The start of the net king is full Chapter 153

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“Okay, Senior Lin Xuan is about to score, and he once again hit a position that the ground shrinking method can’t reach.”

“It’s useless! Look at my all-round land shrinkage method. In the face of Lin Xuan’s sharp weak click breaking attack, the wooden hand snorted coldly.

He slapped it with both hands, and fought back with all his might.

“So fast. How can his ground shrinking method move left and right!! Ah Qian said in amazement.

From the data collected, it is clear that the shrinking method can only move quickly back and forth.

“Wouldn’t it be possible to move in all directions now, without any dead ends?” Tao said.

“Huh. Originally, the ground shrinking method, which could only move back and forth, was able to expand to all directions through the amazing balance of the wooden hand. Silently move to the edge of the ball, see the enemy’s key points and strike hard, that is the style of the ball we fight, known as the assassin’s wooden hand. Yujiro Kai said confidently.

“The main general’s land shrinking method is invulnerable, and that young student will definitely be unlucky.” Tian Renzhi snorted and said. The land shrinking method without dead ends is invincible in the eyes of everyone in Higa Middle School.

“It’s very good, but it’s worse than Sanada’s movement like thunder.” Liu Lian’er said.

Moreover, they understood that Lin Xuan could receive the impossible movement like thunder, and it was not difficult to deal with the land shrinking method at all.

Therefore, no matter where the wooden hand hits, it is almost difficult to defeat Lin Xuan.

“Is that the most proud Okinawan martial art of your Higa Junior High School, I don’t see it very well, it really disappoints me.” Lin Xuandao.

“No way, that guy can keep up with my shrinking method.” The wooden hand was shocked in his heart, it was clear that he was constantly speeding up the pace in the field, and the other party was obviously at ease!

The wooden hand felt very difficult, because he had just moved well, and in the next second he had found that Lin Xuan had hit the ball back extremely quickly. It possesses great strength, and wooden hands can only hold on with both hands.

“It’s too weak, I’ll let you see what strength is!” Six styles, six king guns! ”

Just use him to try the power of the Six Kings Spear in full strength!

Lin Xuan did not make any preparatory movements at all, and his right hand suddenly waved.


In the air, I seemed to see a circle of ripples vibrating out, like the sound of bells and drums.

“That’s the Six Kings Gun, that guy was much more skilled in the last time he fought Sanada.” Liu Lianer squinted her eyes and said solemnly.

“yes, it actually saves time. Hehe, that assassin from Higa Middle School may be miserable. Kirihara said.

“Not only that, but I could feel that the power of that goal was much stronger than before.” Sanada said solemnly.

“What, it won’t. The power of the Six Kings Spear is already so terrifying, it is actually stronger than when fighting against the vice captain? Kuwabara said incredulously.

And for Lin Xuan, who defeated Sanada, the captain Yukimura on the side was also very curious.

At this time, I saw that Lin Xuan was performing a stunt, so I had to take a closer look.

“Finally appearing, Ah Xuan’s Six Kings Spear.” Eiji grinned.

“That guy thinks his Big Bang is very powerful, compared to Ah Xuan’s Six Kings Gun, it is nothing.”

The violent impact swept towards the wooden hand.

“The Big Bang.” Feeling the power of that ball, the wooden hand’s eyes narrowed, and he directly made a special move to blast out.

“Boom!” The contact between the two instantly produced a powerful impact. For impact, wooden hands are no longer familiar.

However, the next moment, his hairstyle was blown up in an instant. Moreover, the glasses lenses of the eyes have a slight crack.

The tennis ball directly broke the racket, and then hit the wooden hand the stomach.

Bang, the racket was directly shaken to smithereens. The wooden hand was violently beaten out by the powerful impact, and rolled out like a ball of meat on the court for more than ten meters before it could stop, bringing a lot of dust.

It was like the dragon girl in LOL pounced, causing more than ten meters on the ground to be dragged out of a clean and spotless section.

“Wow, Ah Xuan’s Six Kings Spear is too powerful! That guy really thought his Big Bang was invincible. Eiji gloated.

“Hehe, compare strength with Ah Xuan, isn’t that looking for death!” Tao said

“Now the power of the Six Kings Spear, I am afraid that no one among all the middle school students can catch it, and Ah Xuan’s strength has increased compared to before!” Kan Sadaharu said slowly.

Compared to the excitement of the youth school, everyone in Higa Middle School was immersed in the horror of that goal.

“No… No way. The main general of the wooden hand is actually not an opponent. Tian Renzhi said sluggishly.

“There is actually a hit more terrible than the Big Bang?” Yujiro Kai was also incredulous.

The coach of Higa Middle School had a cold sweat on his face, if the ball hit him just now, it would not be as simple as being exploded. _

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