The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 290


A civil airliner flew high in the air, breaking the silence of the two men.

“Actually, I can run.”

Jiang Xin, who was sitting paralyzed on the ground, opened his mouth coldly.

“Surrender, the only way out.”

Xiao Yu looked at Jiang Xin coldly, “At least on the execution ground, death will be easier.” ”

Sneering, Jiang Xin remained motionless and looked at Xiao Yu with disdain.

“How did you do it?”

Sitting slowly on the ground, Xiao Yu took out a cigarette, lit it and took a sip.

Let the three people die, or show that strange expression?

He couldn’t figure it out!

“It’s simple.”

Jiang Xin was silent for a moment, emitting a neurotic sneer, “Let them lie down, find a baffle to block them below the neck.” ”

“That way, they can’t see their lower body. As long as you make them feel like they’re doing something loving. Wouldn’t they have this expression on their faces? ”

“However, their bodies are in numbness and no pain. At this time, even if you cut off their hands and feet, they will not notice. Even, you cut off their necks, they don’t know. ”

“When they are happiest, most satisfied, most comfortable, most happy… Let them die, won’t this expression be preserved? ”

Lying in the grooves, perverts must not die well… Xiao Yu was a little creeped out and scolded in his heart.

But you have to admit that the operation is too sloppy, and the bells and whistles make people’s scalps tingle.

Jiang Xin did not say it, and it was estimated that the police would never think of such a killing method in their lifetime.

“Why?” Xiao Yu looked at her.

“Didn’t you already guess that?”

With a sly wink, Jiang Xin continued to laugh, with a mocking tone, “They are all my toys, my artwork, when I found them… Humanoid dogs, don’t you think it’s good-looking? ”

“Thank you.”

Xiao Yu suddenly nodded.

“Huh?” Jiang Xin sneered.

“Do you know what’s going to happen next?” Xiao Yu smiled.

Jiang Xin seemed to hear the teacher knocking on the blackboard when he went to school and said: Do you know what calculus is!

Know you’re a ball… She shook her head honestly and sneered.

“Think about it slowly.” Xiao Yu stood up.

“Even if I say something, what can you do to me?”

Jiang Xin’s expression was still dismissive, mocking, “At most, it is a crime of attacking the police, just by what you heard, your confession, is it useful?” You are the police officer handling this case, you can’t be a witness! ”

“Then you’ve never heard of something called… Remotely directed listeners. ”

Xiao Yu said with a smile: “This is a sound reflection, diffraction directional sensor, but also a long-range directional listener. Can you provide a tool that can be highly sensitive and collect remote sounds from directly in front? ”

As he spoke, his eyes looked at the residential building not far away.

Looking at Guo Qiang, who stood up, he saw something in his hand that resembled a mini satellite dish pot.

At the same time, I also saw Guo Qiang make an ‘OK’ gesture.

Evidence gathering, done!


His eyes widened at once, and Jiang Xin showed an expression of disbelief.

Will he die on the spot… Looking at the other party’s frightened, angry, and desperate expression, Xiao Yu smiled happily.

Stepping over, he grabbed Jiang Xin.

Xiao Yu was like carrying a struggling dog, walking towards the roof…

When you treat others like dogs.

One day someone else will take your dog too.

In the past, Xiao Yu did not believe in cause and effect.

Later he crossed over to the rebirth and believed.

[Ding, congratulations to the host for detection…]


A day later.

“Dude, I heard you cracked a very perverted case?”

The forced nagging that belongs to Wang Dong alone rings in the Bluetooth headset.

“I’m driving, and I have something to say.”

Xiao Yu was indeed driving, smiling happily, ready to go home with his sister and accompany the child…

Well, the baby is still in the sister’s belly for the time being.

What does it matter?

Do not delay the love and expectation of being an old father.

Youth, back!

“Remember the last time the big boss went to see you?”

Wang Dong didn’t have any nonsense, “Originally I was looking for you to discuss some things, but when I saw that your little couple was kind and loving, I didn’t bother.” ”

“And then what?”

The brain came up with the scene of the big boss of course driving to Bincheng and coming to the door of the house, and Xiao Yu’s expression was serious.

“There’s nothing there.”

Smiling, Wang Dong smiled and said, “It’s just to let you hang up a post.” ”

Xiao Yu frowned suddenly.

What is a hanging job?

Some public servants are selected to go to some lower-level organs, enterprises, and units to hold corresponding posts for training.

Of course, there is also a kind of hanging, which is also a kind of part-time work.

Some people originally had only one position, but could hold other positions at the same time.

One person double position, three positions… This situation is common within the system.

Xiao Yu could not leave Bincheng.

Whether it is the big boss of the Ministry of Safety or the big boss of the police department, they all know this.

Then it can only be the second case.

“Ten groups of Yuan’an!” Wang Dong said the answer.

Sleeper… Xiao Yu almost drove the car into the ditch.

What the heck, ten groups?

Stopping the car, Xiao Yu thought about the black question mark.

You must know that in the past he had heard Wang Dong say.

Since its establishment, there have been ministries, bureaus, local units, major departments, and some special institutions and permanent institutions.

But the group… There are always nine, groups from 1 to 9!

“What, what do you mean?” Xiao Yu’s mouth was a bit scoopy.

Not what you think, right?

Surely not, right?

“Dude, you’re the leader of the Ten Groups.”

Wang Dong’s voice was obviously tinged with a kind of schadenfreude, “Of course, you are just a group leader title, the management and operation of the ten groups, and some other things you don’t have to worry about.” But when you are needed, you have to command. By the way, you’ll have nine crew members… Coincidentally, I was one of them. ”

Sleeper… Xiao Yu suddenly felt that the sky was rolling with thunder, and the brain melon seed was not only buzzing, but also completely numb.

The leader of the second group… Are you a member of ten groups?

How dare you?

Does that mean that the other eight group leaders are also…

“Guess what? That’s right. ”

Wang Dong laughed at the one who called a hi pi, “The leader of the nine special service teams, in the future, they are all brothers and your team members!” ”

Xiao Yu’s brain instantly lost its ability to function.

But in my mind, I inexplicably came up with a sentence of online ‘forced words’ from my past life.

Heaven is not a zodiac sign, parallel worlds are as ancient as a long night?

If this bizarre thing really happens.

So can this force me to blow for a lifetime?

No, I can’t.

You have to give the cow back.

Cows also need to live…

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