The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 288


A surprised and puzzled expression appeared on Jiang Xin’s face, “Officer, what are you talking about?” ”

“Everything in this world is rising in price, this is this man…”

Putting away the smile on his face, Xiao Yu coldly stared at Jiang Xin, “It’s getting cheaper and cheaper!” ”


Jiang Xin was stunned, this time he was really stunned.

“In the past, the thing I wanted to do the most was to catch all the bad guys!”

Shifting his gaze, Xiao Yu stared at the morning sun on the edge of the sky, “Let the room be clean, let the air be clean, let some people become cleaner… But at that time, I became a monster, a machine, and a… Even I didn’t know what I was at that time! ”

Indeed, in his previous life, he did not even know what it was.

“Officer, I don’t understand you.”

Looking back, Jiang Xin looked at Xiao Yu with some fear, “If nothing happens, I…”

“Can you tell me how you managed to split the living into nine pieces with only nine knives?”

Xiao Yu turned his head and looked at Jiang Xin with a smirk, “Also, how do you make the three living people maintain that happy and comfortable expression before they die, and they are very happy and satisfied?” On this point, I thought I broke my head and didn’t come up with it. By the way, I did an experiment before I came to you, and I have to say that the stand-in you was looking for was a piece of crap. I asked him to take a bone cleaver and perform a big bone splitting stick for me, and as a result, it took him four full knives to split it. You say, is he a piece of crap? ”

“Huh? What stand-in? What big bone stick? ”

With a frightened look on his face, Jiang Xin seemed to be very frightened and lowered his head.

After bowing her head, her eyes full of frightened luster flashed with indifference and solemnity.

“I can stand in front of you and say these words.”

Xiao Yu sneered, “What is the meaning of your disguise?” Do you think that all the clues can’t reach you? All the evidence has nothing to do with you? Even those cases have someone to blame? You can sit back and relax? ”

“Or else?”

Slowly raising his head, Jiang Xin was cold and calm, a pair of eyes that flashed with a cold luster, looking directly at Xiao Yu, “You don’t have any recording equipment on you, right?” Or did you come alone? Even if you knew everything, what could you do to me? ”

“Ha, am I looked down upon by you?”

Xiao Yu sneered, “Admit it? ”

“What did I admit?”

Jiang Xin was also laughing and asked rhetorically, “There is no clue, no evidence, nothing, what do you want me to admit?” ”

“Evidence? Clue? Nonrecognition? ”

Xiao Yu gritted his teeth and shook his head, “No, as long as our police list you as a suspect, we will crucify you for the rest of our lives!” ”

His body shook violently, and Jiang Xin’s face became stiff like a lightning strike.

Inside her eyes, there was a strong twinkle… Beholder.

For a long time, Jiang Xin’s eyes dissipated, and his eyes looked at Xiao Yu with complicated eyes, “How did you find me?” ”

“Remember the day I finished talking to you at the clinic?”

Xiao Yu didn’t hide it, “When you sent me, you just happened to meet Liu Yunwei. In the beginning, I wouldn’t pay attention to his kind of man. However, just as I was about to leave, a temperament suddenly appeared in his body, and that temperament was somewhat familiar to me. But later, when we went to arrest him, his temperament disappeared without a trace. ”

“So I’m very strange, temperament is something that is originally innate to a person, or cultivated.” As long as it is cultivated, it will be difficult to disappear. But liu Yunwei’s temperament is gone? ”

“Then, I found something funny. It seems that someone deliberately let Liu Yunwei cultivate this temperament, but Liu Yunwei himself refused. But he couldn’t rebel against that man. Therefore, when he sees that person, he will have to show this deliberately cultivated temperament because of habit or perhaps because of fear. ”

Speaking of this, Xiao Yu coldly stared at Jiang Xin with a shocked expression, “The four of us who were present at that time were the only ones. Except for the receptionist who has died, then it’s just you. It was you who made him have that body… Perfect temperament? ”

Jiang Xin’s expression was constantly changing, and he stared dead into Xiao Yu’s eyes, half-shaking, “Originally, I thought he was a smart person. As it turned out, he was a piece of crap! ”

“No, he’s a smart guy.”

Shaking his head, Xiao Yu calmly spoke, “He’s just not a perfectionist, he wasn’t that kind of personality, but you want to cultivate him into that kind of person, is it possible?” ”

“That’s right.”

Jiang Xin actually agreed with Xiao Yu’s point of view, “So he only deserves to be a stand-in… Go to the top of the sin for me and die quietly! ”

“Why kill people?” Xiao Yu stared into Jiang Xin’s eyes.

“The answer is simple.”

Jiang Xinfeng said lightly: “At that time, I really liked him, so his girlfriend could die.” Jiang Xiuran liked me, so he also wanted to die. Yu Xue had a leg with him, so he was even more deadly. What I look up to can’t be touched by others, and people I can’t look up to can’t touch me. Since Liu Yunwei also made a mistake, he would also die now. ”

Xiao Yu’s brain crashed.

No, he was shocked by Jiang Xin’s words.

If you don’t give what you like, others will die?

If others look up to you and you can’t see you, this person will die?

What do you like, touch someone else, or do you want to die?

And then, even what you look at, you have to die in one piece?

Sleeper… Perverted enough!

At the time of Xiao Yu’s stunned god.

Suddenly, a huge sense of crisis flooded his heart, and every nerve was sending a signal of danger.

Let Xiao Yu feel that he is a child who steps on a tightrope, and he will fall at any time and fall to pieces.

Then, he saw Jiang Xin.

The other party did not know when to stand in front of him.

“You’re going to die too!”

Jiang Xin’s expression was indifferent, “As long as you die, others will not know anything.” ”

Xiao Yu: …

Oh my God, pulling hatred into myself?

He found a very bad thing.

Just now, he was seduced by Jiang Xin’s words.

During this process, he did not notice that Jiang Xin had come to his side.

What left him speechless was when Jiang Xin spoke.

Holding a scalpel in her hand, she silently stabbed him like his lower abdomen…

What is it like to be stabbed by a man and being stabbed by a woman?


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