The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 287

Interrogation room.

Xiao Yu sat quietly and watched Guo Qiang and others interrogate the suspect Liu Yunwei.

“Jiang Xiuran was indeed killed by me.”

“I also killed Yu Xue.”

“Even my ex-girlfriend, I killed.”

Liu Yunwei did not have a little resistance and explained everything.

Not only that, but all the criminal processes are also explained.

The first is his ex-girlfriend.

Because he has a perverted psychology and wants to turn his ex-girlfriend into a perfect woman.

Therefore, Liu Yunwei uses psychological hints to induce his girlfriend for a long time and uses psychological hints for empathy.

This means is valid.

Because, the feelings between men and women, especially those of men and women in love, the psychology of both sides is not defensive.

In this state, the use of psychology for induction can achieve some changes in perception, thinking, memory and behavior… Infinitely close to hypnosis!

In this process, Liu Yunwei’s girlfriend’s body and mind were greatly tortured, and every day under this hint, she was on the verge of collapse, and she could not resist psychological cues and inducements.

Finally, a psychological breakdown… He was mentally ill.

Liu Yunwei thinks that he is a perfect man, how can he go to a mentally ill girlfriend?

He once again gives a psychological cue to his girlfriend and asks her to commit suicide!

After Liu Yunwei’s confession, after his girlfriend died, he felt unprecedented excitement and pleasure.

So, he wanted to kill someone with his own hands.

He targeted Jiang Xiuran, a victim who had been to the clinic.

In order to kill the target, Liu Yunwei began to lay out, began to observe, and strived to kill people perfectly.

For more than ten days, he was planning how to kill people, planning the location of the abandoned body, planning the finishing work after the abandonment of the body…

Until then, Liu Yunwei began to implement his own plan.

He first pretended to be a painless patient and called Jiang Xiuran.

Then, they made an appointment at the bar.

Liu Yunwei did not go directly to see Jiang Xiuran, but left a mobile phone in the gap of the sofa in the private room of the bar…

Hearing this, Xiao Yu’s expression changed slightly and he nodded.

It turned out to be the use of telephones for psychological induction?!

No wonder the victim Jiang Xiuran was not found to have gone to the bar to meet others.

At that time, was he sitting alone in the private room, talking to Liu Yunwei?

Liu Yunwei continued to confess, and since then, they have spoken twice.

Then, meet up.

Murderous land… A container truck!

This kind of car is known to ordinary people, and there are large containers on the car.

The crime scene is in the container.

Under psychological inducement, the victim believed Liu Yunwei’s words.

Think that your body, when dismembered, will be liberated, can experience pain, can experience happiness after death, can go to a beautiful place… A Pure Land of Heaven!

The victim, Jiang Xiuran, was brutally killed by Liu Yunwei!

Not only that.

Liu Yunwei also prepared some tools and used iron wires to stitch the victim’s corpse pieces together.

Made into what he thought was the perfect work of art… Humanoid dogs!

Then there was the second victim, Yu Xue.

This time, Liu Yunwei used a bigger way.

The same is the psychological induction method, coupled with traditional Chinese medicine anesthesia.

Killed in the snow process… Not only perverted, but also cruel!


All case details can be corrected to the upper number.

The container truck was found, it was a second-hand car, and none of them were transferred in Liu Yunwei’s name.

The murder weapon was also found, a bone-cutting knife, and some tools for stitching up the body.

Traces were also found.

There were traces of the victim on the car, as well as traces of Liu Yunwei.

The case, it seems, has been thoroughly solved.

Confessions, physical evidence, the course of the crime … All in one.

Meeting room.

Xiao Yu looked at the cheering colleagues, could see the joy on their faces, and saw their happiness after relaxing.

Didn’t bother them.

Xiao Yu walked out of the conference room, came to the outside of the criminal investigation brigade, sat down on the teeth, and lit a cigarette.

He felt his head twitch.

There is also the feeling of IQ being pressed to the ground and rubbed.

Spitting out a puff of smoke, Xiao Yu’s mind was spinning at a high speed.

To deliberate, to chew, to think, to analyze… All the cases go through.

At this moment, he gets rid of all negative emotions.

All consciousness and clear thinking are in a state of rigorous reasoning.

Use reasoning to outline a world.

Perfect crime world!

“Suppose, I am Liu Yunwei, I am the murderer…”

“No, he doesn’t deserve it!”

“Simulation again, I’m a… Perfect criminal! ”

Time passed.

For a whole hour, Xiao Yu sat there like a sculpture.

Until, the first sun suddenly appeared, and the morning light illuminated the world.

Xiao Yu slowly raised his head and looked at the red morning sun in the sky.

“Surprisingly… It’s you! ”


Jiang Xin sat quietly on the roof.

Look at the first sun rising in the sky, and look at the brilliant light covering the city.

Only at this time will she feel that the world is so beautiful.

She can completely relax her mind and face the world calmly.

Think of yourself as the most beautiful woman in the world.

Also the most perfect woman!

Standing up slowly, Jiang Xin stood on the edge of the roof.

Stretch out her arms as if to embrace the world that belongs to her.

“Fortunately, you didn’t jump off the building!”

A man’s voice, with an unspeakable magnetism, carries a voice that fascinates women.

The moment any woman can hear this voice, it is associated with whether the person speaking should be a handsome man or a gentle and considerate man.

Of course, this man who talks is indeed perfect.

So perfect that Jiang Xin couldn’t even help but want to get close to him.

But she couldn’t.

What will happen to the moth to put out the fire?

With a silent sigh, Jiang Xin withdrew his arms, and when he turned around, the indifference on his face turned into gentleness, and there was a trace of confusion and doubt, looking at the man behind him.

“Officer, how did you get here?”

The gentle countenance after the surprise made Jiang Xin look like a meek and timid woman at this time.

“Yeah, here I am.”

Xiao Yu raised the corners of his mouth, smiling and squinting at the gentle woman in front of him who looked like a small white rabbit.

“Don’t make that expression, my IQ is cut out on the scale, two pounds more than you!”

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