The land of pirates is my choice Chapter 305

“Hey! What are you talking about! Do you think I want to lose my hair? Saitama looked at the smiling shemale with sharp eyes, raised his hand to block the smashed fist, and threw the smiling shemale hundreds of meters away with slight force.

With a loud bang, dust and smoke rose in the distance, and the smiling shemale crawled out of the big pit, stood up with difficulty, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and looked at Saitama in ama.

“What level of hero are you? Is A Grade Upper? ”

“No, I’m Saitama, No. 180 in the C rank.” Saitama-sensei said calmly as he walked towards the smiling shemale.

“C-class? 180 bits? The smiling shemale’s face froze, and he didn’t react for a long time.

The smiling shemale engaged two bodybuilding coaches some time ago, hiding in the old nest to get away with it, and did not come out for a long time. Looking at the oncoming Saitama, the smiling shemale was a little shocked in his heart, now the sky has changed? C-class heroes are also so strong?

Feeling the injuries in his body, the smiling shemale is not a fool, and understands that Saitama is not an opponent he can deal with!

Saitama-sensei walked up to the smiling shemale, looked at the smiling shemale, and asked curiously, “What are you thinking?” ”

“Ugh!” The smiling shemale screamed, stepped back, and quickly knelt on the ground.

“What’s going on?” Seeing the reaction of the smiling shemale, Saitama was a little puzzled.

“Spare my life, my lord! I know it’s wrong, and I won’t dare to kidnap men again! The smiling shemale said, kneeling on the ground and kowtowing repeatedly.

“This?” Saitama thought for a moment and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t let you go!” ”

“Why?” The smiling shemale was startled in his heart, and looked at Saitama with trepidation, and he was terrified in his heart.

“You’ve broken the ring!” Saitama said seriously, pointing back to the supermarket in the distance, “Our supermarket has a rule that no monster can come closer than fifty meters, and any monster dares to disobey, and there is no amnesty for killing!” ”

“What! And such a provision! The smiling shemale’s heart sank, who knows if he breaks the rules.

Saitama didn’t say any more nonsense, directly clenched his fists, and smashed a punch towards the smiling shemale.

“You can’t kill me! My brother is a dragon-level monster Breaking Shemale, if you kill me, he will definitely avenge me. The fist got closer and closer, and the smiling shemale screamed in despair.

“Bang! Poof…”

The threat did not have any movement for Saitama, not even any stagnation in his fist, and the smiling shemale turned into a puddle of flesh and blood.

“It’s worthy of Saitama-sensei.” Ye Xian saw this scene from a distance at the door of the supermarket, sighed, and raised his hand to pour a sip of beer.

“I have always expressed doubts about Saitama-sensei’s strength, but I didn’t expect him to be really so strong.” Yu’er took a packet of potato chips and ate it, smashed the bar and said with her mouth.

Saitama’s fighting kung fu, Ye Xian and Yu’er opened the square electric pot that is often found in the supermarket, and cooked okonomiyaki, the seasoning ingredients were available in the supermarket, the ingredients were just opened, and Ye Xian drank beer with interest…

“What are you doing!!” Saitama just approached the supermarket and exclaimed when she saw Ye Xian and Yu’er.

“Uh, what do you mean? I don’t quite understand. Ye Xian asked suspiciously.

“How did you get the things from the supermarket?” Saitama was speechless.

“This one.” Ye Xian raised the beer in his hand, “I opened this supermarket just to pass the time and facilitate myself.” ”

Ye Xian said and patted Saitama’s shoulder, “Take whatever you want to eat, take what you need, we won’t be able to use up the things in this for a while.” ”

“Uh-huh!” Yu’er chewed potato chips in her mouth and nodded repeatedly.

Saitama was stunned, the background around him turned blank, he turned into a black figure, what was the situation? What about opening a supermarket?

“Saitama, go and move those manga of yours, let’s eat snacks, read manga, and open a can of beer and drink, so that the days will be fun.”

Ye Xian is ready to enjoy life, in this world similar to the original world, to enjoy a life that he has not felt before.

Hearing Ye Xian say this, Saitama instantly became interested, manga! Looking at the supermarket full of goods, the endless snacks on the shelves, this is heaven!

Saitama didn’t say a word, returned upstairs like lightning, and appeared in front of Ye Xian in the blink of an eye, with a thick stack of comics in his hand, not to mention dozens of them.

“Yo West!” Ye Xian smiled with satisfaction, and casually picked up this comic and read it.

Saitama-sensei put the manga on the cash register, took a random bag of snacks and ate it, and while eating, casually flipped through the manga.

“Yu’er, do you want to read comics?” Ye Xian stared at the comic tightly and asked casually in his mouth.

“I won’t watch it, I have to cook you okonomiyaki.” Looking at Saitama and Ye Xian, who put all their spirit into the world of comics, Yu’er smiled gently, sat on the chair and took the bag of melon seeds and nibbled it.

This is the day the supermarket of death opened, and the daily life of the three people became richer through the supermarket of death, but also more corrupt, except for playing and eating.

Lunch was okonomiyaki cooked by Yu’er, which tasted very good, and after the meal, Ye Xian told Yu’er to move the supermarket display shelf to the middle of the road and put it away, and the rules of the death supermarket should be seen from a distance for those monsters.

As soon as Yu’er put the exhibition stand away, a figure fell from the sky, startling Yu’er.

“Who is it? Who killed my brother? Is it you a woman? ”

“Who are you?” Yu’er stared at the man in front of her vigilantly, a strong muscular man, looking at Yu’er’s gaze changed, not quite sure: “Are you a desperate shemale?” ”

“It’s Lao Tzu!” The desperate demon said imposingly. His name is still very famous in several nearby cities, and he and the smiling shemale will not cause much damage to the city, but they both like to catch handsome men to be pets!

Any ordinary man with normal physiology, hearing the name of the smiling shemale and the desperate shemale, will chrysanthemum tighten, feel chills in his heart, fall into the hands of these two weirdos, and the end is more terrifying than death!

“Why another disgusting thing.” Ye Xian put down the comic and said with a frown.

The movement in the middle of the street alarmed Ye Xian and Saitama at the beginning.

“I’ll go get rid of him.” Saitama looked at the desperate demon and said with an unkind look.

“Go, don’t beat him to death, leave him breathing, and let him pass the name of our death supermarket to the world of monsters.” Don’t be a cat or a dog, run to our supermarket. Ye Xian said coldly.

“Understood.” When the voice fell, Saitama had already appeared beside the desperate shemale.

“Who are you!” The Desperate Shemale sensed someone approaching, quickly turned his head, and in response was a steel fist that smashed lightning in his face.

“Bang!” A loud bang.

The desperate shemale had a crooked mouth and nose, sprayed blood and flew out upside down, smashing the opposite shop directly and falling on another street.

“Yu’er, he handed it over to me.” Saitama said, walking towards the Desperate Shemale.

“Hmm!” Yu’er nodded, changed the position of the display stand, and returned to the supermarket.

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