The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 277

There is a category of people in the world.

They strive for perfection in everything they do.

It’s a psychological desire.

It is also a psychological contradiction.

Sometimes they think they’re not satisfied with everything.

Hence the deep contradiction.

You know, there is nothing perfect in the world.

But perfectionists have an innate impulse.

They pour that energy into things that are closely related to life.

Try to improve them, try to make them perfect, enjoy them endlessly…

In a previous life, Xiao Yu was exposed to a case.

A criminal is a perfectionist.

This criminal put perfectionism to the fullest.

Crimes are committed without even any utilitarian motives.

No motive?

That’s right, the so-called crime of passion.

The kind that people might have heard in the past, passionate killing!

This type of crime is a pure proof of one’s own ability, even a display, or a pursuit of perfection.

Often such criminals are not only proud, but also very clever and cunning.

He saw crime as a display of talent, as an art.

Criminals are also using the criminal process, the victim, as a tool to prove his talent and show his art.

Even in the process of committing crimes, criminals are deliberately showing off their abilities, intelligence, and aesthetics.

Whatever you do, you have to be superior everywhere.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is more obsessive-compulsive than obsessive-compul

Xiao Yu never thought that he would actually encounter such a type of criminal again.

Thinking of the case he had experienced in his previous life, his face gradually became suspicious.

“What’s wrong?”

He Li looked at the little brother and asked incomprehensibly, “What did you think?” ”

“A very bad thing, it may also be my delusion.”

Xiao Yu calmed his face coldly, “If it is not an illusion… The difficulty of solving this case may be very huge! ”

As if to prove his inference.

[Ding, the case trigger was successful. 】

[The police case check-in opens.] 】

【Does the host sign in?】 】

Xiao Yu: …

The system is really a dog, are you jumping out to hold a respect?

Sign in!

【Ding, congratulations on the success of the host check-in case!】 】

【System Rewards, Abilities: Sport Expert!】 】

【System Quest Distribution: Solve the Perfect Murder Case!】 】

【Time limit to solve the case: 15 days! 】 】

[If the host completes the task within the time limit, add the bonus system skill: Rhino Defense!] 】

[If the host fails the task within the time limit, the system capabilities given to the host will be reclaimed!] 】

【Task time limit countdown, start…】

In an instant, countless ‘data’ merged into Xiao Yu’s brain.

The body seems to have undergone some changes.

Countless certain techniques and abilities about ‘movement’ fit perfectly with his body.

Like rock climbing, like parkour, like surfing…

Looking back, Xiao Yu rolled his eyes.

Put your mind on the time frame of the task.

Fifteen days?

OK…… Xiao Yu was relieved.

Fifteen days of system task time limit, not too much or less.

But it turns out that the level of danger should not be too high.

It’s just that……

If it is just a simple murder case mission.

This fifteen-day time limit is a bit scary.

It will be quite difficult to prove that it is quite difficult to find the murderer!


The phone rings.

“How’s it going?”

A glance at the incoming call is Guo Qiang, Xiao Yu connected.

“Head, the surveillance is a little weird, do you come back and take a look, or do I go over and look for you?”

Guo Qiang’s voice came from inside the phone.

“I’ll go back.”

At the end of the call, Xiao Yu looked at He Li, “Sister He, then I will go first, and then I will find anything and call me to inform me.” ”


He Li waved his hand at Xiao Yu, took out a new pair of latex gloves to put on, put on a mask again, and looked at the corpse with glowing eyes.

Depend on…… Xiao Yu rolled his eyes and left.

Can be a medical practitioner.

He loves to dissect corpses.

Xiao Yu felt that the psychology of this kind of person was also a bit…

It’s a disease!


Drive back to the criminal investigation brigade.

Zhao Changshan and Zhou Tinghu were there.

Murder, this kind of big thing the whole team does not have to rest.

When Xiao Yu returned, everyone was in the conference room.

Watching a surveillance video through a projector…

The content of the video looks normal.

It is the surveillance footage of the victim Jiang Xiuran entering and leaving the residential area every day.

But one thing is not normal.

In the past month, victims have from time to time ‘left late and returned early’.

Most of them leave the house around 11 o’clock in the evening and return home around 4 o’clock in the morning.

It has happened five times in the past month.

Will it be related to the case?

“Look it up.”

Zhao Changshan gave the order.

A deputy team got up and left with several police officers.

“Xiao Yu, what do you think?” Zhou Tinghu asked.

I’m not Yuanfang… Xiao Yu produced a slight PTSD on this sentence.

Sometimes he also envied the protagonist of a cartoon in a past life, Conan.

As soon as the drum washing machine was turned on, it became an encyclopedia, and there was nothing he didn’t know.

But Lao Tzu is a normal person!

At this time, Xiao Yu pouted, like a poor student with a very bad grade, facing the sigh of the elders who hated iron and steel, “For the time being, I don’t have any opinion, but…”

He picked up the projector’s remote control and went backwards with the surveillance video.

When the surveillance perspective falls on the victim’s face, pause is pressed.

Zoom in and lock on to the entire face of the victim, Jiang Xiuran.

“It’s weird.”

Looking at that face, Xiao Yu frowned, “Coming home at 4 a.m., but with an excited expression on his face?” If I remember correctly, five times in the past month, he came back with such an expression, is it normal? ”

Know that the human body has a biological clock.

For example, the habits of most people.

During the day the body works normally, at night the body recovers… Use sleep to recover.

Especially in the second half of the night, the body is generally very tired, and it is difficult to get excited.

On the projector screen, the victim was not only extremely excited, but also in a good mental state.

Once or twice, five times in a row, it’s definitely not right.

What is it that puts a person home in such a state of excitement when they return home in the wee hours of the morning?

Don’t you think it’s strange?

Hearing Xiao Yu say this, the crowd opened their minds.

After Xiao Yu finished speaking, he thought of the system task.

Could this excitement of the victim be related to the murderer?

Perfect Crime?

Scold…… Xiao Yu sneered.

Do you deserve it?

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