The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 269

The security personnel and special soldiers, including Xiao Yu, were staring at the group of people on the dock.

The killing intent in the eyes of the crowd was as intense as substance.

Watching those people finally board the freighter…

No one can invade this sacred land.

Now that you’re here, don’t even think about leaving!


With a cold drink from Zhou Lie, the leader of the Ninth Group.

Buzz… The sky roared.

Two helicopter gunships appeared over the docks.

The searchlight fell directly on the freighter.

“Warning, lay down all your weapons and give up resistance, otherwise shoot and kill!”

The warning sound of the megaphone sounded from the helicopter gunship.

The faces of the people on the freighter changed dramatically.

More than a dozen people scattered in an instant, hiding, hiding, defending…

Two men had escaped pistols from their waists.

Bang! Bang!

Two heavy sniper roars.

I saw the two men with the guns.

A man’s waist was torn apart by a sniper bullet.

The other man’s head exploded straight open.


The chain of horror is like a red horse in the darkness.

It was more like a death scythe that landed on a freighter.

In just thirty seconds, thousands of bullets poured out.

Complete fire suppression!

The two mercenaries on the freighter were directly sifted and their bodies torn apart.

The rest, all hiding behind containers, or hiding.

No one dares to take the lead, and to show their head is to die!

Fire stopped.

Thirty seconds.

Xiao Yu and the others charged.

Span a distance of more than two hundred meters.

Appear outside the freighter …

There are gunships in the sky.

At its highest points there is heavy machine gun suppression.

There are also two sniper blockades.

What about mercenaries in the Net?

What do you take to resist?

What Xiao Yu did not expect was.

These people really dare to resist.

But it wasn’t the people on the freighter who resisted.


Bang! Bang!

Two gunshots rang out from the docks.

Only to see two special soldiers who were about to rush onto the freighter, their bodies were shocked, and they fell down.

Yikes… Xiao Yu’s eyes widened instantly.

Not seventeen, they had accomplices.

There were two other people hiding outside!


Both Special Forces soldiers were wearing body armor and should not have died!

In an instant, Xiao Yu’s raised arm lifted.

Point to the back of a container on the dock.


A mercenary hiding in a corner, showing only half of his face, his face shattered by a bullet.

In an instant, Xiao Yu’s body catapulted up and ran towards the container.

In the blink of an eye, he crossed a distance of ten meters.

That’s when it happened.

A gun was held out behind the container, and the muzzle of the gun was aimed at Xiao Yu.

That’s it… Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed a cold and fierce light.

Sprint forward like a sharp arrow, pausing.

The terrible sense of falling from a rapid to an instant to an emergency stop.

Let all those who see this scene, whether visually or psychologically, have an illusion.

This guy is not human, and humans can’t make such a quick stop!


Gunshots exploded in the distance.


Xiao Yu’s body had already changed from stopping urgently to swooping forward.

A swoop, like a leopard.

The body had not yet reached the ground, and Xiao Yu’s arms were clasped together with his legs.

The whole person is like a ball, and the body shrinks to the limit.

A bullet also flew past him.

Xiao Yu’s body stretched out in an instant.


Both hands and feet fell to the ground at the same time.

He didn’t get up directly.

He actually… Use both hands and feet.

Like a beast running on all fours, it runs on the earth.

That kind of speed can even be comparable to a real cheetah.

Everyone was shocked by this scene.

Including the mercenary who had fired a shot, his forehead unconsciously shifted a little in shock.

I want to use my own eyes to see Xiao Yu’s movements better.

It was this moment.

Xiao Yu’s running body suddenly flipped.

In the air, at the moment when the kinetic energy and potential energy are balanced.

A right hand holding a gun reached out and hooked the trigger.

Bang…… Gunshots rang out.

The mercenary’s eyeballs exploded, bullets drilled into his brain, and his body fell to the ground.

Xiao Yu, who was originally completely unbalanced in the air.

Suddenly, he stretched out his left arm and slapped it on the ground.

Snap, borrow.

The unbalanced body flipped over, and his legs were firmly on the ground.

Didn’t go to see what happened to the two mercenaries.

Dead people don’t need to be identified.

Turn around, step, run…

Whether it is the special forces, there are also members of the nine groups, and even the security personnel.

They were all staring sheepishly at Xiao Yu, who ran back.

Five seconds.

It begins with mercenaries secretly attacking the two special soldiers until Xiao Yu returns.

Only five seconds passed.

The lives of the two mercenaries, like ants, were crushed by Xiao Yu!

So, if Xiao Yu was facing a soldier at this time, was he a special soldier?

Zhou Lie and Zhao Long’s faces could no longer remain calm.

Both of them were soldiers.

They are all the top-notch beings in the military in combat capabilities.

Because of the relationship between class and combat ability.

They will involuntarily list anyone and living body as their imaginary enemies.

Use your own fighting style to constantly calculate how to deal with it, how to kill the target.

As a result, the ability that Xiao Yu had just displayed appeared.

If it was they facing Xiao Yu at this time.

Suppose it’s a one-on-one battlefield fight.

Although the facts are very shocking.


Their hope of finding themselves able to survive in Xiao Yu’s hands was less than 10%!

And what makes the two feel most incredible is that.

Whether it is Xiao Yu’s running, tumbling, dodging, shooting…

The little brother’s body movements will constantly change the angle, and there is a strange running trajectory.

Xiao Yu’s every movement, even the change between actions, definitely did not exceed 0.5 seconds.

It has the lightness of a tanuki.

With the speed of a cheetah.

You can also adjust your body center of gravity in the air…

Is this something that humans can do?

Can a professional gymnast do it?

In other words.

Just let Xiao Yu move with all his might.

Let him show that strange speed and movement again.

Even if you find two of the world’s top snipers.

Go snipe this little brother.

It is estimated that you can only shake your head and smile bitterly.


It is impossible to lock on to the target.

You’re even sniping at a yarn!

The moment he saw the little brother return, Wang Dong’s long open mouth had not yet been closed.

Unfortunately, Xiao Yu did not pay attention to him, and his eyes were already on the freighter next to the dock.

The freighter, moving slowly, was about to leave the dock.

Not good…… Xiao Yu suddenly stood up.

He knew that if the freighter left the dock, the advantage would be gone.

In wanting to board a freighter can only break through from the air, from the sea.

Casualties will be significant.

If you don’t want to be killed or injured, you can only sink the freighter.

No, Lao Tzu’s system task is not yet complete.

In an instant, Xiao Yu stepped forward.


Wang Dong, Zhao Long, Zhou Lie… and others.

Nothing, towards the freighter, rushing away!

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