The land of pirates is my choice Chapter 306

The desperate demon rolled over and stood up, rubbing the big bag on his face, trying to straighten his nose, his eyes were about to spew fire, and he looked at Saitama who was walking and smiled angrily.

“Haha! Interesting! Lao Tzu hasn’t met a strong opponent for a long time, and I haven’t been so excited about it if I can’t be repelled by you without checking! ”

The desperate shemale’s body shook, and it attacked Saitama like lightning, raising his foot and kicking Saitama fiercely.

“Bang!” There was a loud bang.

Saitama squinted his small eyes, and his right elbow gently blocked the right foot that the Breaking Shemale kicked towards his head.

The desperate demon was a little surprised, but he didn’t expect that he would be easily blocked by Saitama when he shot with all his strength, and his right leg pressed down desperately, and the muscles on his leg kept shaking.

Saitama, on the other hand, did not have any pressure from beginning to end, and his right elbow was as stable as Mount Tai.

“That’s all you’re capable of? It’s not very strong. ”

After speaking, he clenched his left fist and smashed a punch on the stomach of the desperate shemale, and with a bang, it was like hitting a sandbag, and the desperate demon indeed flew out like a sandbag.

After a loud bang, the desperate shemale lay in the ruins of the building, humming and spitting blood.

Saitama’s figure flashed, and he appeared in front of the desperate demon with an expressionless face, and the fist in his hand fell mercilessly.

The desperate shemale was shocked in his heart, the sweat hairs all over his body exploded, and his body exploded under the threat of death.

“Men fear claws!”

The five fingers of both hands flexed into a claw shape, the speed exceeded the speed of sound, and the claw shadows were as dense as raindrops, and each claw grabbed Saitama’s chest/part.


In the face of such a special attack, Saitama was a little blinded, looked down at the scratched combat clothes, and anger spread.

“Hey! Your tricks are too obscene (black) trivial (dark)! Give me death! ”

His brows furrowed tightly, and Saitama’s body gushed with an astonishing murderous aura, and he smashed a punch towards the desperate shemale.

“Serious punch!”

Burst…… The desperate shemale’s head exploded like a watermelon, red and white scattered on the ground, and his hands were still waving because of inertia, and he was kicked out of sight by Saitama.

“Solved.” Saitama clapped his hand and returned to the supermarket.

“Hard work, add 500 to your salary today.” Ye Xian nodded with a smile, like a boss’s pie, and his heart was even more happy, the desperate demon brought 20 million merit points, because the relationship of the team deducted 4 million points to Saitama and Yu’er, and there were 16 million left.

“Duty.” Saitama was not disgusted either, nodded reasonably, and said that he returned to the back of the cash register, wanting to continue reading the manga.

“Saitama, your clothes.” Jade blushed and pointed to the strip of rags on Saitama’s body.

“Uh, I forgot.” Saitama touched his head embarrassedly, his figure flashed, and he went upstairs to change his clothes.

Ye Xian put down the comic in his hand, glanced at the blushing Yu’er, and quipped: “Yu’er, why is your face so red?” Was it conquered by Saitama’s masculinity? ”

“How is it possible!”

Yu’er’s face changed, and she retorted loudly. After speaking, he lowered his head and couldn’t see the look on his face clearly.

Ye Xian shook his head, did not tease this little beauty anymore, and continued to read the comic in his hand.

In the next month, the three of Ye Xian gathered in the supermarket every day, and many monsters appeared near the supermarket every day, not without monsters wanting to launch a surprise attack from the ground or the sky, but they were all solved by Ye Xian without a trace.

In a month, ten tiger-level, five ghost-level, and two dragon-level monster disasters broke out in several nearby cities. These monsters were easily solved by Ye Xian’s three, and Ye Xian has obtained a huge amount of merit points, and has accumulated more than 130 million merit points, and Saitama and Yu’er’s exclusive merit points have also reached tens of millions.

“Yu’er, Saitama, do you have anything you particularly want? I can redeem anything you want! ”

“Uh… No, I just have cartoons, and you can’t spend all the wages you give me. ”

“I don’t really want anything either, we don’t lack anything!”


Ye Xian’s three people showed up so frequently to destroy monsters, which had already attracted the attention of the Evolution House and the Monster Association! Other S-class heroes were also quite dissatisfied with Ye Xian’s three, and the limelight that originally belonged to him was robbed by Ye Xian, and he was very unhappy in his heart, and they were all slowly accumulating strength in secret, ready to teach Ye Xian’s three lessons when the time was right.

The Hero Association had already inquired into the addresses of Ye Xian’s three people, and repeatedly came to the door to ask Ye Xian to become an S-class hero, but Ye Xian decisively refused.

Ye Xian’s existence is not controlled, killing monsters everywhere every day has made a significant contribution to the stability of the city, and the Hero Association has no way to take him, so he goes.

However, he promoted Yu’er to the second place of Grade A, and Saitama also promoted from Grade C to Grade B Second Place, so as to win over Ye Xian in a different way.

The series of actions of the Hero Association against the three of Ye Xian caused the dissatisfaction of many people in the Hero Association!

“Why that bald man! Directly stepped up to the B-level upper level! ”

“Hmph! I’m getting more and more disappointed with the Hero Guild, and we worked hard to get to the middle of the C rank! That bald man beats soy sauce to heights that we cannot reach in this lifetime! ”

“Dude is right, that bald man is just picking up credit beside Ye Xian, but the ranking is rubbing up to ride the rocket!”

“No way! Who calls people friends with the War Emperor Ye Xian, if only I could be friends with Ye Xian! ”

“In that reporter interview, the dirty bald man was desperately trying to grab the camera with scissor hands in front of the camera, which is really disgusting!”

Many low-level heroes are full of resentment, and they are very unkind to Saitama-sensei, drinking and chatting with friends desperately venting their dissatisfaction with Saitama’s soaring ranking.

However, no one questioned Ye Xian’s strength, joking, Ye Xian, with his handsome appearance and undoubtedly strong strength, has become the faith in the hearts of the general public! Tutelary! Revered by people as the War Emperor!

Sweetheart Kamen has had a very unsatisfactory life lately, and has been suffering from stress.

“Damn it!”

Bang bang…

The family fitting mirror of the other people was shattered, it was smashed by a handsome man, the glass cut the skin of the fingers, and the blood splashed on the ground, this person is the first hero of the A grade, Sweetheart Kamen! A man who has an S class but always occupies the first place in the A class!

“Why! Why did that damn Ye Xian suddenly appear! He snatched what was originally mine! Sweetheart screamed at the shattered mirror.

The appearance of Ye Xian, famous for his strong strength, convinced the hearts of countless girls with his masculine and handsome appearance!

Ye Xian’s handsomeness does not have his feminine and soft qi, and Ye Xian’s handsomeness is full of masculinity and domineering! So Ye Xian is more popular with girls than sweetheart masks!

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