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The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 293

“Hell, what the hell have I done, and why can’t I even get a good night’s sleep?”

At 5:30 in the morning, Xiao Yu opened his eyes and spat in his mouth.


Mu Qianwu lifted his perfect body from his brother’s arms and picked up the mobile phone at the head of the bed.

Find caller numbers weirdly outrageous.

GA1…… What is this number?

In doubt, Mu Qianwu pressed the answer button, “Hello? ”


The other person’s voice was cold, “Who are you?” ”


Stunned a little, Mu Qianwu was just about to open his mouth.

As a result, the phone was taken away.

“Don’t talk to my sister in this tone in the future, okay?”

Holding up the mobile phone, Xiao Yu’s voice was very calm, “Otherwise I can’t help it and want to pull your teeth out.” ”

“…”The other side was silent.

He could hear that Xiao Yu was not joking.

Thinking of the ability of this little brother.

Seemingly…… There is a way to do it!

“Say, what’s the matter?”

Seeing the other party’s silence, Xiao Yu asked.

“The helicopter will be there for you in half an hour.” The other person opens his mouth.

“What case?” Xiao Yu frowned.

“Come and talk about it.”

The other explained: “Originally, I didn’t want to look for you, but we really couldn’t find a clue.” Wang Dong said to let you come and try it, after all, you are also the leader of the group of Yuan’an now. ”

“Got it.”

Putting down the phone, Xiao Yu resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

Seeing that the sister on the side was looking at herself with a smile, she explained, “G, it is the country.” A, yes Ann. 1, is a group. A total of nine groups… No, there are now ten special service groups. ”

“Hmm.” Mu poured into a trance.

“I’m leaving.”

Half an hour left… Xiao Yu buried his face into Mu Qianwu’s arms, “I can’t help it.” ”


Wrapping her arms around her younger brother who had become naïve, Mu Qianwu knew that this was her exclusive, and only she could see this side of her brother, and said softly: “Don’t be spoiled, the affairs of the country are more important, and we will have time later.” When the time comes, I am afraid that you will be annoyed by your sister and say that your sister is sticking to you. ”

“How can that be?”

Arching like a pig in his sister’s arms, Xiao Yu put his face on Mu Tianwu’s abdomen and murmured, “Reluctant to sister, reluctant to baby.” ”

“Got it.”

Like a little mother, Mu Qianwu stroked his brother’s hair and smiled softly, “Then catch the bad guy quickly, go home early, won’t you be able to see me and the baby?” ”


Xiao Yu stood up and glared at his sister, “Gone.” ”

Mu Qianwu kissed his brother’s lips, “Pay attention to safety! ”

Twenty-six minutes later.

A helicopter gunship hovered over the villa.

A rope ladder was lowered, and Xiao Yu climbed up.

Gently caressing his lower abdomen, Mu Qianwu calmly looked at the scene in front of him.

She had seen this situation several times.

There was nothing strange about it, but pride on his face.

As a woman, does any man who does not want her to be a knight, a prince, or the supreme treasure that steps on the colorful clouds?

It’s just that some women’s vanity is different from others.

Look at your brother waving at himself in the helicopter.

The color of pride on Mu Qianwu’s face was even more intense.

This is my brother, what’s wrong with my pride?


Four and a half hours.

Beijing, Ministry of State Security, apron.

The helicopter gunship landed, and Xiao Yu, who walked down, saw two people.

The leader of the second group, Wang Dong.

A group leader, Shen Zhengyang.

When he saw Wang Dong, Xiao Yu grinned.

When he saw Shen Zhengyang, he put away his smile and stared directly at the other party.


Shen Zhengyang’s face was now embarrassed, “At that time, I didn’t know it was my younger sister, I’m sorry.” ”

It was also the first time that the group leader of the hall had apologized for such a thing.

But he had already listened to wang Dong.

You and the little brother can do whatever they want.

Don’t skin the old brother’s sister, let alone pretend.

Otherwise you’ll get beaten up, no kidding.

Why can Bai Ting protect Mu Qianwu?

That’s the mouth of the big boss.

If something happened to Mu Qianwu, Xiao Yu would go crazy.

No one wants to see a monster go crazy.

It would be scary!

Withdrawing his gaze, Xiao Yu looked at Wang Dong, “What’s the situation?” ”

“A very strange case.”

Wang Dong didn’t know how to explain, “It should be and… Agent related! ”

“Clams?” Xiao Yu’s eyes were strange.

His eyes seemed to pierce a sore spot in Wang Dong’s heart.

What an embarrassment… Wang Dong was a little embarrassed, “What, I know you want to say that agents should not come to you for such things, but… The blame lies in the fact that this matter is unclear and unclear. Anyway, it’s weird. ”

“Weird?” Exploding in the blink of an eye, Xiao Yu didn’t understand.

I could hear the word weird from the mouth of a group leader.

Isn’t that ridiculous?

If you have to say so, then I have to buy melon seeds in advance… Xiao Yu smiled and asked, “What the hell is going on?” ”

Wang Dong and a group leader, Shen Zhengyang, led Xiao Yu to a place.

To put it correctly, it was an interrogation room.

Through a piece of glass, a man could be seen sitting in the interrogation room.

About thirty years old, it gives people a very elegant look.

Looks like an otaku.

How did Xiao Yu see it?

Quite simply, as long as the otaku is blackouted, without mobile phones and computers, most of them will degenerate into cavemen and be at a loss for everything.

Now this person was dazed, his expression was still very frightened, and he was very uncomfortable with everything around him.

It can be seen that this is an ordinary person who cannot be in an ordinary person…

“What do you mean?”

Retracting his gaze, Xiao Yu felt that his IQ should have been insulted, and looked at Wang Dong and Shen Zhengyang.

“You may not be able to say it.” Wang Dong’s expression was serious.

“Okay, don’t say that.”

Xiao Yu nodded, “Anyway, I don’t believe it, saying it is equivalent to saying it in vain.” ”

Wang Dong: …

What’s going on with the little brother?

“The point.”

Xiao Yu lazily circled around with Wang Dong.

“I’ll do it.”

Shen Zhengyang’s expression also became very strange, “Do you believe that the plot of the novel written by someone will become a reality?” ”

Xiao Yu stared at Shen Zhengyang very calmly.

The expression seems to say again: your complex facial features can no longer hide your simple INTELLIGENCE.

Do you say I’ll believe it?

“It’s true.”

Wang Dong raised his finger and pointed to the man in the interrogation room, and said word by word: “He wrote an agent in his book, and then this agent appeared.” This agent does exactly the same thing as the plot in the book! ”

Xiao Yu was stunned.

Wang Dong is the leader of the second group, right?

Shen Zhengyang is also the leader of the group, right?

Would two people like that joke with you?


Xiao Yu had a sense of trepidation.

There is a sense that the whole world is harming.

His heart was deeply flooded with the feeling of falling into an ice cellar, and his body was chilling!

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