The evil god of Yu-Gi-Oh has arrived Chapter 168

On the plane, Seahorse and Ameruda are dueling, Seahorse Lp2000, hand 0, field 0

Ameruda Field Magic Sky Fortress Jigulat ATK: 3000

“My turn, draw cards!”

Seahorse struggled to pull out a card

“Stop both of you!” Keipei Kaiba also woke up at this time, looked at the two guys who basically had the same goal, and couldn’t help but persuade

“Keipei, as long as we don’t defeat him, we won’t be able to achieve our dreams.”

“Our dream… Seahorse Paradise…”

“Well, whoever stands in my way, no matter who it is, I will break it mercilessly! Launch the pot of lust from your hand card! ”

Seahorse drew two more cards

“Cover a card and the round is over!”

“Hmph, it looks like you’re annoyed by your deck, in the next round, as long as the direct attack of the Magic Sky Fortress Gigurat is successful, you will lose!” It’s ridiculous, what seahorse paradise, you who were raised by Gosaburo can’t bring happiness to people! ”

Ameroda said mockingly

“It’s not! The brother denied everything about Gosaburo! Seahorse Land was before we met Gosaburo…”

“Don’t say Keipei, it’s something he doesn’t understand at all.”

“That’s right, it’s the same as you can’t understand the hell my brother sees! However, this kind of thing doesn’t matter anymore, so it’s over, and you can write it off with your soul! My turn, draw cards! ”

“Demon Sky Fortress Jigulat direct attack! Disappear, Seahorse! ”

All the muzzles of the Demon Sky Fortress were aimed at Kaima Seto, and for a while, countless artillery fire appeared

“Trap card launched!”

“The trap card is not valid against the Magic Sky Fortress Gigurat!”

“The magic mirror of the mechanical mechanism! This card can instantly activate the magic card in the opponent’s graveyard! ”


Seahorse shouted, “I’m going to unleash the effect of your graveyard scrap dealer!” According to the effect of the scrap seller, halve the Inquisitor’s attack power, special summon! ”

Judge ATK: 2200-1100

The cannon fire bombarded the body of the judge, and the health of the seahorse was directly locked in blood, which became 100 points.

“Abominable, difficult fellow.”

Ameruda said as a new derivative appeared, marking the end of the round

At this time, dozens of helicopters broke through the air, and the people inside were none other than Kaiba’s subordinates, and Keihei had previously taken advantage of the duel between the two to ask Isono for help, after all, the plane was about to lose control

And Ameruda saw the helicopters around him, and instantly thought of his city being bombarded by artillery fire, countless fighters …

An extremely dark energy appeared, surrounding Ameruda


Ameruda began to be violent, and the windows of the plane shattered one after another, and the entire plane was blasted

“Seahorse, so you’re all in shape! Now you still pay attention to the use of this kind of thing, and talk about Seahorse Paradise, no matter how many beautiful things you say, you are the one who stands with Gonzaburo after all! Yes, the murderous side! Your whole life will not understand the side of our killed! ”

[Lin Xiao: I’m weak, I’m reasonable? 】

The seahorse did not say anything, but his expression was extremely flat

“My turn, draw cards.”

Ameruda obviously didn’t expect the seahorse to be so calm, the script is not right? Shouldn’t you scold me?

“Launch the magic card from the hand card Soul Interlace, I can use your monster as a sacrifice this turn!”

“Seahorse, you!”

“It’s still in the duel, you have to whin and wait until it’s over.”

“Useless struggle, you can’t use the Magic Sky Fortress Gigurat as a sacrifice!”

“Use the puppet monster somewhere! Green Eye White Dragon ATK: 3000! ”

Seahorse liberates the two derivatives and summons his wife, the green-eyed white dragon

But the real green-eyed white dragon is already Lin Xiao’s wife, so the seahorse will make a pillow or the like

Above the clouds, opposite the huge mechanical fortress, a white dragon appeared, it was the green-eyed white dragon

“I’m over this round.”

“Now that you have summoned a green eye, what can you do? I’ll let him end! The next round I just draw the monster card and it’s all over! ”

“Then you have to be able to draw it.”

“Abominable, draw cards!”

Ameruda pulled out a card, his face not very good-looking

“luck is really strong, put on a card, the round is over.”

Another toy derivative appeared on the field

“Brother’s green eye attacks on the field will be blocked by those derivatives…”

“My turn, draw cards! The green-eyed white dragon attacks the puppet monster! Bursting blasts of destruction! Cover a card and the round ends. ”

There is only a green-eyed white dragon and a gaika on the seahorse farm

“My turn, draw cards! Come, so that you can understand and your cause and effect! Launch a quick attack on the magic toy robot chest! Summon three toy robot derivatives by throwing away a hand card! Sacrifice another derivative and summon magic canceller ATK: 1800-2300”

“This card is on the field, the magic card cannot be activated! There’s nothing you can do, Seahorse! First let Jigulat die with the green-eyed white dragon, and the next direct attack you will lose! Rejoice, your soul will be sacrificed and the world will be born again! ”

The hippocampus is still indifferent

“Do you want to destroy all mankind?”


“Really? Just as your brother and parents were killed, are you going to kill your brother and parents all over the world? ”

“Nope… This is a reset! To go back to 0 again! Create a world without war! ”

“Reset? If your brother is alive either? ”


A cold sweat broke out on Ameruda’s forehead

“Even then, are you going to reset the world?”

“Stop cheating! You killed Milu, but what are you talking about! ”

Seahorse smiled a little

“No, you failed to save your brother.”

“What are you talking about…”

“Don’t you understand? If you fail to save your brother, you have already lost. This kind of person wants to reset the world, what a howl of a bereaved dog. ”

“The seahorse… Only you, I can’t forgive! Go on! Magic Sky Fortress Jigulat! ”

The cannon fire of the mechanical fortress in the sky was all aimed at the body of the green-eyed white dragon

“Ameruda, if I were you, I would never let my brother die, no matter what happens! Trap cards unleash the Tyrant’s Wings! ”

The wings of the green-eyed white dragon turned into wings of light


“This card increases the attack power of the equipped monster by 400 points, and I can attack twice in the next battle phase!”

The attack power of the blue-eyed white dragon became 3400 points

“The attack of the green-eyed white dragon! Bursting blasts of destruction! ”

With one blow, the mechanical fortress was directly penetrated, falling down the clouds, and Ameruda’s health became 1000 points

“You don’t have any monsters that can defeat me anymore.”

“So what, the plane can’t hold out for long, and if it goes on like this, you and I will definitely be able to say goodbye to this world!”

“Hmph, are you going to waste time without making a declaration of closure! Isn’t it you who says you’re going to be a broken person! ”

Ameruda remains the same

“This is the end between me and you!”

“You came here in the first place to find death!”

“Ameruda, don’t be like this!”

At this time, Keipei Little Angel went online

“Even if you do this kind of thing, your brother will only be sad!”

I have to say that the mouth is indeed super strong, and for a moment, Ameruda looked at Keipei and thought of his brother

“You’re a complete bereaved dog.”

Seahorse said

“You said you would be able to save your brother if it was, right? Can you really save your brother? ”


Seahorse said firmly


“How is it possible! I still have three monsters on the field! How are you going to divide the winner in a duel before the plane falls, and then go to the rescue of Keihei! ”

“Hurry up and continue, Ameruda! Keep the duel! I’m not going to let Keipei die, and for that, I’m going to let the duel end in the next round!” ”

“Can you do it… So let me see, the round is over. “_

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