The start of the net king is full Chapter 154

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After defeating Higa Middle School, the youth school successfully advanced to the quarterfinals of the national competition!

The other schools’ quarterfinals were also played on the second day. In order to gather intelligence, the next day Agan took all the “tools” and went back and forth from stadium to stadium.

It seems that he said that he wanted to collect all the data of all the players, which seems to be no joke.

“Agan, you seem to have collected a lot of information yesterday, so please, come and report the situation of other schools!” Tezuka said.

Kansadaharu nodded and opened the notebook full of data in his hand: “Yamabuki Junior High School led by Chiishi, although he won the first battle against Yamagata Saint Icarus. But in the race to advance to the quarterfinals, they lost! After Yakuzu left, Yamabuki’s strength actually dropped a lot. Except for Chishi, none of the singles can hold up the scene! If one of the two doubles sets loses, the situation is not good for them, so it is normal to lose. ”

The national competition is not as good as the Kanto Competition, and it is not possible to win by luck with the old Nada Taboo horse race.

“Last year’s winning schools, such as Rikkai Daifu High School, Shitenhoji Temple and Aichi in Osaka, and Nagoya, were all successful in winning the first round of the tournament among the schools that used to be highly regarded for their strength. And Fudomine, who advanced from the Kanto Congress, won last year’s runner-up Makinoto Vine Academy 4:1 and advanced to the quarterfinals of the national competition! Kansadaharu continued.

“Since I had one more orange, I actually brought the famous Fudo Peak to the quarterfinals of the national competition, and Tachibana Jihei is really powerful!” Begonia sighed.

“yes. The main thing is that the game easily won two promotion matches, and even I felt that they still hid some of their strength. The next match, they will face off against the Four Heavenly Treasure Temple, the duel between the two heroes of Kyushu, which should be very interesting. Agan said.

“In addition, the competition between the Ice Emperor Academy and the Lion Music… It was a really good game and I got interesting statistics. ”

The potential of the Ice Emperor Trace Department really surprised Ah Qian, and the data collected was estimated to have no effect.

If it is against the upper trace, Ah Qian believes that with his strength, he will definitely lose. Therefore, it would be more appropriate for Jibu to have Tezuka, or Ashen to deal with it.

“By the way, the school that wins is the opponent of the game!” Eiji said.

At that time, he also looked at the schedule of the fixture. But if you are in the top eight Ice Emperor, it is really a narrow road.

Because it was because he looked down on it in the metropolitan assembly that he faced Seigaku in the first round of the Kanto Tournament, and then lost the qualification to advance to the national competition.

“So who won, Agan!” Tao hurriedly asked.

Kansadaharu pushed his glasses and said, “Who do you think won?” ”

“It should be the Ice Emperor Academy! Lion Le’s strength last year was very strong, after all, it used to be the top four in the country. But because the two main players of Lion Le, Kyushu Shuangxiong both left the team, and now Lion Le’s strength is not as good as before. Fuji frowned.

Tachibana Yoshihira went to Fudo Peak and brought Fudo Peak to the national competition. The other person, Chitose Chisato, was transferred to the Four Heavenly Treasure Temple.

“That’s right!” Kan Sadaharu closed the notebook that recorded the data and said lightly: “The Ice Emperor is a relaxed posture in both the first and second rounds, and he won overwhelmingly with an absolute score!” ”

“Especially the second battle was against the Lion Le Middle School, which is known as the mighty power of Kyushu, and in less than two hours, the Ice Emperor won the game, 5:0!”

The last one is Lihai Da, Ah Qian did not say, because they have seen it in the Kanto Competition, and it is definitely Tachihai Dai who advanced.

“It seems that they are no longer the Ice Emperors who competed with us in the Kanto Tournament, and their strength has increased a lot!” Tao said.

“yes! After experiencing a defeat, when the Ice Emperor makes a comeback, his strength will inevitably increase significantly. Jibu is not a person who is willing to submit to others. Tezuka said with a nod.

Shame and courage, it is rare that because of the organizer, let their Ice Emperor be resurrected in the national competition, how can those people of the Ice Emperor not seize the opportunity.

“Hehe, it seems that we still have to let Qingxue send their Ice Emperor home.” Lin Xuan said with a smile.

“Ah Xuan, don’t be careless. Although our youth school is not as good as before, if we are not careful, we will lose the game, after all, it is the team’s results. Agan said.

“Don’t be pessimistic, let’s be confident. The current Qingxue is a complete body of the return of Captain Tezuka, and the strength of our Qingxue is no worse than theirs. Ryuzaki said with a smile.

“Yes!” Everyone responded in unison, and it was time to show the results of months of hard training.

Thinking back to the constant damage caused by Agan’s poisonous juice some time ago, the daily weight-bearing anti-stress exercises… They firmly believe that their efforts are no worse than anyone else’s. _

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