The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 296

Novel plot?

Wang Dong and the others looked at Xiao Yu with puzzled looks.

“I have a friend… I’ve written some novels in the past, starting at the age of thirteen! ”

Xiao Yu, whose expression gradually changed, snorted a little, “So he knows some writing skills.” ”

I have a friend?

Wang Dong and Shen Zhengyang glanced at each other.

The other team members also had strange expressions.

Everyone brushed and brushed at Xiao Yu.

Is this friend of yours a serious friend?

Xiao Yu’s face turned red.

At this moment, the shame was like a tidal wave, no, a tsunami that engulfed him.

There was a feeling that Xiao Huang was taken to a public place for public execution, and his scalp was slightly numb.

Well, he admits that he is the one… Friend!

At the beginning, it was also because after crossing, and I was still young, and I felt that my life was a bit boring.

Thinking about whether to earn some extra money.

I thought of writing out some explosive online articles in my past life.

For example, tomb robber notes or something.

Isn’t it possible to make money lying down?

At that time, Xiao Yu still felt that he was really a little clever, too genius.

Then I found out bitterly that a novel has hundreds of thousands of words, can God remember?

From this, we also found a truth, some novels say that after the rebirth, the protagonist uses writing to get rich.

What a lie!

What kind of memory do you have to remember a million-word novel and write it word for word?

In the end, he could only write it himself.

And the content of Xiao Yu’s first novel is roughly… The ordinary and mediocre protagonist, suddenly one day, was approached by a lawyer and learned that his four grandfathers were world-class local tycoons, with a large inheritance and a huge harem to inherit.

So the protagonist carries on the inheritance and the harem with a nervous and anticipatory mood.

Remember one of the coolest episodes.

The protagonist used to be poor, working in the workplace, inheriting the inheritance and preparing to resign, when he was reprimanded by the boss.

The protagonist loudly scolds the dog forcing the boss: What to pretend with your father, Lao Tzu will not do it.

Then the protagonist reports his family background, sitting on tens of billions and dozens of sets of mansions, which provokes the dog to force the boss and the past dog to force colleagues to throw envious eyes.

Isn’t that cool?

Since then, the protagonist has embarked on the peak of his life…

Not to mention, Xiao Yu wrote his first novel with little success and earned pocket money.

It also made his life of rowing without oars, and it was very comfortable for a long time.

Therefore, Xiao Yu really knows how to write and understands online texts!

“Suspect Fang Shuoxin, writing career for four years.”

Xiao Yu frowned and looked strange, “Why did the things he wrote not only not grow at all, but this novel involving cases that he wrote recently is like a primary school student’s essay, isn’t it strange?” ”

Hearing his words, the crowd was stunned.

Many people know the truth that ‘practice makes perfect’.

For example, some jobs don’t understand at first.

When you are in contact, you may be in a hurry.

But the contact time is long, and it can be mastered skillfully.

No matter how bad it is, in stupid people, the basic work can be done well, right?

Such a straightforward truth is known to the world.

So, weird things come.

Fang Shuoxinming has four years of writing experience.

Why is it that what is written now, instead of growing a little, is similar to what was written at the beginning?

Especially those plots that can be called ‘hot eyes’, are not as good as the novels written in the past?

Is it reasonable?

Xiao Yu’s words woke up everyone present.

This is completely unreasonable!

“According to what you said, his suspicions should be very big.”

Shen Zhengyang, the leader of the group, frowned, “But you just told us that there should be no suspicions or doubts on his body, and it is even possible that he does not even know the perpetrator.” Since he was not suspected, it was impossible to have contact with the perpetrator. Why can his novel be associated with four cases? ”

People who can work in Yuan’an, the IQ is needless to say.

Especially a group.

It is itself a ‘anti-inter-special’ group.

The reason why I took over the case with the second group.

Because the perpetrator is suspected of being a ‘secret agent’!


Of the four cases, the suspected theft by spy agents was the one.

His modus operandi is indeed the method of ‘spy agents’.

This kind of modus operandi cannot be imitated by ordinary people.

“That’s what I don’t understand now.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Xiao Yu was helpless, “But it can be roughly inferred that all the cases associated with this weird novel… Not a supernatural event! ”

This sentence, he said with great certainty.

So you just said so much, just to save yourself… Wang moved the corners of his mouth to twitch, and stared at the little brother’s eyes a little unkindly, “And then?” ”

“Brother Wang, don’t look at me like this, I suspect that you are plotting against me.”

Rolling his eyes, Xiao Yu continued, “I am not a god, and this kind of thing must be investigated a little bit, and slowly look for clues.” I can only be sure that it is not a supernatural event now, but the specific details… Why did I come here to contact the case, and really when I was a god, I could solve the case as soon as I came? ”


Wang was stunned for a moment, his face full of embarrassment.

The other security personnel were also embarrassed.

Yes, you guys have been looking it up for so long that Mao hasn’t found out.

Do you mean to question the ability of other people’s little brothers?

This is also the image left by Xiao Yu in the past for everyone’s heart, too tall.

As a result, everyone felt that nothing should be difficult for the little brother.

But the problem was that Xiao Yu was a human being, not a god, and would not pinch his fingers.

He also solved the case by clues!

“No trace at all?”

Shen Zhengyang held a mess of hair in his hand.

For this case, I haven’t showered in days.

“It’s not nothing.”

Picking up the tablet with the file and after a few glances, Xiao Yu looked calm, “Let the suspect Fang Shuoxin continue to write the book, I want to see how he wrote those plots!” ”


The crowd was shocked and their expressions were suspicious.


Wang Dong’s appearance was ugly, “In case some appear again…”

The faces of the others were not very good either.

They are not convinced of supernatural events.

But the problem is that what the suspect wrote, it really happened.

There is no way to explain this supernatural event.

In the unlikely event of another case, the matter is big.

“That’s all I can think of.”

Xiao Yu stalled his hand, “It’s also the only way now!” ”

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