The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 274

Provincial Department, Major Crimes Division.

Xiao Yu’s arrival made the people in the office boil.

Zeng Lei, the number one in charge of the provincial department, and Hou Bojian, the commander-in-chief of the provincial department, also came.

Sometimes, people still have to have several friends.

Isn’t there a saying?

It is not easy to meet each other once.

What’s more, these people are indeed worthy of friendship.

When the case was closed, Xiao Yu did not appear badly.

There must be a beginning and an end.

Come to the crematorium with the people from the Serious Crimes Division.

Took a look at the remains of two fallen policemen.

Xiao Yu raised his hand and saluted.

All the way!


Bincheng, Criminal Investigation Brigade.

“Coming back?”

Captain Zhao Changshan smiled and stared at Xiao Yu.

Instructor Zhou Tinghu also smiled and squinted at the little brother.

However, today’s Zhou Tinghu is different.

Put on a white shirt, the superintendent.

“The boss has risen?”

Pretending to be surprised, Xiao Yumian now admired, “This white shirt boss is handsome in dress, and there is also a sense of elegance of a reader.” ”

The faint smile at the corner of Zhou Tinghu’s mouth quickly expanded.

Obviously, it was very useful for Xiao Yu’s horse ass.

The reader is like this, you praise him: groove,, old iron 666…

He doesn’t bother to pay attention to you and won’t pay attention to you.

But that doesn’t mean that readers don’t like to be patted on the back.

Xiao Yu’s ass is very accurate.

Took a picture of a horse fart that made Zhou Tinghu feel comfortable.

The instructor is a very proud reader!

“Thank you too.”

Zhou Tinghu’s expression was complicated, “Without you talking to the above, I can’t stay.” ”

The police superintendents are at least the deputy department level, even if it is a treatment.

In a place like the Criminal Investigation Brigade, where a chief section officer has come to an end, how can he retain the next deputy director and bureau level?

However, it is also because Zhou Tinghu is at the age of retirement.

I couldn’t do it for a few years, so I was able to stay.

Even so.

This kind of high-end and low-pipe is also a very rare example in the case-handling unit.

But who cares?

For example, Xiao Yu himself, the deputy captain of the chief section, who has seen it?

Today’s criminal investigation brigade, that is really a strange thing.

The high levels are a bit scary.

Far from saying, let’s say Guo Qiang, deputy director of the section.

Everywhere else it’s vice captain level.

But I was very happy to be a regular criminal police officer in the criminal investigation brigade.

“Go, go to my office.”

Zhao Changshan led the little brother to the office.

He took out a small red box and handed it to Xiao Yu.

“When you went to the provincial office today, Group Leader Wang sent it.”

Zhao Changshan looked at the little red box with a look of envy, “Seven times!” ”

Yeah, seven times first class!

Opening the small red box and glancing at the first-class meritorious medal inside, Xiao Yu was very emotional.

Although he is not greedy for merit, how many people do not want this kind of merit?

It’s an honor!

“Can you still hold it down?”

Zhao Changshan looked at Xiao Yu with a smirk, “Are you sure you don’t need to go to the hospital to see the brain shell?” ”

The strangeness of not being promoted is rare.

He did sometimes suspect that something was wrong with Xiao Yu’s brain.

However, Zhao Changshan was more curious.

Can the position of the little brother still be pressed?

My mom, seven times first class merit.

Normal people are at least in the right place, right?

The city bureau has the role of the big picture cloud xiangguo.

With Xiao Yu’s ability, the city bureau could not keep such a person.

At the lowest, it has to be a provincial department, or… Capital!

“I said hello to the two big bosses.”

Putting away the medal, Xiao Yu grinned, “There is no plan to leave Bincheng for the time being.” ”

“You decide for yourself.”

Zhao Changshan did not participate in this kind of thing, nor did he have the qualifications to participate.

It is clear that don’t look at the little brother as a policeman.

It’s also half a man of peace.

He was also not deaf, and the person who was in Peace was called Boss Xiao Yu.

I’ve listened to it more than once or twice.

I can probably guess that Xiao Yuzhen is leaving.

The police system cannot be left behind.

The next stop can only be Ann!

So what is the rank of the police now, what is the position.

For the little brother, there is no point at all!


Returning to the familiar environment, Xiao Yu in the office once again took out the medal.

I thought that when I came home at night, I must show my sister well.

By the way, show it to your baby.

Look, Daddy is a bull, but a big hero!

Wrong…… Xiao Yu shook his head.

Work well.

Turn on the computer on your desk.

I began to look through the past case files.

In the blink of an eye, a day has passed…

At five o’clock in the afternoon, I said hello to my colleagues, and Xiao Yu got off work.

No need to work overtime?

Indeed, no, the Criminal Investigation Brigade has not had any decent cases recently.

Xiao Yu’s hand was not needed, and there was no point in staying.

It is better to go home with my sister.

In the middle of the night, the moment when I was woken up by the vibration of my mobile phone.

Xiao Yu’s idea of smashing the phone has never changed.

He was also completely numb to the guys who didn’t have a surname.


“Well, I know, I’ll talk to him.”

“It’s okay, my brother is doing this job.”

“Well, we’ll meet for dinner another day, and when the time comes, I’ll invite everyone…”


Xiao Yu, who was in his sister’s arms, was motionless.

“Don’t pretend, there’s a case.”

Mu poured out the gentle royal sister’s voice and whispered in his ear.

“Sister, they hate it, right?”

Xiao Yu raised his head from his sister’s arms, “Or, don’t be a policeman?” ”


Mu Qianwu was slightly disgusted, “Don’t act.” ”

“Hey hey.”

Unable to put it on, Xiao Yu got up with a smile and began to dress.

In the end, it was Mu Qianwu who helped him sort out his clothes.

“I’m gone.”

Glancing at his sister, Xiao Yu said softly.

“Stay safe.”

After hugging his brother, Mu Qianwu instructed as usual, “Go home early.” ”

“Got it.”

Xiao Yu nodded and looked at her sister who wanted to stop talking, “Huh? ”

“Last time your big boss came.”

Mu Qianwu looked strange, “Why didn’t you let go of my hand and go to salute again?” ”


Stunned for a moment, Xiao Yu smiled: “The left hand holds you, the right hand salutes, does not live up to the country, does not live up to you… Isn’t that good? ”

“Idiot!” Mu Qianwu was touched in his heart.

Put her in a position with the country?

How can I dance, deserve it?

But my brother was doing it.

How could she not dare to move!

“Let’s go.” Mu Qianwu looked at his brother.


Xiao Yu lowered his head and kissed his sister.



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