The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 291

“Happy, excited, not excited, isn’t it exciting?”

Laughter rang inside the phone, and Wang laughed happily, “But… Stop dreaming! ”

Xiao Yu: …

Sure enough, there is a pit, and Brother Dog Wang is still a dog for ten years!

“Saying that it is the leader of the ten groups is actually a pseudonym, understand?”

Wang Dong looked unashamedly brazen, “The real situation is that you are alone in the entire ten groups, and the nine team members are also suspended.” But if we need you, you’ll have to help. Of course, the command is generally in your hands. As long as you have the need… Have the power to mobilize nine groups of secret agents! ”


Bai was excited, xiao Yu rolled his eyes, “To put it bluntly, I will give you nine groups as little brothers, right?” As for the right to command and the right to move, don’t you think it is ridiculous? ”

I am a policeman facing a group of people, who can I command, who can I mobilize?

“Anyway, it was arranged by the big boss, and I also discussed with your big boss, and the two bosses reached a consensus.”

Wang Dong had a tone that didn’t care about me, “Anyway, you are now a policeman and a person who is also a person who has a good time, and you will hold two positions in the future.” By the way, in this way, your police rank does not have to be pressed, the level is attached to our yuanan, the big boss said, seven times the first class merit is promoted to three levels in a row, enjoy the treatment of the deputy department. How to say that in the future, it is also the big leader of Yuan’an, and it can’t be too bad… As for your security documents, someone will send them to you in the next few days. What’s that, it’s okay I hung up first ha! ”

Xiao Yu: …

Before he could spit out his mouth, Wang Dong had already hung up his mobile phone.

Presumably to prevent him from saying a few words to the heart of the ‘greeting’.

Putting down the mobile phone, Xiao Yu was depressed and a little crying and laughing.

So in the future, will he be a policeman or a peacemaker?

This made Xiao Yu feel that he was about to leave the police category.

Gradually will become one, enough bells and whistles, ian!

“I especially knew that it wouldn’t be a good thing to get together with these people!”

With a mutter, Xiao Yu restarted the car and headed for the way home.

Wang Dong personally called, and the matter was already in a boat and could not be changed.

Luckily, he’s still a cop.

Unfortunately, there may be two sides running in the future.


After thinking about it, Xiao Yu was stunned to find out.

Nothing seems to have changed?

Not Ann, not just running at both ends?

Oh, then I’m so worried about an eggplant!

Xiao Yu hummed a song and lost the way home…


Summer is a cool world.

Anyway, Xiao Yu, who was standing in the water park, thought so.

Looking at the swimsuit of different colors, jumping into the turquoise pool, it is called a hi pi.

Just now Xiao Yu also played inside for a while, it was really cold and cold.

Jump, laugh, it’s not happy.

Drinking a cup of ice drink handed by his sister, his heart immediately felt cold, and Xiao Yu’s eyes aimed at Mu’s dancing swimsuit, smiling badly.

“Want to get beaten?”

Angry and helpless, Mu Qianwu, who was sitting next to the bad brother, raised his white little fist and drew a comparison.

There is not a single threat!


Taking her sister in her arms, gently holding her in her lap, and gently caressing the slightly raised abdomen, Xiao Yu’s eyes looked at the people who were playing happily in the water park, and sighed, “Sister, you said that this world is really unfair.” ”


Mu Qianwu smiled lightly, “Why do you say that?” ”

“Just when we went to the swimsuit shop, I realized a truth.”

Xiao Yu began a serious nonsense: “Compared with the wide variety of swimwear styles for women, the swimsuit of men’s clothing is always a pair of pants.” Sister, are you fair? ”


Mu Qianwu was teased by the funny brother’s flower branches trembling, and his eyes rolled wildly.

“Actually, what I miss most is when I was a child.”

Xiao Yu’s expression was serious, “At that time, I could go to the women’s bathhouse in a big way… Ah! ”

Before he could finish speaking, his ears were twisted by jade hands.


Mu Qianwu did not smile, squinted his eyes, stared at his brother, “The mind is still quite big, it turns out that you brought me over to play because you want to see the swimsuit sister?” ”

“Bridge bean sack!”

Xiao Yu surrendered, “Sister, you misunderstood… It has been an honor for me to be able to see my sister for a lifetime. ”


Mu Qianwu sneered, “You are honored too soon!” ”

Xiao Yu: …

Sigh in my heart: A man can’t marry a woman who is too smart, this is a big death, the ancients sincerely do not deceive me!


Mu’s dancing eyes shone with a dangerous luster.

There is a smell of divorce without a word.

Before the landslide, Xiao Yu’s face did not change color, and the spirit machine moved, “Sister, do you know why the Eight Precepts of the Pig can’t win Over Sun Wukong?” ”

Dance: ???

Am I talking to you about Journey to the West now?

“Because the Eight Precepts of the Pig left his general mana in Gao Laozhuang.”

Looking at the stunned sister, Xiao Yu continued to edit.


Mu Qianwu’s thinking was still deviated by his brother, and he asked curiously, “Why?” ”


Xiao Yu hugged his sister, “Men may be a little confused, such as the Eight Precepts of the Pig.” However, he will always have someone in his heart who wants to protect. Even if his strength becomes weaker, there is no complaint or regret! ”

“Is that so?”

Releasing his brother’s ear, Mu Qianwu approached his brother’s arms, “I know you are making up a story, I am still very happy.” ”

“Hey hey.”

Xiao Yu secretly wiped a handful of cold sweat, “Sister, I am very happy to know you!” ”


Mu Qianwu raised his face and smiled at his brother, “How happy?” ”

Xiao Yu almost peed.

Sister, how can you not play your cards according to the routine?!

Harsh realities tell us.

Unless the woman willingly listens to you.

Otherwise they’ll choke you to death in a hundred ways!


Eyes as soft as a stream, soft and feminine, Mu Qianwu pinched his brother’s handsome cheeks, “So I hold it, not afraid of people saying that bad brothers are afraid of daughters-in-law?” ”

“My dad has been pinched by my mom all his life.”

Xiao Yule said, “My father is not afraid, what am I afraid of?” ”

There is no harm without contrast.

Dad, love you!


Mu Qianwu was laughed at again, and punched his brother, “Necrotic, being heard by the father-in-law will kill his relatives in righteousness!” ”

“Sister, I have a question I’ve always wanted to ask.”

Xiao Yumian was now curious, “Why don’t you call my father Daddy, but call it Father-in-law?” ”

Mu Qianwu: “…”

The beautiful face looked strange.

Hiss, my sister’s expression is so complicated… Xiao Yu was shocked.

“I’m afraid to scream…”

Mu Qianwu leaned down, and his red lips were close to his brother’s ear and whispered, “You will agree first!” ”

Xiao Yu: …

Picked up her smiling sister and walked toward the locker room.

Can’t stand it, must go home.

The sister was indeed a female demon.

Lack of tuning!

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