The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 258

Early morning.


“I’m gone.”

Looking at her sister who was sorting out her own clothes, Xiao Yu had reluctance in her eyes.

Tiptoeing up, kissing his brother’s lips, Mu poured out a gentle exhortation, “Pay attention to safety, go home early.” ”


Xiao Yu bent down, his ear pressed to his sister’s abdomen, and listened for a while.

Kissing my sister’s belly was like kissing my own child.

Only then did he get up satisfied, kiss his sister, “Gone! ”

Gently caressing his lower abdomen, he watched his brother get into the police car and leave.

Mu Qianwu smiled and walked home.

“Baby, let’s wait for Daddy to come back!”


S City.

Provincial Department, Criminal Investigation Corps.

“The owner was very friendly and helpful.”

Zeng Lei, the head of the provincial department, and Hou Bojian, the commander-in-chief, had complicated expressions and stared at Xiao Yu, who was saluting them.

To their level.

It’s easy to hear some news.

After all, at their level, the circle above has become smaller.

The people I come into contact with are people of the same level, or people of a higher level.

Like what.

Yesterday they got the news.

He joined forces with armed police to clear a den of terrorists.

This kind of thing is quite shocking, but it is not the point.

The point is that the policeman was directing the crackdown.

The police? Eligible to participate in the encirclement and suppression of terrorists?

to command the Security personnel and special forces?

Can you believe it?

The commander is now standing before them and giving them a salute!

Did you receive this gift?

No, they can’t take it!

Zeng Lei and Hou Bojian had serious expressions and raised their hands in return.

“Ugh!” Xiao Yu was confused.

One is the boss and the other is the big boss of the boss.

Salute me… How does it feel like they’re going to have ill intentions toward me?

“Oh ann there…”

After twitching his mouth, Zeng Lei smiled and asked, “Busy?” ”


Thinking about it, Xiao Yu was in a daze, smiled and nodded, “Busy, ready to continue to look at the case of the stolen goods warehouse.” ”

Man must have a beginning and an end.

This case has been encountered and investigated, and it must continue to be investigated.

“Good value for money”

Hou Bojian smiled and nodded, “There is motivation, since this is the case… The case is in the headquarters, and you are also involved in it. ”

The case was so large that two police officers were killed and two counterfeit bill plates were lost.

So…… Directly, it is a special case, separated from the case of the cloth-phobics.

Special case special investigation, set up a special case team!

Don’t get involved?

The grade is too low, ordinary special cases, not enough to let Xuan An take a shot.

If it weren’t for the cloth-phobic elements involved, Xiao Yu and Wang Dong would not have been able to go to the stolen goods storehouse.

An hour ago, Wang Dong also called his little brother.

“It is true that some people have hired cloth terrorists to rob banks and distract the police.”

“Remuneration … Twenty million in cash! ”

“As you suspect, as long as there is interest, the cloth-phobics can also pull the mill.”

“Through interrogation, the hirer was matched by an intermediary, and there was no contact between the two parties. Money is also delivered to the hands of cloth-phobes through intermediaries. ”

“As for the man in the middle… People abroad, Yuan’an has contacted the international police to arrest them. ”

“If there’s news, I’ll get it to you.”

“By the way, the big boss said, this time you will have a first-class merit in clearing and suppressing the terrorists, and you will be sent to you in a few days… Well, there are also two boxes of special offers! ”

This was the information that Wang Dong brought to Xiao Yu.

It can be said that there is no egg at all.

The only clue was the middleman.

People are still abroad, whether they can catch them or not.

To be sure.

The banks were robbed by cloth-terrorists.

The stolen goods storehouse murdered and took away the counterfeit banknotes and electric plates, and it was another group of people.

The two sides cooperate and do not know each other.

Twenty million in cash?

Is it worth it for two counterfeit bill plates?

Well worth it!


Because of these two counterfeit banknote plates, the counterfeit banknotes are produced.

The similarity and recognition degree with real banknotes are infinitely close to 80%!

What is the concept of 80%?

Ordinary money detectors can’t detect it at all.

Only from the anti-counterfeiting laser and watermark can we tell that this is counterfeit money.

If it circulates in the hands of ordinary people, ordinary people cannot distinguish between true and false.

Very scary!


Hou Bojian, chief of the Criminal Investigation Corps, personally took Xiao Yu to the location of the special case team.

Major Crimes Division!

This is a serious case department specially established by the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Provincial Department.

Much like the permanent body of the local municipal bureau, the Criminal Investigation Section.

The door was set up to urgently deal with some major and serious cases.

People who can work here will not have simple.

Mostly elites within the police system.

Not having the ability to want to come in here is like dreaming.

At the same time, the police sacrifice rate of the provincial serious crime department is also terrible.

Because all they face is big cases.

The criminals we come into contact with are either extremely vicious or violent criminals.

Can the mortality rate be high?

When Xiao Yu came to the serious crime office, the smoke inside it was filled with smoke, just like the fire.

Eight criminal police officers were gathered around to swallow clouds and spit mist, one by one, frowning, each holding a file in his hand.

The silence of the whole room was terrible.

“To die?”

Captain Hou Bojian laughed and scolded, “Aren’t you afraid to kill you?” ”

“Good headquarters!”

Eight police officers hurriedly got up, laughing and driving.

It can be seen that everyone is not very afraid of Hou Bojian, the captain, and he is very familiar with it.

“Okay, the boss asked me to send you someone over.”

Hou Bojian smiled and pointed at Xiao Yu, “Comrade Xiao Yu, the criminal investigation brigade below is involved in this special case team.” ”

The room was quiet.

A pair of eyes with a scrutinizing luster fell on Xiao Yu’s body.

Obviously, there were several old police officers frowning, and several criminal police officers were dazed.


“Xiao Yu?!”

A criminal police officer exclaimed, staring at Xiao Yu stunned, “You are that Xiao Yu?” ”

Am I famous… Xiao Yu smiled.

“Old Five, don’t be surprised.”

An old criminal investigator was surprised, “Who? ”

“Xiao Yu.”

The criminal police officer who was called the fifth elder was a little excited, “Do you remember the prison escape case in Bincheng?” He was the commander-in-chief, and he cracked the case. I also heard that later he also commanded the people of Yuan’an to arrest several spies! ”

“Sizzle!” A gasp sounded.

“It’s not just that.”

The old fifth came to strength, “First Class Merit Six Times, and First Class Honorary Title!” ”

“Sizzle!” The sound of inhaling cool air sounded again.

Xiao Yu cried and laughed.

They are worried about the endurance of their lungs.

Also worried that they drained the air!

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