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The end is coming and I become the villain chapter 372

Suddenly, half of the statue appeared in Qin Peiyu’s hand.

The statue is a depiction of an unknown creature, full of weirdness and distortion, and the mouth of the statue is constantly devouring everything.

This is the reward chosen by Qin Peiyu after passing the championship trial – the Eye of Predation.

This extraordinary item is not the highest among other rewards, but it is the most bizarre existence.

Because it can plunder other people’s extraordinary items and various opportunities to become stronger.

Although the talent cannot be plundered, there is an essential gap between it and Qin Jun’s SSS-level talent.

But it can be considered a very powerful extraordinary item.

Qin Peiyu looked at Qin Shier and Qin Mingyue with a happy smile on her face.

The proving ground of gods and demons is an opportunity for human beings to become stronger.

Basically, after passing one or two trials in the trial field, you can get extremely generous rewards, and your strength can skyrocket by several percent!

Not to mention the strong ones who have passed the championship trial.

As for Qin Shier and Qin Mingyue, one is number one and the other is in the top ten.

The rewards received are extremely generous.

But now, it’s all hers…

After plundering the rewards from the two sisters, she got three championship trial rewards!

Her strength can directly increase several times!

The expressions on Qin Shier’s and Qin Mingyue’s faces became extremely ugly. They both knew the consequences of being robbed of their rewards…..

This means that they will miss this opportunity to become stronger.

On the road to spiritual practice, every step is like walking on thin ice.

One step is slow, each step is slow.

They were deprived of their rewards, and maybe next time there is an opportunity, they will not be able to compete with others for the opportunity because they do not have extraordinary items.

Then he was gradually left behind by others and fell into mediocrity!

Qin Peiyu will not kill them. This is the bottom line within the Qin family.

You can compete, you can even use all kinds of intrigues, but you can’t kill anyone.

But Qin Peiyu’s method made them more uncomfortable than killing them!

Qin Shier’s pretty face was gloomy, and a trace of despair flashed in her eyes. After the fight with Qin Mingyue, she had exhausted all her cards and now she has basically lost her fighting power.

And Qin Mingyue even shouted c

oldly: “How dare you!

If you dare to deprive us of our rewards,….Brother will not let you go!

What my brother hates most is infighting, which consumes the family’s strength..!”

Upon hearing this, Qin Shier’s face showed hope again.

Yes, brother Qin Jun cares most about the interests of the family. Being deprived of their rewards means that the family has lost two top experts!

With the character of the Qin brother, he would never allow this to happen!

When Qin Peiyu heard this, a sarcastic smile appeared on her face。

“Sister Mingyue, so I always think you are disgusting, stupid and self-righteous….

You don’t know your brother at all!

elder brother…..Never sympathize with the weak.

What qualifications do you losers have to become your brother’s sister? ”

Qin Peiyu stopped talking and stepped forward step by step. The plundering eye in her hand bloomed with a strange purple light, shrouding Qin Shier and Qin Mingyue. A strange scene appeared. Qin Shier and


Mingyue After being enveloped by this strange purple light, his body began to tremble, and extraordinary items flew towards Qin Peiyu along with the light. The

spiritual imprints on these extraordinary items were erased by the evil light and became ownerless. Things.

Not only that, the tempering they received in the trial field of gods and demons, as well as all kinds of precious knowledge and memories, were also deprived of them. They all became

Qin Peiyu’s trophies!

Qin Shier and Qin Mingyue Face Everyone showed a look of despair. After being deprived, their visit to the Gods and Demons Trial Field was in vain.

But this was not the most desperate thing for them.

The most desperate thing was that they thought they could survive Qin Jun. Prove your strength in front of everyone. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

But he became a complete loser (Zhao Zhao’s)!

Qin Shier and Qin Mingyue stared at Qin Peiyu resentfully, this one who knows best The disguised sixteen-year-old girl stopped.

What a deep city, what a heavy calculation, what a ruthless method!

At the same time, in the strange space far away.

The Dark Virgin also knelt at Qin Jun’s feet.

And Qin Jun The almighty seed in the hand is blooming with a mysterious green light on the forehead of the Dark Virgin……

The expression on the Dark Madonna’s face became more and more pious and fanatical.

Just as His followers look at her…..。


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