The land of pirates is my choice Chapter 304

It was dark, the street lamps lit up one by one, and after Isère was eliminated, the alarm of City A was also lifted, but the streets were still deserted, and the fear in people’s hearts would not dissipate so quickly, after all, weirdos are too terrifying for ordinary people.

Looking at the four wild people, Ye Xian was in a good mood, and simply walked on the street, ready to stroll home.

Through the battle with Isère, Ye Xian’s kendo felt a lot deeper, and the use of power was almost perfect, and he even obtained eight million merit points. It was originally 10 million, and Yu’er and Saitama each divided one million merit points.

Now Ye Xian opened the display panel of merit points, and he could see that in addition to himself, there were also the avatars of Saitama and Yu’er, and the two of them each showed one million merit points behind their avatars.

Soon, several people returned to their homes in the no-man’s land of Z City, and there was an episode on the way. A monster appeared halfway, but this time Ye Xian did not fight with Teacher Saitama, and the monster was solved by Teacher Saitama’s punch, deducting the merit points of Yu’er and Saitama, and Ye Xian picked up 1.6 million merit points in vain.

After returning home, after a busy day during the day, Yu’er and Saitama were a little tired, and they didn’t continue to eat dinner, and after hurriedly cleaning up, the three of them fell asleep separately, of course, Ye Xian was still rubbing Saitama’s bathhouse ^_^.

Early the next morning, Ye Xian and Saitama got up promptly at 5:30 and began their day of practice facing the rising sun. Saitama felt the pressure on Ye Xian, and decisively increased the intensity of his practice, increasing the number of push-ups, squats, and sit-ups from a hundred to 200!

“Saitama, why are there so many monsters today?” Ye Xian cut the dog-headed weirdo in half with a sword, and asked suspiciously.

“So much every day?” Saitama said innocently.

“Yesterday, we didn’t encounter monsters, did we?”

“It’s strange yesterday, when I usually practice, a monster will appear every few hundred meters, and when I run back, the monster will hit a train.” Saitama said seriously.

“Really?” Ye Xian was a little surprised, it turned out that this was the case, it seemed that it made sense that Saitama had become so strong, he had broken his limits again and again!

“Uh, really.” Saitama nodded.

“Well, it looks like I’m going to work hard too!” Ye Xian secretly made up his mind to use less strength when encountering ordinary monsters, and use monsters to temper kendo and break the limits of kendo!

When the sun was shining on the earth, Ye Xian had already bathed with Saitama and sat on the low table eating the breakfast made by Yu’er.

Yu’er has become Ye Xian and Saitama’s professional nanny, and Saitama’s house has become a place for Ye Xian to eat and read comics.

In just two days, Saitama and Yu’er’s lives have undergone earth-shaking changes, and Ye Xian suddenly entered their world, but the two are not unaccustomed to it, and their lives are quite good now.

After dinner, the three came downstairs and looked up at the supermarket signboard with excited smiles on their faces.

“Open!” Ye Xian waved his big hand, Yu’er ran to the glass door, used the key to open the lock, Ye Xian and Saitama looked at each other, and entered the supermarket.

“Yu’er, in the future, you will be responsible for the sorting of the supermarket and the task of cooking every day.”

“Lord Ye Xian, I’ll do as you say.” Jade smiled and nodded.

“Saitama, in the future, the two of us will be responsible for the task of cash register, one person for a day, if a monster appears, we will hand over the supermarket to Yu’er or turn it off directly.” Ye Xian raised his hand to stroke the brand new cash register and sat on the chair behind the cash register.

“Hmm! I’ll work hard! Saitama raised his fist and was full of energy, this was the first official job in the life of the invincible Saitama teacher!

Ye Xian opened the computer of the cashier and teased in his mouth: “As for your salary, 100,000 yen a month, I hope you are not too little.” ”

“Ye Xian, 100,000 is a lot.” Saitama grinned and sat down next to Ye Xian.

There are three chairs behind the cash register, which are arranged by Ye Xian to the workers of Yanghuage, Fang Zheng Ye Xian opened this supermarket for his convenience, and not to earn money, so he does not pay attention to the way other supermarkets stand and collect money.

Anyway, this place where chickens don’t poop and birds don’t lay eggs, no one comes to shop, Ye Xian thought as he looked at the dazzling supermarket. However, Ye Xian was wrong, and in the days that followed, the death supermarket was of great significance!

“Master Ye Xian, 100,000 pieces is a lot.” Yu’er smiled understandingly, thought about it and hesitated and said: “Besides, in this place, there is no one else except us, I’m afraid there won’t be much business in a day.” ”

“Haha! I think so too, you are very conservative, I think it would be nice to have someone visit for a month. Ye Xian said with a big laugh.

Just then, a discordant voice sounded.

“Yo yo, how can there be a supermarket in this place? Death Supermarket, such a scary signboard! ”

“Who are you?” Ye Xian looked at the figure at the door, it was a thin man with heavy makeup, his gray face was smiling ambiguously, and he looked disgusting.

“He seems to be a weirdo who was rewarded by the Hero Guild-ghost-level weirdo smiling shemale.” Yu’er leaned over to Ye Xian and explained.

“Oh? It turned out to be a weirdo. Ye Xian clenched his fists, and his gaze became cold.

“Did you commit suicide to apologize? Or will we kill it? ”

“Yo yo, handsome guy, don’t be so fierce, people are not here to fight.” The smiling shemale touched his face and twisted and said, his eyes staring at Ye Xian.

“People are just curious, how can there be a supermarket here, come and take a look, I didn’t expect to meet a handsome guy like you!”

Seeing him like this, Ye Xian’s heart felt a chill, especially his smile, which made Ye Xian’s stomach sour.

“Hey! Is it okay to shave your beard clean? Saitama pointed to his chin and said to the smiling shemale.

“Bald! What are you talking about! Can’t find death? The smiling shemale’s face changed, and he pulled up his sleeve as if he wanted to do it.

“That…” Saitama touched his bald head and kindly reminded, “As a qualified shemale, can you shave the sweat and hair all over your body?” ”

“You! You bald looking for death! The smiling shemale screamed, his figure flashed, and he kicked Saitama.

“Bang!” A figure flew out upside down and smashed the doors and windows of the shop opposite.

Saitama-sensei slowly retracted his fists and walked towards the place where the smiling shemale fell.

“Saitama, don’t spill over to our supermarket.” Ye Xian seriously reminded that Saitama’s destructive power was almost immeasurable, and Ye Xian didn’t want the supermarket to be destroyed, and then deal with Yamamoto Takeo and others.

“I’ll pay attention!” Saitama smiled and nodded.

Ye Xian was stunned in his heart, not because of anything else, but because he felt that Saitama’s expression was much richer than when they first met.

Ye Xian shook his head with a smile, it seemed that the previous Saitama teacher was too lonely.

“Yay! Baldness! I’ll kill you! The smiling shemale screamed and rushed out of the ruins, smashing his fist hard at Saitama.

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