The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 283

Forensic Department, Dissection Room.

Xiao Yu calmly looked at the nine metal trays, staring at the same corpse pieces that made the back chill on them.

A head, a pair of hands, a pair of arms, a pair of calves, a pair of thighs.

They are now neatly arranged inside the tray.

Especially the strange smile on the head on the stare.

In the face of that excited, happy, happy, comfortable… An expression that is both abstract and elusive.

Xiao Yu’s heart was cold, and his body was even colder.

He Li, who was holding an autopsy tool, was extracting the blood of the female corpse.

Then he cut open his chest and abdomen and took out pieces of visceral tissue… Test.

As the well-deserved chief female forensic doctor in Bincheng, with nearly twenty years of rich experience in the industry, He Li’s mind is very flexible, and she knows too much about corpses, unlike ordinary forensic doctors, who have only known mechanical autopsies all her life and filled out the report perfunctorily.

Experience and strength are the capital that He Li has always been proud of.

But just now.

She was embarrassed to be punched in the face by Xiao Yu, the little brother.

The modus operandi is the same.

The body was dismembered like.

The corpses are stitched together.

But there is one thing that the murderer cannot reproduce no matter what.

Painlessness, a condition that probably has less than forty cases worldwide!

As mentioned earlier, this disease is comparable to cancer and there is no cure.

Patients have no pain congenital or acquired.

Even if they suffer great harm.

For painless people, as long as they want to.

Even in front of them, dismember their bodies.

They won’t feel the slightest pain either!


There are fewer than forty patients with this disease in the world.

Would it be so coincidental that two painless patients appeared in Ben Thanh?

The last autopsy was based on Xiao Yu and He Li’s inference.

The victim, Jiang Xiuran, was an analgesic.

Because no traces of drug residues were found in the victim’s body.

Only this kind of person can maintain that strange smile after death.

Otherwise, that unbearable kind of living dismemberment.

Who can stand it and who can laugh?

Instead, the female victim in front of her did it.

It’s like copying the way of dying.

After his death, his face had a strange smile exactly like that of the victim, Jiang Xiuran.

Could it be that the female victim is also painless?

No way!

Since it is impossible, what is it?

“Golden Flower!”

Twenty minutes later, the female forensic doctor He Li calmed her voice and gave the answer, “The other party is a … Terrible TCM! ”

Xiao Yu’s face cooled.

What is a golden flower?

If the name is unfamiliar, what about mandala flowers?

In ancient times, it was the main medicine in some prescriptions.

Hua Tuo’s… Hemp boiling and scattering.

Bian Que’s… Sleep Holy Scatter.

Puji’s… The grass is scattered.

To put it bluntly, it is anesthetic!

Anesthesia is anesthetic, so much nonsense?

Unlike traditional Chinese medicine anesthetics and Western medicine anesthetics, they are different.

This is also why He Li would say that the other party is a… Terrible TCM!

Why say terrible?

Let’s make a simple analogy.

99% of the world’s Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners do not understand the correct formula of Chinese herbal anesthetics.

Even if some of them know the recipe and want to boil a Chinese herbal anesthetic in the right way, TCM practitioners who are infinitely close to 100% will not, or even do it.

Nowadays, Western medicine is a popular, convenient, fast and simple to use.

The Traditional Chinese medicine anesthetic has basically been eliminated, and generally no one has learned to boil it.

Even if someone knows how to boil this anesthetic.

What does it have to do with horror?

Come, you tell me.

Western medicine anesthetics have been covered by global medical treatment, and they have long been popularized, convenient, fast and simple to use.

On the contrary, TCM anesthetics are in the phase of being eliminated, which is time-consuming and laborious, and there are still dangers in the use process.


I don’t use the western medicine anesthetic that is good to use.

You’re going to use TCM anesthetics.

Say, what do you want to do?

Is the answer already obvious?


A person who understands Chinese medicine anesthetics is at least a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Isn’t it terrible for a TCM practitioner who wants to commit a crime?

Using anesthesia to make the victim’s body under general anesthesia?

Only in this way can it not cause pain when the living body is dismembered?

Wrong…… Xiao Yu shook his head.

It can be seen from the facial expressions of the victims.

Before her death, the female victim was in a state of physical and mental comfort, pleasure and excitement.

This shows that her consciousness should be awake in the process of being killed.

Only in this way can the face retain this expression after death.

“I also found a little bit of situation.”

He Li, with a complicated expression, pointed to the lower body of the female corpse, “She should be in… In the case of men and women doing that kind of thing, mutilated, there are obvious marks on the body, but there is no remnant of the murderer. ”

Xiao Yu: (ー’′ー)

His look was very troubled.

Big sister, why are you telling me this?

He Li is a forensic doctor, and people in their forties certainly don’t care about this.

Waving away the distractions in his mind, Xiao Yu frowned.

Perverted enough to dismember other people’s bodies and kill people while doing something indescribable?

Can normal people do it?

The degree of psychological distortion of this kind of person, even in the perversion, is the top stream!

Determining the murderer’s modus operandi, Xiao Yu left the forensic department.

Straight…… Yunwei Psychological Counseling Clinic.

“Copy your own criminal process?”

Xiao Yu, who was sitting on the co-driver of the police car, analyzed and deliberated.

In the two cases of killing people and abandoning corpses, the method is the same, and the method of death of the deceased is the same.

Both abandoned sites were carefully selected, away from the celestial eye surveillance.

There were no clues or traces left at the scene.

Perfect dismemberment, perfect killing, perfect abandonment.

Finally, perfectly show their… Artwork?

Want everyone to enjoy your masterpiece?

The police car stopped.

Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang walked into the business building and came to the Yunwei Psychological Counseling Clinic.

As a result, the intern doctor I saw at the front desk, Jiang Xin.

“Hello… Ah, is it you? ”

Jiang Xin recognized Xiao Yu at a glance and nodded and smiled.


With a strange glint in his eyes, Xiao Yu smiled back and deliberately asked, “By the way, what about your clinic receptionist?” How are you today? ”

“Oh, when you left the day before yesterday, she took a leave of absence.”

Jiang Xin explained with a smile, “I said that I would go back to my hometown and that it would take a week to come back.” ”

Leave…… Xiao Yu frowned, and the ghost made the god send a question, “By the way, Dr. Liu at your clinic, is he there?” ”

“Dr. Liu?”

Jiang Xin shook his head, “He also went to a foreign country the day before yesterday, and he won’t be able to come back until three days later.” ”

Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed with a cold glare.

What a coincidence!

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