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The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 285

“And then what?”

Hearing Jiang Xin’s words, Xiao Yu was not surprised.

Because he probably had guessed something.

“He, he’s perfectionist, there is, somewhat perverted!”

Jiang Xin was still trembling, as if thinking of something terrible, holding his arms with both hands, and bowing his head with a white face, “Remember, when I first came to the clinic, Dr. Liu’s girlfriend was also there… At that time, she was also an intern doctor. ”

“Girlfriend?” Xiao Yu recalled what Jiang Xin had said.

The perfectionist she called herself ‘made’ her girlfriend into a ‘perfect girlfriend’?

However, this girlfriend fell ill with mental illness, and then… Committed suicide?

“I suspect that the death of Dr. Liu’s girlfriend is most likely not a suicide.”

Jiang Xin’s voice had a trembling tone, “At that time, I had also been to the funeral, and I saw her with my own eyes… When he dies, he still looks happy, happy, as if he is still very happy, and yes, there is liberation. That expression is so complicated that it makes people’s hearts hairy. The scariest thing is… At that time, Dr. Liu’s face was also like this expression… Happiness, happiness, joy! ”

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Yu suppressed the creepiness in his heart.

The question is, how exactly?

How do you make it possible for a person to maintain this expression on his face after death?

This was the case with the first victim.

The same is true of the second victim.

Now from Jiang Xin’s mouth found the third person after death.

This expression appeared on the face again.

Don’t you think it’s weird?

Suddenly, Xiao Yu thought of those two words again.


Why did you think of these two words.

What is perfection?


So how many people can do something perfect?

Almost no one can do that.

Now something has happened.

This situation happened three times, and even Xiao Yu couldn’t figure out how to do it.

But someone did.

Is this his perfection?

To put it elegantly, it’s a demonstration of ability.

To put it mildly, this is a pure pretense.

Pretending to be forced is the most fundamental desire of human beings for personal dignity.

Pretending to be forced is the most fundamental fantasy of human dissatisfaction with reality.

Pretending to be forced is the most fundamental right of human beings to yearn for beauty.

To show your perfection to others is not to pretend?

“What else do you know?”

Looking back, Xiao Yu looked at Jiang Xin.

“There’s nothing more.” Jiang Xin shook his head.

“So, what is the reason for your panic?” Xiao Yu asked the point.

“In the past, I suspected that the death of Dr. Liu’s girlfriend was related to Dr. Liu.”

Speaking out his inner thoughts, Jiang Xin continued: “And this time Xiaoxue in the clinic is also dead, I am worried…”

You’re right to worry… Xiao Yu got the answer.


“Arrest Liu Yunwei!”

Walking out of the interrogation room, Xiao Yu gave the order.

Soon, the P City police reported a message.

Suspect Liu Yunwei did not appear in P City.

Clams? Xiao Yu sneered.

The criminal investigation brigade began to investigate Liu Yunwei’s whereabouts.

Through the records of the use of id cards, Liu Yunwei did book a ticket to P City the day before yesterday.

But I didn’t fly.

Through airport surveillance, it was found that Liu Yunwei did go to the airport.

Only at the time of the plane ticket check-in, left the airport and the whereabouts are unknown!



A residential door was opened.

Xiao Yu stepped inside.

Three bedrooms and one living room, exquisite decoration, decoration money alone is worth a lot.

There is nothing surprising about this.

It is shown through data surveys.

Liu Yunwei has been a bully since he was a child, guaranteeing a certain college, and studying for a master’s degree and a doctorate.

It may take six or even eight years for others to get a medical certificate.

It took him only four years to get it, and at the age of 22, he became a trainee doctor.

At the age of 23, because of his good medical skills, he became a formal doctor, a resident doctor, a senior doctor…

In just three years, I became an attending physician!

26-year-old attending physician at a top three hospital?

Many people who are majoring in medicine do not even have a doctor’s qualification certificate at this age!

As a result, it was at the age of 26 that Liu Yunwei gave up the high salary of the top three hospitals and left.

In the same year, a private psychological counseling clinic was opened.

It was opened for four years and had more than three million personal assets.

It can be said that the profession of doctor is more profitable than ordinary people think!

Glanced at the hall of the suspect Liu Yunwei’s home.

Finding no doubts, Xiao Yu walked toward the room.

Three rooms, a master bedroom, a guest room, a… Xiao Yu looked at the room in front of him with cold eyes.

Inside there were two rows of hangers filled with clothes.

On a row of hangers hung dozens of men’s clothing.

The other row of hangers, all women’s clothes.

Big question marks flashed through his mind, a little unexpected.

Looking away from the hanger, Xiao Yu looked at a makeup table.

It’s filled with dazzling cosmetics.

There are men’s, and there are also women’s.

After thinking about it, Xiao Yu walked to the lady’s hanger and casually picked up a set.

Scold…… Xiao Yu sneered.

The size of the clothes is very large.

Suitable for women over one meter and seven meters to wear.

If a petite woman wears it, it is similar to wearing a robe.

Think of the bar surveillance video you’ve seen in the past.

And the tall woman in the video… Xiao Yu’s expression was complex like seeing a living ghost.

A man pretending to be a woman, his two-life old criminal investigator can not see it?

How can it be…… Oh, and he’s a perfectionist?

Yes, even if you dress up as a woman, you can dress up perfectly, right?

Thinking of the victim Jiang Xiuran, he went to the bar three times.

The tall woman went to the bar three times ahead of schedule.

Hunting geese all day long, finally being blinded by geese… At this time, Xiao Yu’s heart was this feeling.

No wonder it didn’t feel right at first sight of the woman.

That’s a man, how can it be right.

The Search for the Death of The Mother of Rupi?

Shaking his head, he opened the nose of the king butterfly, and a strange smell entered the nose and was remembered by Xiao Yu.

However, this smell is not very strong.

Proof that the other person has not returned home for several days?

He has not yet gone to P City.

Can only say that you are still hiding in Ben Thanh City?

Xiao Yu turned and walked out of the room and walked towards the door.

As long as you’re still in Ben Thanh.

Run, count me lost!

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