The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 289

The scalpel was empty.

Jiang Xin was also stunned.

The man is obviously in front of his eyes, obviously stabbed into his body, why would he stab the air?

No, not stabbing at each other’s bodies.

Jiang Xin blinked his eyes, and Xiao Yu in front of him was gone.

A look of shock appeared on her face and exclaimed, “Psychological induction, gaze… You’re also a hypnotist?! ”

“Did you find it?”

Xiao Yu’s voice rang out from the side, “You are really powerful, I didn’t even realize that I was being mentally induced… No, it’s a two-way psychological cue. Both sides use words, movements, perceptions, and thoughts at the same time to induce gaze, which is the first time I have encountered this situation… Almost rolled over! ”

What is the ‘gaze method’?

Using the mental focus of the hypnotized person, the connection between the hypnotized person’s psychology and line of sight is transferred.

Many people have heard such a sentence.

The eyes are the window of the soul.

Indeed it is.

What humans see through their eyes, the mind begins to analyze what it is, and knows what it is for the first time.

The ‘gaze method’ is to use psychological induction to temporarily disconnect the eyes and the mind.

Falling into a state of being induced creates visual and psychological differences.

But most of the time.

The crudest way to use the ‘gaze’ method used by psychologists is to make the hypnotized person close his eyes.

Invisible to the eye, nature can be better hypnotic induction.

Once the hypnotized person closes his eyes, other cues can be further exerted …

The same is the psychiatrist, and the induction technique is used at the same time.

This is indeed the first time this has happened.

Two-way psychological induction, two-way psychological cues, even… Two-way hypnosis!

Xiao Yu used psychological induction in concentration.

Jiang Xin is also focusing on using psychological induction.

The focus of both sides is on the other’s body, and their own inner defenses will become weak.

So there’s a weird appearance.

Together, the eyes and mental connection were severed.

At the same time being psychologically implied to succeed!

This situation even Xiao Yu did not expect.

Otherwise, in a normal state.

Even if Jiang Xin’s psychological induction, suggestion, and hypnosis are strong, it will not succeed.

It is also why Xiao Yu said that he almost overturned the car.

This is called when you count others.

If you are not careful, you are likely to be calculated.

Wound a thousand enemies, self-inflicted damage eight hundred!

“Go and die!”

The moment Xiao Yu’s words rang out, Jiang Xin’s arm stabbed to the side, stabbing in the direction of the sound.


Xiao Yu’s voice sounded again, “Just now I not only used the gaze method, but also the heart image method, the mutual hypnosis method… You’re a psychiatrist, you know what that is, right? ”

Jiang Xin’s expression stiffened, along with the hand holding the scalpel, also stopped in the air, exclaiming, “How is it possible?” ”

“Yeah, you know it’s impossible?”

Standing in front of Xiao Yu with a smile, Xiao Yu looked at the scalpel that did not stab in front of him, and blinked, “If I want to lie to you at this time, will I be beaten?” ”

Jiang Xin: …

She found herself being played.

He was seduced by the words of the other party.

If the stab goes through…

“It’s late.”

Xiao Yu’s palm grabbed Jiang Xin’s wrist, just about to break that wrist with force.



Jiang Xin smiled, laughing incomparably viciously.

Then Xiao Yu’s expression froze.

He felt a great force coming from the wrist he was holding.

Larger than the strength of a normal person.

A thought came to mind.

Nine knives, cutting a living person into nine pieces?

Normal adults can’t do it.

People who can do it are definitely much better than normal people in terms of physical fitness.

Another mistake… The moment he was thrown off his palm, Xiao Yu sighed inwardly.

Or underestimate each other, psychology always unconsciously equates the physical fitness of the other party with ordinary women.

It is men who naturally underestimate the strength of women, and this arrogance is at work.


A long leg made an arc in the air and kicked at Xiao Yu’s head.

Rapid change, and unexpected fierceness, this is Jiang Xin.

From a seemingly harmless little white rabbit, it has become a poisonous snake!


And what’s the use?

Xiao Yu’s thighs were also raised, and the movement was almost the same as the thighs that Jiang Xin kicked.

Boom…… A muffled sound.

There was the sound of bones hitting.


Jiang Xin’s calf broke, and he wailed and retreated, falling to the ground.

What a power!

Xiao Yu, who retracted his thighs, squinted his eyes, and the pain in his legs gradually lost consciousness and became numb.

This was still when he used the power of the raging bear.

It can be felt that the strength of the other party has completely surpassed that of normal men.

Is it professional systematic training?

Terrible woman!

A scene that shocked Xiao Yu even more appeared.

Jiang Xin, whose left calf broke and fell to the ground, used his hands and one right leg to stomp violently on the ground of the roof at the moment of falling, rushing towards Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu’s eyes flickered with cold light.

The waist twisted and one thigh was pulled out again.

It was like a battle axe slashing at Jiang Xin, who was rushing forward.


A slight chill followed Jiang Xin’s arm and fell towards Xiao Yu’s kicked thigh.

A feeling of extreme danger flashed through Xiao Yu’s mind


Stop the attack and close your legs.

A scalpel slashed past Xiao Yu’s leg.

What’s the point?

Retracting his thighs, Xiao Yu’s body did not retreat but advanced, and rushed forward.

The scalpel that had dodged slammed into jiang Xin’s bottom.

Boom…… The two bodies collided.

Xiao Yu’s fist smashed into Jiang Xin’s armpit.


Jiang Xin’s breathing stopped, and his face was distorted in pain

The armpits are one of the weaknesses of human beings.

Even the strongest people can’t exercise there.

The huge pain made Jiang Xin’s body become weak and weak.

A palm of a hand protrudes like lightning… Syllable!

Jiang Xin’s neck was held, lifted high, and lifted into the air.

“Strong, good at fighting, good at psychology, high IQ… But what’s the use. You’re so much worse than some criminal I know. ”

Gazing at Jiang Xin, who was still struggling with his limbs in the air, Xiao Yu calmly spoke, “You are too confident! ”

With a wave of his arm, he threw Jiang Xin, who had already rolled his eyes, on the ground.

“Cough, huh?”

Jiang Xin laughed while coughing, and the way he gritted his teeth made people shudder.


Xiao Yu was stunned, and only then did he find that the location where the two were located was far away from the rooftop.

Only to see Jiang Xin’s hands and legs at the same time, turning out of the roof.

Xiao Yu could even see the ridicule and mockery on Jiang Xin’s face.

That expression seemed to be xiao yu a piece of garbage, and every trace of it was worth it.

Ru was telling Xiao Yu: Even if you know everything, what can you do, can you stop me from dying? You still can’t catch me?


A palm once again grasped Jiang Xin’s neck.

Teasing and mocking froze on her face.

Then, like a chicken, she was grabbed back to the roof.

“I’m here, and it’s hard for you to die.”

Xiao Yu stared at Jiang Xin with a look of disbelief.

“Who do you look down on?”


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