, and Ye Fei can be seen at least three days in the All-Star Game.

But Ye Fei didn’t buy it.

As soon as the list of the dunk contest came out, Ye Fei spoke on Twitter: “There is no one who can dunk, what is the meaning of such a dunk contest, I can win the championship standing up?!” ”

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