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The end is coming and I become the villain chapter 357

Behind Qin Jun, a majestic golden magic circle suddenly appeared, and countless golden swords crashed directly towards Ye Kunshan to suppress it.

These golden swords directly distorted the void as if they were punishment from heaven.

After observing the will of the universe, Qin Jun’s power was even more terrifying.

If Qin Jun’s extraordinary power was derived from himself.

But now Qin Jun takes action, with some meaning of the rules of the universe.

The eyelids of several gods twitched when they saw it.

This is the first time they have seen the power of Qin Jun’s action, but they can already get a glimpse of something from it.

Qin Jun’s strength is indeed very strong!

Even they couldn’t take this blow casually.

Countless golden swords headed towards Ye Kunshan to suppress him, but Ye Kunshan still had a look of shock on his face, completely unaware that Qin Jun would attack him directly!

Although he knew that Qin Jun noticed him.

But he felt that it was impossible for Qin Jun to kill him directly.

After all, on the surface, he and Qin Jun were completely strangers and had no grudges.

Qin Jun wouldn’t realize that he was invincible at the same level and just kill him, right?

So when Qin Jun took action, Ye Kunshan almost didn’t react.

Just stared at all this blankly.

Looking at Ye Kunshan who was stunned, Qin Jun’s face was expressionless, and there was no emotion in his eyes.

He didn’t know Ye Kunshan’s background, nor the grudges between Ye Kunshan and him.

He killed Ye Kunshan just to rob him of his invincible talent in the same realm.

That’s all.

The talent of being invincible in the same realm is so important to Qin Jun!

Because Qin Jun is no longer facing humans, but gods.

Although his current evolutionary level is on par with the gods, after all, these gods were terrifying existences above level 20 at their peak.

Even because they have just woken up and are in a weak state, most of them are around level 5.

But they can show combat power far beyond level 5.

After all, their use of extraordinary power and understanding of the rules of the universe are not at the same level as humans.

Even for a heaven-defying being like Qin Jun, facing a god of the same realm, the best he can do is win.

Now Qin Jun can sit on the chessboard with other gods and become a chess player.

But with the same level of invincibility, Qin Jun’s identity is not just a chess player.

But the rule maker of this chessboard!

Qin Jun’s golden sword was extremely fast and suppressed him i

n front of Ye Kunshan in an instant.

Ye Kunshan finally reacted, roared angrily, and frantically used his extraordinary power to resist or escape.

But unfortunately, there was nothing he could do.

Although Ye Kunshan is invincible at the same level, he is only at level 2 now.

And Qin Jun was already a level 5 strong man. Under Qin Jun’s attack, Ye Kunshan could only watch the golden sword fall, without any ability to resist!

Ye Kunshan’s heart was full of reluctance, and his eyes were as wide as bells.

Why did Qin Jun want to kill him! ?

When was he exposed?

Qin Jun knows his identity?

In an instant, countless thoughts ran through Ye Kunshan’s heart.

But soon, he realized a fact.

He is going to die.

Immediately, doubts and unwillingness came to my mind.

He has just received the SS-level talent seed and has a bright future. It only takes a while for him to quickly improve his cultivation.

As a result, he is going to die now?

Ye Kunshan still has many plans and plans in his mind, such as establishing his own power after worshiping a god and becoming an apostle.

Then through Yunfeng’s relationship, they can join forces vertically and horizontally, recruit strong people, and so on.

As a result, these plans had no time to be realized and were about to come to nothing!

It was clear that he was about to soar into the sky and was only one step away from entering the Avenue of Light. However, he was suddenly crushed and cut off by Qin Jun who did not tell any way.

It’s the most painful thing to do!

“.ah–! ! ! No——!!.!”

Ye Kunshan looked crazy and roared crazily, but the next moment, he was directly penetrated by the golden magic sword.

Suddenly it became a corpse.

Life is so fragile.

One second (Liao Nohao), the champion trialist with a bright future, who was still filled with rifts in his heart, had become a cold corpse the next second.

As for Qin Jun, the system panel appeared in his eyes.。

“Ding, congratulations to the host for eliminating the threat of Ye Kunshan, the son of luck, and reward the villain with 200 people points!”

“Ding, we are evaluating the completion level of Ye Kunshan, Son of Luck, and the evaluation is: SSS level.

Additional bonus villain value: 100 points!”

“son of luck….Ye Kunshan? ”

Hearing the sound of system improvement, Qin Jun’s eyes flashed with surprise. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

He did not expect that he would crush an ant casually…..He is actually the son of luck. .


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