The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 284

“Can you tell me where Dr. Liu went?”

Looking at Jiang Xin calmly, Xiao Yu slowly and clearly said his request.

“This…” Jiang Xin frowned slightly.

“Just around 11 o’clock last night, Yu Xue, the receptionist of your clinic, was killed and discarded.”

Xiao Yu said slowly, “I now suspect that Liu Yunwei is suspected of being related to two murders. ”

What is the basis for this suspicion?

The receptionist asked for leave the day before yesterday, and Dr. Liu of the clinic just happened to take a leave of absence.

What a coincidence.

The victim is still a person from this clinic, so Liu Yunwei’s suspicions are very large.

After listening to Xiao Yu’s words, Jiang Xin’s whole body stiffened like an electric shock.

Time also seems to pause at this moment.

Her expression gradually turned white, her expression gradually revealed a frightened color, her eyes were very strange, it was surprise and fear, as if the soul frightened by such news was not possessed, and the whole person was stunned.

Seeing the other party’s expression, Xiao Yu frowned and moved his eyebrows.

Overly frightened?

The guts are small.

“How can that be?”

For a long time, Jiang Xin, who had returned to God, exclaimed, “How can Xiao Xue die, she obviously said that she was going back to her hometown.” ”

“It seems that you have a good relationship with the victim, right?”

Xiao Yu shook his head, “Jie Lai, yesterday we found her body, as for the case and the murderer is under investigation.” Now, please tell us where your Dr. Liu went and cooperate with our investigation. ”

“Dr. Liu went to P City…”

A frightened Jiang Xin did not hide it and said an address.

Subsequently, he also explained why Liu Yunwei went to a foreign country, to meet a patient, who needed psychological counseling and treatment.

Xiao Yu turned to look at Guo Qiang.

Guo Qiang took out his mobile phone to contact the brigade, and the brigade would directly contact the police of P City through the municipal bureau.

If Liu Yunwei is found, he will be summoned to assist in the investigation.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

After taking a look at Jiang Xin, who was still in a state of soul loss, Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang left.

Something is wrong… Walking out of the business building, Xiao Yu was still recalling Jiang Xin’s expression when he heard that the victim had been killed.

He felt that the expression of the other party was not only the kind of surprise that was excessive.

And a little, how to say it… Overly frightened?


What would be the expression of a normal person who suddenly heard that a friend had passed away?

Probably, stunned, unbelievable… And so on.

Even if it is about the best, even if it is a relative, it should probably be sad and unacceptable?

Surprise, horror, horror… Xiao Yu thought about it.

It seems that it will be like this, but it can only be said that the courage is relatively small, after all, it is a woman.

Sitting on the police, Xiao Yao shook his head.

Thinking too much, seeing anyone will doubt it, this is really not good.

But being a policeman is like this, getting used to it, no way.

It was only when the police car had just started that Xiao Yu’s expression suddenly froze, “Stop! ”

Uh-huh… Guo Qiang slammed on the brakes and looked at Xiao Yu.


Xiao Yu pushed the car door and walked toward the business building.

A few minutes later.

Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang stood in front of Jiang Xin with a surprised expression again.

“Can you tell me… What are you afraid of? ”

Xiao Yu stared at the other party’s eyes deadly, “Why did you first hear the victim Yu Xue’s murder, the first reaction would be panic, and then surprise and fear?” ”


Jiang Xin’s body trembled, his expression stiffened, and his face gradually turned white, unable to look into Xiao Yu’s eyes.

Scold…… Xiao Yu sneered.

Sure enough, look at the gentle, harmless woman.

The more likely it is that something will go wrong with them.

Because of this type of woman, it is easy to make men lose their defenses.

Not many men would guard against a gentle, harmless woman.

What’s more, the other party is also an intern doctor, a psychologist.

What are psychologists best at?

Control each other’s psychology and control your own expression!

Seeing that the other party did not dare to look at himself, Xiao Yu sneered, “By the way, do you remember the conversation between the two of us the day before yesterday?” You said you know a perfectionist… That sentence should be the truth. However, you said that when he was out of town, he lowered his head and took the water cup… At the time, you were deliberately avoiding my eyes, right? That is to say, the person with the perfectionist should not be in the field, but in… Ben Thanh? ”

Jiang Xin’s body trembled slightly, and he lowered his head.

“I remember, when you mentioned this person, you were very frightened… Fear? ”

Thinking back to the scene at that time, Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes, “When will people be frightened and afraid? That only means that this kind of panic and fear… From around? ”

At this time, Jiang Xin was not just trembling, but trembling.

“Dr. Liu?”

Staring at Jiang Xin, Xiao Yu’s face showed a trance color and said to himself, “Yes, the first time I saw him, I felt that there was a familiar smell on his body.” But I haven’t seen him before, certainly not! ”

Why familiar?

In a previous life, Xiao Yu had captured one… Perfect criminal!

Yes, their ‘temperament’ seems, too similar.

I didn’t think about it at the time, just felt familiar.

Xiao Yu shook his head, he didn’t expect that he had made such a big mistake.

If it is the first time to find.

Maybe one less victim!


Criminal Investigation Brigade, Interrogation Room.

Xiao Yu coldly stared at Jiang Xin, who was sitting on the interrogation chair.

The other party did not wear handcuffs, but curled up in the interrogation chair, looking scared and about to cry.

It was indeed very timid, but he was ‘deceived’ by her once.

No, not a lie… Rather, Xiao Yu himself was negligent.

Jiang Xin never lied, but some words were not said.

Probably because of some kind of psychological fear, I dare not tell the truth.

“The death of the victim, Yu Xue, made you frightened and frightened, but it did not surprise you.”

Xiao Yu looked directly at Jiang Xin, who was bowing his head, “Say, tell everything you know.” Presumably, you should know very well what the consequences of not cooperating with the police to conceal the truth will be, right? ”


Jiang Xin, who was trembling like a sieve chaff and raised his head, his face was pale, and his lips trembled, “I, I dare not say.” He, I’ll kill me! ”


Or have you seen Liu Yunwei, a crime?

After making up his mind for a moment, Xiao Yu slowed down his tone and softened, “It doesn’t matter, now tell me the truth, with our police protecting you, no one can treat you how.” ”

Jiang Xin lowered his head again, hesitated for a long time, and whispered.

“Yes, Dr. Liu… Be a perfectionist! ”

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