The start of the net king is full Chapter 152

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“Wooden hand, go teach me a good lesson. If you dare to accept mercy, I can’t spare you. The bald coach looked at Lin Xuan fiercely on the field and ordered towards the wooden hand.

Because the clothes on his body were exploded, now he is simply wearing the clothes patched together by the team members, not to mention more embarrassment.

“I don’t need you to talk much, I know what to do myself.” Mu Shou said lightly.

Why is he called an assassin, because almost everyone who fought him was injured.

“Boy, although the winner or loser of the team competition has been decided, I hope you don’t play negatively.” Coming to Lin Xuan, the wooden hand suddenly waved towards Lin Xuan.

However, Lin Xuan instantly disappeared in front of him with a sideways turn.


The wooden hand was stunned, and the next scene found Lin Xuan standing in his backfield, which quickly made him unable to react.

If it weren’t for the voice, the wooden hand didn’t know where Lin Xuan was.

“That kid is moving fast. Even so, use that trick against you. ”

Mu Shou’s eyes flashed coldly, and he began to serve. To everyone’s surprise, his serve was exactly the same as Tian Renzhi in the third singles, and he jumped much higher.

“That serve, shouldn’t it be the Big Bang in the first game that Ryoma couldn’t catch?” Tao said in surprise.

“Hmph. My Big Bang was taught by the Lord. The amazing power it contains will fly out the moment it touches the racket. With that guy’s slender figure, against the big explosion of the lord general, hehe, he is going to be unlucky. Tian Renzhi said confidently.

“Fool, although it is indeed very powerful, it is impossible to compare with Ah Xuan. If you underestimate Ah Xuan, it will pay a heavy price. Tao said softly.


When Lin Xuan’s racket hit the Big Bang, a force formed a shock wave and spread out.

Lin Xuan was stunned, then shook his head and laughed, isn’t the skill of exerting power exactly the Six Kings Gun, but the power is more than ten times worse than the Six Kings Gun.

The same is a shock wave, but the Six Kings gun is not comparable to the Big Bang.

In the astonished eyes of everyone in Higa Middle School, it was clear that Lin Xuan could easily hit the Big Bang back.

“What.” Originally, he planned to use the Big Bang to teach Lin Xuan a lesson and avenge the coach for being bullied. But Lin Xuan actually called back, and the wooden hand was also unexpected!

The main thing is that the wooden hand felt that the ball hit was not only very fast, but also very heavy, and the racket was about to be broken, like a cannonball.

Finally, with both hands, he completed the return attack on Lin Xuan’s ball.

“Bang!” When the wooden hand could not prepare, Lin Xuan hit the ball in a dead corner in the lower left corner of the wooden hand.

Lin Xuan scored, 15:0.

“I heard that you know what kind of Okinawan martial arts, don’t you plan to show me it.” Lin Xuandao.

“Damn.” In the face of Lin Xuan’s sneer, the wooden hand held the racket tightly, and his eyes were very cold.

“Higa Middle School’s land shrinking method is indeed very powerful, I am afraid that the movement ability of short-distance bursts is much faster than that of Kamio. However, in the face of Ah Xuan’s insight, there will be no hidden place. Agan said.

“Agan, what you said is not entirely correct.” Buji shook his head, he had the best understanding of Lin Xuan’s strength.

Even if it is compared to speed, Ah Xuan does not lose to them at all, and even slightly better.

If you add Ah Xuan’s “insight”, it is possible to use it twice as fast as the other party.

“It’s impossible, why can’t the protagonist react.” Tian Renzhi said blankly.

“Strange indeed. Although the ball was hit in the lower left, the wooden hand’s shrinking method was correct in all directions. Hirayaba said.

“Mu Shou, what the hell are you doing, didn’t you say that you want to teach him a hard lesson.” The bald coach was also very dissatisfied and looked at the wooden hand very angrily.

“Shut up.” Mu Hand glanced at him coldly.

It’s not that he doesn’t answer, but he can’t.

Because of carelessness, he didn’t expect Lin Xuan to hit the ball back so quickly. The swinging posture was not adjusted well, and the shrinking method could not be made for a while.

“Being able to take the position of the number one singles of the youth school really cannot be underestimated.”

The wooden hand jumped, and the second big explosion serve came out.

Unlike just now, the wooden hand now maintains a state of full concentration.

He finally understood that a second before he made a swing pose, the other party was already standing in the landing point of the tennis ball.

And every ball hit by the other party, the power is terrible, although it is not the force to form an impact, like the Big Bang, but the power is not worse than the universe!

The combination of the two made Lin Xuan’s simple return ball, which was already so powerful. _

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