The evil god of Yu-Gi-Oh has arrived Chapter 170

“Seahorse, what is this place?”

Seahorse and Game walk in a hidden tunnel without even a single light around them

“This underground passage is a shelter for the Seahorse Company designed just in case.”

Before the two came to a gate, after the seahorse scanned it with the ID card on his body, the two doors inside and outside were all opened, and an elevator appeared in front of the two

“If you walk here, you can enter the office building without going through the front.”

After the two got on the elevator, they thought it was safe, but a sudden muffled sound appeared, the elevator roof seemed to be hit by some heavy object, the entire elevator began to shake violently, and the lights began to flicker


“Something is there!”

A dog-like monster broke the top of the elevator and jumped down, and just when the two were in shock, they broke through another wall and jumped out

“Isn’t it stereoscopic?”

The seahorse smashed the control panel, and the door opened, only to see a room full of monsters waiting for the two

All monsters have the logo of Olihagang on their heads

“Seahorse, let’s summon the Duel Monster too!”

“Their monsters don’t use our company’s systems, I know from the time I fought with Ameroda, but our monsters…”

“Seahorse, you have to believe that the duel monster is real, but human science has not yet reached the level of proof of him, so it is not surprising to think so.”

“It’s a boring hypothesis, but you can only try it!”

“Up, Seahorse, Central Breakthrough!”

On the other side, Honda and Mikalong’er are talking to the police about it

“Dorma? Do you say Thomas has this mark? ”

With that, a policeman took off his hat, revealing the logo of Olihagang


The policeman looked at the two who fled and showed a smile, and from his hand there was still a fragment of Olihagang, and just after reaching the ground, an Olyhagang’s coat of arms appeared, and an Olihagang’s warrior crawled out of it


“Go this way!”

While the two are fleeing, the game and Seahorse summon the elven swordsman and the bloody orc who are churning the enemy to slay the monster and break through to a gate

Seahorse still took out the ID card, but this time it did not succeed in opening the door

“How is it possible! The password has been rewritten! ”

At this moment, the two monsters were also destroyed

“Oops! We have nowhere to escape! ”

Just as the two were about to summon the monster again, a voice appeared

“I’m here to save you!”

It was Rebecca’s voice coming from the combination lock

The gate opened, and the two hurriedly rushed over, and when the other monsters arrived, the gate hurriedly closed

“Shall I be a little more helpful, President Seahorse?”

At this time, Rebecca led a few people in the open area of the sewers, holding a notebook and operating wildly

“The Seahorse Company’s protection system is not remarkable!”

The city next to him was confused and couldn’t understand it at all

“President, hire me next time, I’ll make a slightly decent program for you~”

“I’ll think about it and go to the game!

The two continued inward

“But the only thing that can interfere from the outside is that the system line is independent and cannot be intervened!”

Along the way, Rebecca opened several more doors


Seahorse broke through many hurdles and finally came to a huge main computer, and the ID card was swiped to confirm the retina

“Retina consistency, Kaimawa-sama, confirmed.”

“Voice recognition starts, abolishes the current system, switches to the subsystem!”


The huge machine rebooted entirely, but it was super fast, and the screen lit up in an instant

“Relic information, start parsing!”

Seahorse said after inserting a hard drive

At the same time, Rebecca’s computer also received the analysis results of Seahorse’s main computer


Professor Hopkins looked at the materials and said

“When the dark serpent devours the sun, spanning 10,000 years, a new paradise will be resurrected.”

“Devouring the sun?”

Seahorse and Game also heard Professor Hopkins’ words and were surprised

“A paradise 10,000 years ago, Atlantis? How can it be? ”

“This coat of arms is the emblem of the Palatius company!”

The seahorse suddenly remembered and began to inquire


“Well, it is said that it is a super-large conglomerate that owns a part of all the markets in the world, and it is said that his power can fully drive the president of a large country! Leading his head, that is! ”

Seahorse pressed enter, and a person appeared on the screen

It’s Dash in a suit!


Suddenly, the computer began to destroy, one screen after another exploded, and the images in Rebecca’s computer began to disappear

“Game, President!”

Rebecca worried

The original main computer room turned into a dark blue sticky environment, and a dark dragon-like snake-like creature appeared, and a person stood on it.

“Kaibase people, nameless pharaoh, have you finally found me?”

As for why there is no Lin Xiao, Dazi did not ask, after all, whether people like Lin Xiao are against themselves is a strange question, so far Lin Xiao has not shown his attitude, more like a game in the world, so Dazi has positioned Lin Xiao as an old monster who has lived for at least 10,000 years like himself

“Are you… Darts! ”


“Exactly, my name is Touch, and soon the world will be reborn guided by DORMA’s ideals!”

Dash said with a mocking look

“The end of the world is an ideal? There is no justice in the idea of massacre! ”

“What is your purpose!”

Seahorse and the game saw the boss behind the scenes, and the emotions were naturally quite excited

“Purpose? Nameless Pharaoh, I just followed my destiny. ”

“Arbitrarily determine the future of the world, what fate to talk about!”

“Haha, you don’t know anything, nameless pharaoh, Kaiba Seto, it is your existence that has led me to this future!”

“Our existence? What do you mean! ”

Dash laughed

“You don’t have to know, because you’re about to embark on the path of destruction!”

“Darts! Now make a break here! ”

Saying that, the duel plate of the two unfolded, and two legendary dragons appeared on the field

“Legendary dragons? Long time no see, Timao, do your eyes still hurt! ”

Dash taunts Timao, who is naturally angry and breaks the monster and Dash with one shot


“Hehe, the fate of starting to act cannot be changed, I believe you can understand your own incompetence!”

As soon as Takashi’s voice dissipated, the surrounding space was once again the main computer room, and many duel monsters had appeared on the way before

“Game! Come here! ”

Seahorse has already boarded another elevator

For a time, the entire American branch of the Seahorse Company was surrounded by dueling monsters, and many flying monsters began to attack the building, and the two just reached the top floor, and countless dueling monsters behind swarmed, but fortunately, there were no too powerful monsters

“Game, jump back!”


Just at the edge of the building, a blue-eyed white dragon plane appeared and successfully fled with the two

“Seahorse Company, I won’t hand it over to anyone!”

“That is!”

A creature that resembled a dragon and snake appeared in the sky for a while, and the surrounding area exuded a wonderful light…

And in the Eastern Huaxia Kingdom, everyone seems to have not seen it, they are looking at the “Evil Lotus Saint” in front of them, at this time, the “Evil Lotus Saint” exudes red light all over his body, and the golden body behind him is half compassion and half hideous, and the twelve poinsettias under the seat exude endless majesty……_

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