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The end is coming and I become the villain chapter 356

Ye Kunshan knows his weakness, which is his low talent.

However, A talent is already considered an advanced talent.

But he is still very different from an SSS-level talent like Qin Jun.

Even if Ye Kunshan becomes an apostle and shares his divine power, he may not be able to catch up with Qin Jun’s cultivation.

But the hidden rewards in the Gods and Demons Trial Ground gave Ye Kunshan hope.

On the parchment, there are recorded the hidden rewards in the Gods and Demons Trial Field, including an SS-level talent seed!

In addition, the last page of the parchment also recorded some words that Ye Kunshan could not understand.

Ye Kunshan didn’t know who actually wrote this parchment.

Perhaps it was written by someone who had passed the Gods and Demons Trial Field in the past.

But now, what Ye Kunshan wants is the SS-level talent seed!

Ye Kun 21shan kept walking in the opposite direction, and after an unknown amount of time, he came to a cemetery.

In this cemetery, there are tombstones erected one after another.

And these tombstones are faintly combined into a riddle formation!

Ye Kunshan did not hesitate, and directly began to activate the extraordinary power, and began to point out the power in every corner of the tombstone.

Then, the space began to shake, and a talent seed appeared.

This talent seed shimmered with terrifying light, as if it were the brightest starlight in the universe, making people’s hearts palpitate.

It is the SS-level talent seed!

SS-level talent, all-encompassing.

It can absorb energy of all attributes to practice quickly, and it also comes with a celestial realm that touches the rules of the will of the universe.

Even with Ye Kunshan’s composure, he couldn’t help but reveal a hint of ecstasy at this moment.

He couldn’t help but laugh loudly and heartily!

Since the end of the world, Ye Kunshan has always had a huge stone weighing on his heart.

It kept him awake at night and had trouble sleeping and eating.

Because Qin Jun’s talent is too strong and his cultivation speed is too fast, he is already a level 5 evolver when he is only at level 2.

Moreover, Ye Kunshan also knew that the gap between Qin Jun and him would only become wider and wider.

Even if he is invincible in the same realm, what’s the use?

But it’s different now. He now has this SS-level talent seed, which is all-encompassing and can directly absorb all energy systems and transform them into his own cultivation!

In this way, his cultivation level can be quickly enhanced.

Once he can catch up with Qin Jun’s level, he will be able to crush Q

in Jun with the same level of invincibility!

There is no longer any need for special situations such as the Gods and Demons Trial Field to suppress the realm.

What he needs now is just time…

Ye Kunshan took a deep breath, and then directly swallowed the SS-level talent seed.

Talent seeds above S level can directly cover low-level talents.

Ye Kunshan’s previous A-level talent was nothing compared to this SS-level talent.

After swallowing the SS-level talent seeds, Ye Kunshan’s aura also changed.

Now, he has become extremely confident and no longer has the anxiety he had before.

Because now, he found that the hope of revenge was getting bigger and bigger!

Ye Kunshan turned around and left, walking towards the temple very quickly.

There were also three very precious extraordinary items stored in the temple, but Ye Kunshan did not pay too much attention to them.

Because no matter how precious the extraordinary items are, they all seem sparse and ordinary in front of SS-level talent seeds.

After Ye Kunshan chose his reward, he turned around and left this alien space.

After returning, he found that he was the only one who came out early.

Others are still undergoing trials.

After all, the incarnation of the will of the universe is an extremely difficult trial for others.

After they have endured a trial, they must rest for a while.

Ye Kunshan walked out of the trial space expressionlessly. Since he had obtained the SS-level talent seeds, he did not want to cause any complications.

Although the final winner can get more rewards.

But Ye Kunshan340 chose to give up. He wanted to become an apostle of a god first, and then pursue it slowly.

As for which god he wants to be an apostle of, Ye Kunshan also has the answer.

That is the majestic snake.

Warlord Karl has a tyrannical character and is very cruel to humans, so Ye Kunshan is naturally unwilling to surrender to his command.

And the Dark Madonna is too weird and dangerous.

Although the god of the Magnificent Snake is equally arrogant and contemptuous of humans, he can at least communicate with others.

Moreover, the Magnificent Snake is in the northern region, a place Ye Kunshan is familiar with.

Ye Kunshan walked out of the trial space and appeared on the trial square, and around him were Qin Jun and other gods.

Ye Kunshan’s face was expressionless, waiting for the gods to whisper.

According to the rules, a god should choose him to be an apostle now……

While Ye Kunshan was waiting, Qin Jun glanced at Ye Kunshan and suddenly took action! .


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