The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 295

In the interrogation room, Xiao Yu quietly stared at the man in front of him.

Fang Shuoxin, 31 years old, F city people, online novel writer… Orphan.

At the age of three, Fang Shuoxin was found outside the welfare home and later adopted by the welfare home.

Fang Shuoxin, who had good luck, was adopted at the age of six.

Until the age of seventeen, the adoptive parents were in a car accident and died…

Then, Fang Shuoxin, who did not go to college, lived alone until now.

It’s a lot of disasters!

It is well known that orphans in fiction are not simple.

But the problem is that now it’s not fiction, it’s reality.

Therefore, this Fang Shuoxin in front of him is indeed very bitter.

God seemed to be deliberately flirting with him.

Through the investigation of the side of Thean.

In recent years, Fang Shuoxin has made a living by writing.

Of course, it doesn’t seem to be very successful.

Since I started to contact the network article industry four years ago, my monthly income is only a few thousand, and when I am young, my monthly income is only a few hundred.

But at least it would make him a living, so that he wouldn’t starve to death.

On weekdays, Fang Shuoxin rarely went out.

First, financial resources do not allow it.

The second is that he has no friends.

Three even no girlfriends, standard single Wang.

What’s the point of going out?

Such a house to the earth, basically ten days and a half month only out of the door once a person.

Isn’t it a little inconceivable that he actually wrote a strange novel?

Therefore, in the face of such a fiction writer, even the personnel of Yuan’an were confused.

Of course, Xiao Yu is also quite confused now?

“The source of inspiration for your work, the source of your creation, from this perspective a little deeper answer?”

Xiao Yu looked at the other party and looked into Fang Shuoxin’s eyes.


Looking a little flustered, Fang Shuoxin still whispered, “The source of creation may be because I once wanted to become a secret agent.” I thought about writing my dreams and portraying the image of my imaginary agent in words. ”

“Understand, so the source of the creation of the work is actually their own ideal?”

Xiao Yu nodded, “Everyone has dreams, but how do you set up a plot?” The secret agent theme has relatively high requirements for the logic of details, and it is relatively difficult to prepare and find information, right? ”

“Well, that’s right.”

When Fang Shuoxin heard Xiao Yu’s words, his eyes suddenly lit up, as if he had found a confidant, and quickly said: “Writing a novel itself is more complicated, all kinds of brain holes, thinking, logic. I hadn’t read many books on secret agents before, and I found some inspiration from those books. Every day, I have to look for information, find some material about the agents, and write them out in words. ”

“The protagonist you write is vivid and interesting.”

When he said this, Xiao Yu was a little against his heart, “When creating, will the characters choose the prototype from the people they know around them?” ”


Fang Shuoxin’s face showed a hint of embarrassment, “For the character portrayal, in fact, I am a kind of small comic type, and sometimes it is easy to substitute myself into it.” It may also be because when I wrote in the past, I was mostly in this style. As for the tricks… This is really not, it is all written when I think of it. Maybe it is also a personal preference to watch some funny video clips, and from time to time I also take it out and use it… Used in the book, pretty good! ”

Ha…… Xiao Yu couldn’t help but want to laugh.

The heart said: What you write does not seem to be as good as you think?

But…… Is the protagonist’s prototype yourself?

Thinking of this, Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes and looked at it carefully.

One meter eight tall, thin, shy, ordinary, when not talking about books, talking and spitting…

No wonder writing is unsuccessful.

This image thrown into the novel certainly does not fit the image of the agent in the novel.

But if it’s reality… Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes, “There is a question, when you were seventeen years old, your adoptive parents died in a car accident, and you were not at home for a year, can you tell me where you went?” ”

“I was sad then.”

Probably thinking of his adoptive parents, Fang Shuoxin’s face showed a sad color, “I walked around the country one by one, walked for a whole year, and finally returned home, basically never went far away again.” ”

“Do you have friends or anything?”

Xiao Yu continued to ask.


Fang Shuoxin shook his head, “In reality, there are basically no friends on the Internet. ”

Xiao Yu’s head exploded, and his heart felt like there were ten thousand alpacas galloping past.

No lies!

All the questions and answers just now, the other party is basically the truth, no lies.

Could it really be that there have been supernatural events?

Is it possible?

“Haven’t you ever been in love?”

Xiao Yu asked casually.


Fang Shuoxin’s face suddenly turned red.

Oh, Xiao Yu smiled.

He could understand the other person’s heart now.

It’s like someone is going to use your computer, even if it’s a good friend or a relative, but you will resist inside.

After all, who doesn’t have hundreds of G’s wives on their hard drive?

A normal man, more or less young, has a ‘goddess’ living in his heart.

“It’s not love.”

Fang Shuoxin smiled with some embarrassment, “When I was in high school, I liked a girl and confessed.” However, because of the death of my adoptive parents, I took a break from school and never contacted me again. ”

“Well, thank you for your cooperation!”

Xiao Yu got up and walked out of the interrogation room.

Interrogation room.

For an instant, everyone’s eyes looked at Xiao Yu.

That kind of look, like a brainless MT seeing the wet nurse.

Like the little Luban who called Daddy in a scare of blood escape, he saw Xiaoming’s dog chain.

Especially Wang Dong, this kind of look is the most obvious.

As if to ask again: Brother, there must be a way, right?

“Not him!”

Xiao Yu shook his head, “I can even feel that these cases have nothing to do with him.” It was not even possible to know the perpetrator of the suspected agent. ”


In other words, the little brother invited to come has no clue?


Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed a strange light, “I found a very interesting thing. ”

In an instant, the decadent eyes of the crowd suddenly lit up.

It’s like the first person who fell into the pit and saw the second unlucky egg.

Sleeper… Xiao Yu rolled his eyes.

To tell the truth, he didn’t like the look in the eyes of this group of security personnel.

“What?” Wang Dong asked eagerly.

Xiao Yu also gave the answer.

“The plot of that book… Wrong! ”


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