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The end is coming and I become the villain chapter 366

In the last days, some people will climb to the top by stepping on human bones.

And every step Qin Jun takes is stepping on the bones of God.

Dark Madonna’s heart was filled with shock. She really didn’t expect that a human being could be so strong.

Qin Jun doesn’t look like a human being at all!

And she suddenly remembered what Qin Jun said before.

Allowing humans to come into contact with extraordinary power may be the biggest mistake gods like them make.

The Dark Lady also witnessed the war between the Old Ones and the Ancient Ones. That protracted war lasted for tens of thousands of years, and many kings were born among the Ancient Ones.

But those kings were inferior to Qin Jun.

The Dark Virgin’s face was expressionless, and she suddenly burst into flames!

A huge black 21 magic circle suddenly appeared under her feet. On the magic circle, extremely strange lines and languages were engraved.

Countless black energy crazily poured into the delicate body of the Dark Madonna, and the next moment it gathered into a dark cage, heading towards Qin Jun to suppress it!

This dark cage was extremely terrifying, as if a mountain had fallen, and the void around Qin Jun was frozen.

Qin Jun’s eyes narrowed slightly, and at the next moment, countless sword lights shot up into the sky, smashing this dark prison into pieces!

But immediately, those dark cages turned into puddles of black mud, corroding the golden magic sword, eroding the golden magic sword completely, like a black ocean.

Continue to rush towards Qin Jun.

Stinky, twisted, resentful, and countless negative emotions enveloped the world, and crazily wormed their way into Qin Jun’s mind.

I want to break Qin Jun’s spirit!

This is one of the reasons why the Dark Madonna is so much more powerful than other deities.

Although God’s strength has now been suppressed, God’s spiritual power is still extremely powerful. After all, the suppressed supernatural power and God’s spiritual power are not that powerful.

Warlord Karl and the Magnificent Snake just used their extraordinary strength to fight Qin Jun.

As for the Dark Madonna, she already knew that her real advantage was spiritual power.

Before the dark breath arrived, various hallucinations had already appeared in Qin Jun’s mind, and violent and crazy emotions surged in his heart. .

If it were another person, he would have become a slave to these negative emotions.

But Qin Jun’s eyes were d

azed for just a moment, and then they immediately regained their clarity!

Qin Jun’s talent tree is already full of spiritual talents.

Although he is not a spiritually gifted person, his spiritual power is extremely powerful, comparable to that of a god!

Although it is not possible to directly use the spirit to manifest the influence like some evil gods, it is still possible to resist the mental attack.

He sneered and his body suddenly disappeared.

The next moment he appeared in front of the Dark Madonna, directly causing the giant bear A to change color, and crush the evil god with its invincible physical strength!

The Holy Mother of Darkness sighed softly: “What a ruthless person, do you really want to kill everyone?” With

her delicate hands, white jade-like arms suddenly appeared around her, pulling them towards Qin Jun. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

And in the void of these cracks, blood-spraying sounds can be faintly heard.

But all of this was crushed by Qin Jun’s power.

Qin Jun doesn’t have much patience to compete with the Dark Madonna. He wants to directly crush the Dark Madonna with the same level of invincibility and take away the Terra Rubik’s Cube!

And the Dark Holy Mother finally realized Qin Jun’s true strength.

That gave him an irresistible thought.

If we talk about hard power, the Dark Lady is not afraid of Qin Jun at all, and is even vaguely more powerful than the Qin family.

But Qin Jun’s power comes with the rules of the universe, so that all beings whose evolutionary level does not exceed Qin Jun’s can’t compete with Qin Jun 580!

It’s just so unreasonable.

But the rules of the universe are just so unreasonable.

Everything in the first universe is based on the rules of the universe….

boom–! !

Qin Jun struck down with one punch, and the Dark Virgin screamed, and her body was directly hit to the ground.

But this huge impact did not bring any damage to the ground.

But a hint of surprise flashed in Qin Jun’s eyes.

In his opinion, this punch is enough to make the Dark Madonna lose any fighting ability。[]

But the Dark Madonna was only severely injured at this moment, and was not completely crushed.

Qin Jun’s eyes narrowed slightly. He felt an unusual aura from the Dark Madonna, an aura that was different from this universe.

Could it be that….Is part of the Dark Madonna’s existence outside the rules of the universe? .


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