The evil god of Yu-Gi-Oh has arrived Chapter 169

“Ameruda, you are optimistic, the power of the true duelist! The chosen brilliance! I must draw that card! ”

“My turn, draw cards!”

Seahorse looked at the card in his hand and smiled

“Launch the Tooth of Crydia from the hand card! Merge with the Tyrant Wings on the field! ”

“Come out! Tyrant Blaster Wind Dragon ATK: 2900, Tyrant Blaster Wind Dragon can attack all the opponent’s monsters 1 time each! It can be used as an equipment card that rises 400 points and a monster combination! Let’s equip with the blue-eyed white dragon!! ”

The green-eyed white dragon became more mysterious, and the wings of light behind it became even more huge

“Go! Tyrant of Destruction Burst Blaster”

Three rays of light destroyed all of Ameruda’s monsters, and their health became zero

The green enchantment began to shrink, encircling Ameruda


Keipei little angel ran up

In an instant, Ameruda again took Keipei as her younger brother, Miluko


Then the enchantment took Ameruda’s soul…


At this time, the plane also began to fall sharply

“Keipei, you stay here!”

The seahorse rushed into the cab

“Ameruda, I will keep our agreement! It will definitely not let Keipei die! ”

At this time, the seahorse’s duel disk flashed a light, and at the same time, the game’s duel board and the duel disk in the city all emitted a light

Near the seahorse’s plane, I saw that the three legendary dragons were all materialized to escort the plane!

Finally, the plane landed smoothly, and the location was the game and the place within the city at this time

“Is that a Seahorse plane?”

The plane door opened, and Seahorse jumped down with Ameroda in his arms

MMP is more than ten meters, and you jumped off ??

However, the seahorse has nothing to do, physical fitness is good!

“Game? Why are you here? ”

“It seems that three legendary dragons guided us together.”

At this time, other helicopters from the Seahorse Company also arrived, and Isono got off one of the planes at the head and hurriedly ran over

“Seto-sama! Keihei-sama is okay! ”


Keihei shouted

After the rescue, there were no casualties.

“Seto-sama, there is bad news.” Isono said to the seahorse…

In the temple, a voice came from the picture in front of Tatsu

“Lord Dash, the acquisition of Seahorse Company is complete.”

At this time, the crowd was in the helicopter …

“The Seahorse Company has been encroached upon?”

“But this is so strange, the shares of Haima Company, brother and Lin Xiao own more than half, can not let us know!”

“There is only one way to think of, a world market.”

Seahorse said with a calm face

“World market? Does Thomas even have such a thing!? ”

“It seems that I have underestimated his power a little.”

Seahorse said with a calm face

“President Seto”

“Stop shouting, I’m not the president anymore.”

“Nope! President Seto, we will follow President Seto until the resurrection of the Seahorse Company! ”

Isono and another man in black stood up and said firmly

“Isono… puffer fish fields…”

Keihei was surprised

After all, it is too touching for employees who are still wholeheartedly following their own work at this time

“Thank you for your heart!”

Seahorse also said to the two

“Seahorse, hurry up and get to the Florida Museum!” The game says

“Their claws have reached out there.” The seahorse is not stupid, it has been a long time since Professor Hopkins’ house was bombed, and there can be no clues there

“So what to do! The clue is broken again! ”

“And clues.”

Seahorse smiled sinisterly

At this point, the call came

“President, urgent call!”

Kaima Seto opened the laptop in the safe, and a voice appeared

“President, I will transmit the image data of the underwater ruins to you!”

“Undersea ruins? So…”

Keihei smiled proudly at this time

“Hey, hey! My brother always sees through the future development of things before acting! ”

The hippocampus was not involved in the conversation and was collating the data

“President Seto!”

Suddenly, the other end of the voice seemed to be attacked…

“But then we have the intelligence.”

“Professor Hopkins?”

Professor Hopkins shook his head when he saw the image

“No, the Chinese of the image is corroded, and it must be restored with a computer that can process the image.”

“Then you can only go to the American branch of Seahorse Company.”

“Huh? Are you serious about the seahorse? Isn’t it already occupied? ”

“To process a lot of data, using a computer from Seahorse is the fastest, and it’s time to meet.”

When everyone was ready, they set off towards the target location, but at this time, the aurora appeared in the sky again…

At this time, Dazi said with a reverent face

“After 10,000 years, the time to bring out the power of my god to the maximum will soon come, and before that, we must collect enough sacrifices to bring the god back to life.”

“Lord Tsukis.”

Raphael half-knelt behind Tatsu

Tatsu turned on the display screen, and inside was the sacrificial slab of the temple, and the figure of Ameruda appeared on the sacrificial slab


“Don’t worry, Ameruda will also become the food of my god and the foundation of a new future, and soon Lin Xiao and they will appear here.”

The display switched again, this time to the US branch of Seahorse

“Lin Xiao, this time must be my hand!”


Raphael lowered his head and disappeared

Tatsu smiled and moved the huge monitor up, and a secret room appeared inside, with many candles arranged according to a certain pattern

Dash walked to the middle, and the candle turned green, gradually connecting into an Olihagang logo

“Scatter the fragments of our God in the world, become God’s apostles and gain new life!”

The huge ritual magic array condensed a stream of green energy, rushed to the heavenly dome, and scattered into countless parts

Every fragment of Olihagang hit by the green energy formed an Olihagang symbol in place, and an Olihagang warrior crawled out of it, like a messenger from hell

For a time, all over the world, countless Olihagang enchantments appeared, and Olihagang’s warriors began to appear all over the world

“Okay, get some preparation for receiving the chosen duelists.”

A huge Olihagang’s enchantment appeared on the American branch of the Seahorse Corporation…

On the other side, Game Seahorse and the others also got off the plane and prepared to go to the Seahorse Company

“Take him to the hospital.”

Seahorse pointed at Ameroda and said


Then, the game and the seahorse start to go to the seahorse company, Rebecca and Professor Hopkins are in charge of the defense system, and the others go to the police (are there really police in this world??? )

And just like that, the crowd began to act…_

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