The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 294

Xiao Yu, a melon-eating crowd who did not know the truth, was stunned.

Heart said: Are you going to make a science fiction movie with me?

What, you say not science fiction?

Then please tell me, one who writes novels.

Why did he write a book with a plot?

Can it be projected into reality and then appear?

Science fiction movies probably don’t dare to act like this, right?

Suppose the writer of the novel portrays a world in the book.

Does it mean that the world can really appear?

This is not man, it’s God!

“Just kidding, right?”

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Yu stared at Wang Dong and Shen Zhengyang with a serious expression.

The two group leaders were also looking at Xiao Yu and did not speak.

Why don’t you talk, are you all autistic, you guys are playing me… Xiao Yu’s heart was pounding.

The serious expressions of the two group leaders illustrate too many problems.

I’m special, I’m special, I know that I have more contact with people in Yuan’an, and it’s not a good thing!

The heart was frantically complaining, and Xiao Yu’s face finally cooled down, “File! ”

Again, if you want to solve a case, you must first look at the file.

Before Wang Moved them to find themselves, the details and experience of the case must have been investigated.

Xiao Yu now needed to understand what had happened.

As a result, when he picked up the volume weight that Xuan An had investigated, he quickly read it.


Xiao Yu inhaled a cool breath, and the investigation in the file made his scalp explode, and the opening sentence was, “This is impossible!” ”

What is impossible?

A month ago.

A mysterious thief appears in a city.

He entered a research station and stole a document.

Very important scientific documents.

The local security unit began to investigate.

As a result, it was suspected that it was some spy or special work case.

Because of that scientific research document, ordinary people get a little use.

What was studied?

Lithography machine!

Is this kind of research useful to ordinary people?

Maybe you can’t understand it!

Less than a week passed.

There was another three-death case.

Drinking at a bar, a woman is flirted with by three hooligans.

Then the three rogues died.

Another week.

A drug lord wanted by the police died somewhere.

These three cases were not originally linked.

As a result, they are all linked together by a book.

How did you find out?

There was a security officer who was in charge of investigating the suspected theft of spy agents.

First of all, you must be clear that the security personnel are out of work, and they are also ordinary people.

There are families, there are children.

On this day, the state security officer found his son reading an online novel after work.

Listening to his wife, my son has recently been fascinated by reading books.

He was ready to educate his son.

The son also talked to him, saying that the novel was really good.

The man was speechless, saying in his heart that this novel could confuse a child like this, and looked at it twice.

Then, he was stupid.

From this book, he actually found all the details of the suspected spy agent theft case under investigation.

This is close behind.

He began to look up the novel that had only been serialized for a long time.

Three cases were seen inside.

First, the retired agent protagonist kills three rogues.

Then, the protagonist of the agent kills a drug lord for the people.

It can be said that the plot within this book.

The degree of its dog’s blood can blind the eyes of normal people.

But after the investigation of this person.

Three cases actually happened.

Can you believe it?

That’s why Wang Dong would say to Xiao Yu: You may not believe it when you say it!

Many people will think, what is so difficult to investigate such a small case?

First, there must be something wrong with the author of the novel, maybe he did it?

Second, either someone is imitating the novel, right?


Yes, the security personnel at that time thought the same thing.

The author of the novel was arrested at the first time, interrogated, and investigated.

Soon, the novel’s author was ruled out.

Is that something that can only be imitated by someone?

Go straight to someone.

As a result, there was a survey, and there were no imitators at all.

The people of Guoan do not believe in evil.

Let the fiction writer continue to write.

Don’t believe it, come on, you’re writing a protagonist plot to see if it can happen?

The author of the novel wrote.

This time, none were published online.

The manuscripts are in the hands of the security personnel.

The plot goes like this…


The agent encounters a white fumei who is teased by the second generation of fu.

The hero saved the United States, beat up the rich second generation, and beat the rich second generation’s helper.

Fu Er Dai left a scene to say: Wait for Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu will kill your whole family!

The agent said: Don’t wait, you will die tonight!

At night, Fu Er Dai died…


Mom, when you see this episode.

Xiao Yu’s titanium alloy dog eyes were blind.

It’s like reading a third-rate web novel.

The author pretends to force the plot to write awkwardly and bluntly, so that the reader feels that his intelligence is insulted.

If it is changed to Xiao Yu written.

At least not… For example, when encountering brain-dead supporting role provocation and bullying, passers-by despise, the protagonist easily beats the other party up, watching the supporting role lie on the ground, at least not beep a sentence: the combat effectiveness is only 5 scum, you know nothing about the power!

That’s cool, right?

No matter how bad it is, the protagonist’s ex-girlfriend is on the list of the rich second generation, riding a luxury car in front of you to spit on you, and the rich second generation scornfully says: Poor dog, you have no girlfriend in your life.

The next moment, the beautiful female bully driving a super luxury car always appeared, knelt down and hugged the protagonist’s thigh and cried: Husband, please don’t leave me… I’ll show you in JK tonight!


When he saw the investigation behind the case file, Xiao Yu was completely confused.

The dog blood plot is obviously written by the author of the novel, and the manuscript is still in the hands of the security personnel.

But…… Unbelievable cases have emerged.

A rich second generation died.

The course of death is roughly consistent with the plot in the novel.

The second generation of the rich pesters a white rich beauty, and passers-by save the beautiful woman.

That night, Fu Er Dai was killed in his home…

Xiao Yu felt a little cold on his body.

Inexplicable terror seemed to loom around him.

Once or twice is a coincidence, three times or four times?

Especially the fourth time, it can no longer be described by coincidence.

It can be summed up in terms of spirituality.

Fear almost dominated him!

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