The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 242

High-speed rail station from Ben Thanh to the provincial capital S City.

“Knowing that, sister, you can rest assured, I can take care of myself, you are now like our mother, although I have not yet been weaned, but I am already a mature little brother …”

Holding up his mobile phone, Xiao Yu called while stepping onto the high-speed rail car.

If you go to the provincial city to take the high-speed train, it will only take about two hours.

By car, it takes a little more than four hours.

Xiao Yu was lazy to drive, very tired.

I didn’t know what the case was when I went to the provincial office this time.

Xiao Yu took Guo Qiang with him, and there was someone he was familiar with, and he was more comfortable with it.

Some time ago, guo Qiang’s deputy director clerk treatment was normalized.

Xiao Yu helped to say hello to the above.

The treatment is actually to enter the job, just enjoy the job benefits, and the regularization is very different.

Don’t look at Guo Qiang as a second-level police inspector in the past, but he is only a section officer and enjoys the treatment of deputy director.

After the conversion, it is the deputy director of the Eight Classics of Zheng’er.

Level with the deputies in the brigade.

Some civil servants may not have crossed this hurdle in their lifetime.

Small section clerks work until retirement, a large handful.

Now that Guo Qiang’s position is in hand, there are deputy teams in the brigade who have been transferred and retired, and he can go up.

Or directly transfer to another level unit and become a vice captain.

Guo Qiang himself did not go.

Otherwise, Xiao Yu and the boss boss could help.

To paraphrase Guo Qiang’s own words: he wants to retire in the criminal investigation brigade like the boss boss!


Provincial capital, S City.

Center Avenue, outside a bank door.

Six hours ago.

The municipal police station received a report that a rare bank robbery had occurred at the City XX Bank.

Countless police cars lined up in a long line to surround the banks.

Police, SWAT, armed police…

Armed with a firearm, the bullet loaded, ready to fire.

When Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang arrived here, they were confused.

Divine Horse Situation?

They came here in a police car directly from the station.

At the scene, there are countless policemen.

Several police superintendents were present, and there were countless police inspectors.

When Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang, who were confused, came to the front of several police inspectors.

“Xiao Yu?”

A first-class police superintendent in a white shirt asked with a serious expression.

The first leader of the provincial police system, Zeng Lei!


Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang raised their hands in salute.

“All right.”

Zeng Lei waved his hand and looked at Xiao Yu with a strange expression, “Very young.” ”

Xiao Yu: …

No, what the hell is going on in front of you?

Rob a bank?

Is there any point in calling me this kind of thing?

Zeng Lei looked at Xiao Yu a few times, “Report the current situation to Comrade Xiao Yu.” ”


A first-level police inspector came out of the queue, came to Xiao Yu, and quickly reported, “The bank robbery case in front of you is already the second case that has occurred in this city!” ”

The second case… Xiao Yu was stunned.

What age is it now?

As long as iq online people, who will go to rob the bank?

This has nothing to do with drinking fake wine.

It’s all brain disease and wants to die!

Of course, that’s not the point.

The point is, the head of the provincial government called him in order to detect the bank robbery?


In this kind of case, the direct dispatch of special police and armed police will be finished, and it needs to be solved?

Xiao Yu shielded the distractions in his mind and continued to listen to the other party’s report.

“The first bank robbery, a month and a half ago, was committed in a similar manner, and the perpetrators confirmed that they were the same gang.”

The first-level inspector continued: “That time, when our police arrived at the scene, seven people were killed and the robbers fled…”

Seven lives… Xiao Yu twitched the corners of his mouth.

A funny question comes.

Robbers rob banks, actually succeeded?

Today’s era is not the past, and the whole city is monitored by the eyes of the sky.

Rob the bank in the city, and after the robbery, you can successfully escape the police’s sight.

Are you sure you’re not telling me a story?


Xiao Yu interrupted the other party’s words and shook his head, “Directly tell me what’s going on in front of you.” ”

“The case took place six hours ago when an innocent civilian who withdrew money from a bank was killed”

“After receiving the police, the provincial investigation corps dispatched a large number of police forces. After a preliminary investigation of the scene by the police, there were two robbers who robbed the bank and two homemade pistols. Nine hostages were taken, one died…”

“The robbers are extremely cruel, dangerous, and disregard for life … Very cunning, clever, good at anti-reconnaissance. And dodging in the dead corner of the bank, snipers can not sniper. ”

“In order to ensure the safety of the hostages’ lives.” The police have been fighting the robbers for six hours…”

The other party finished speaking quickly.

Xiao Yu thought a little.

He still couldn’t understand the significance of calling himself.

You’re better at calling special forces than you are calling me, right?

“According to reliable informants, the other party’s purpose was not to rob the bank.”

Zeng Lei’s expression was suspicious, “But I want to make it in this city… Panicky! ”

Xiao Yu’s face changed.

What is the purpose of creating panic?

There are too many, but most of them cannot be separated from one fact.

What needs to be faced is that it is no longer a simple criminal.

It’s the cloth-phobics… Fear of cloth attack!

“Reliable wire reporting?”

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes and asked in a suspicious voice.


Zeng Lei nodded, his expression was painful, “The news from an undercover police officer before the sacrifice!” ”

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Yu’s face was as cold as ice.

Reliable indeed!

He did not ask the sacrificial police officer how he got the news.

People exchange their lives for news, you need to give some respect.

“Let’s solve the problem at hand!”

Xiao Yu looked at the bank not far away.

Now think of everything else is nonsense, how the case is specific, you can check it later.

If the bank robbery in front of us is not dealt with as soon as possible, it will definitely cause panic among the citizens.

Just when Xiao Yu thought so…

[Ding, the case trigger was successful. 】

[The police case check-in opens.] 】

【Does the host sign in?】 】

Xiao Yu: …

Without any hesitation, the mind silently reads: Check in!

【Ding, congratulations on the success of the host check-in case!】 】

【System Rewards, Abilities: Repair Expert!】 】

【System Quest Distribution: Detect Terrorist Cloth Attacks!】 】

【Time limit to solve the case: 30 days! 】 】

[If the host completes the task within a limited time, add a bonus system skill: Wave of the Night Bat!] 】

[If the host fails the task within the time limit, the system capabilities given to the host will be reclaimed!] 】

【Task time limit countdown, start…】

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