The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 282

Could Jiang Xiuran’s killer be a woman?

Xiao Yu was a little confused.

It’s not that women can’t sin.

But…… There are too few women in the world who are good at slaughtering.

For example, with only nine knives, a person is dismembered into ten pieces.

Not only to test the knife worker, but also to test the physical fitness, but also to test a person’s psychological quality.

All three components are indispensable.

Normal human thinking.

How many women are good at chopping flesh and bones and fiddling with machetes?

How many women’s physical strength can do a knife to cut the bone, even nine knives without mistakes?

How many women have the psychological quality to dismember a big living person alive?

Not to mention that women, even the vast majority of men, don’t necessarily do that.

Xiao Yu’s IQ lost?

Even if this woman is not a murderer, can’t she be a helper of a murderer?

No, people who can ask that question certainly don’t understand perfectionists.

But any perfectionist will do things perfectly.

Everything will be done by hand, and generally will not fake hands on others.

Not to mention such a thing as a homicide.

They don’t go to help.

Others are involved, which destroys the so-called perfection in their hearts.

It will make them feel that there is a flaw in what they are doing.

This is a true perfectionist and must not tolerate it.

That feeling, like they’re making a beautifully enticing meal.

But there was a fly in this meal, which was disgusting!

Back to God.

Xiao Yu’s gaze fell on the video again.

Staring at the woman.

She couldn’t see her face clearly because she was wearing a fashion hat on her head.

But under the hat, you can see that there is a long hair like a waterfall.

A black cheongsam outlines a dazzling curve.

It was definitely more than a seven-five-year-old, and it made people feel like she was a model.


Xiao Yu was surprised.

Why is she so tall?

Wearing high heels, is she more than one or eighty years tall?

What made Xiao Yu feel even more strange was that.

She is obviously a woman, and her figure, movements, and dress all perfectly reflect the feminine characteristics.

But…… A cold glow flashed under Xiao Yu’s eyes.

There’s always a feeling that something isn’t quite right with this woman!

Surveillance video of the bar replayed.

The victim, Jiang Xiuran, appeared in the bar three times and asked for a large private room three times, and this woman coincidentally appeared three times.

Each time, he appeared in the bar before Jiang Xiuran came.

It was also a person who ordered a large private room

There is no such coincidence in the world.

It is even more impossible to coincide three times!

Criminal Investigation Brigade.

“The woman in the bar surveillance video, focus on checking.”

Rubbing his eyebrows, Xiao Yu, who had a headache, said to Guo Qiang and the others: “One more point, there is a problem with that woman. ”

“What’s the problem?”

Guo Qiang and the other criminal police officers looked at the surveillance screen with stunned expressions, “Except for being tall, it seems that there is no problem, right?” ”

Their eyes are not blind, and if they are men dressed as women or something, it is too easy to distinguish.

But in everyone’s eyes, she was indeed a woman.

And it was precisely this that even Xiao Yu himself was very confused.

Where exactly is the problem?

Unless, of course, he could see the woman with his own eyes.

Videos are videos, even with the falcon’s eye system skills, just watching videos is useless, can not find details…

Time flies.

It was another whole day, and the entire criminal investigation brigade was tracking down clues.

Late, around 11 o’clock.

Xiao Yu was repeatedly watching the bar surveillance video.


I answered the phone from the police station and transferred to the criminal investigation brigade

Something went wrong!



11:05 a.m.

Bincheng 110 received a police station and received an alarm call.

The complainant claimed to be a resident of a residential area.

At the time of the crime, because I had just left the night shift, I walked back to the community and witnessed… An eerie corpse.

Although it was already dark at that time, it was because there were dim street lights.

In order to go home as soon as possible, the reporter cut a short way and returned home from the back alley of the community.

Then he saw a strange monster standing on that path.

At first, the policeman thought it was a large dog standing there.

Because I was bolder, I didn’t see it clearly and didn’t take it seriously.

When he walked in to take a look, his frightened soul suddenly scattered, and the whole person collapsed on the ground.

It was a strange corpse, a female corpse.

The arms without the palms, and the thighs without the calves, support the body.

What’s even more bizarre is that it is obviously on all fours.

But…… Her chest and abdomen were facing upwards.

To her horror, her head grew on her chest.

On the head, there is also a pair of hands.

That miserable white face actually opened its eyes, a look of pleasure, comfort, happiness, excitement… Laugh.

And the strange corpse looks like a person, into a monster, into a …

Humanoid dogs!

The reporter, who was paralyzed on the ground, was frightened and incontinent on the spot.

I don’t know where the strength came from, a grunt got up and ran for his life, and then called the police…


The scene of the crime.

Members of the Criminal Investigation Brigade arrive.

Slowly crouching down, Xiao Yu looked at the strange and terrifying female corpse in front of him.

The scene of horror was staged again three days later.

The cases are the same, the methods are exactly the same.

The body is cut into ten pieces, assembled, and stitched.

The expressions on the faces of the two victims after their deaths were the same.

Looking at the face of the female corpse, Xiao Yu had seen it a day ago.

Yunwei Psychological Counseling Clinic, Front Desk Attendant.

It was her!

The criminal investigation brigade searched the entire area and found no trace of the murder weapon or others.

Forensic doctor He Li arrived, and when she saw the strange female corpse, her expression was not calm.

Subsequently, an autopsy was carried out at the scene.

Fifteen minutes later.

“Same as last time.”

He Li’s expression was suspicious, and she looked at Xiao Yu on the side, “You can judge without a thorough examination, or nine knives, cut into ten pieces, spliced…”

Xiao Yu, who looked indifferent, calmly stared at the female corpse, “Not necessarily, the corpse is carried back for a good examination.” ”

“What do you mean?”

He Li frowned and stared at the little brother, “Are you questioning my profession?” ”


Xiao Yu opened his mouth plainly, “I am questioning the female corpse in front of me.” ”

“Huh?” He Li did not understand.

“Sister He, you said…”

Turning his head, Xiao Yu looked directly at He Li, “How many painless patients are there in this world?” ”

“Ugh!” He Li was dumbfounded.

The next moment, sudden discoloration!

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