The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 239

Police Department.

Looking at the building in front of him, Xiao Yu’s heart thought of the four words ‘majestic and magnificent’.

A bit of an exaggeration.

Solemn and shocking, it is real.

Xiao Yu and the middle-aged man walked into the police department and went up to the top floor.

Then, in front of an office gate.

“Wait a minute.”

The middle-aged man smiled and said to Xiao Yu, knocked on the door, and pushed the door in.

In the car when he came, Xiao Yu knew that the middle-aged man was the secretary of the big boss.

At the local level, it is one notch higher than the Bincheng City Bureau’s overall situation, Yun Xiangguo.

The three pin officials in front of the prime minister’s door are not joking!

“Come in.”

The middle-aged man walked out and smiled at Xiao Yu: “It just so happens that the big boss is not busy.” ”


Xiao Yu, dressed in a police uniform, sorted out his clothes, stepped inside, and glanced at the office.


The furnishings are very ordinary.

Except for the larger part of the place, it is like an ordinary civil service office.

Then his eyes fell on a chair…

It was an old mahogany chair.

Looking closely, you can see from the armrests on both sides of the chair that you don’t know how many years of rubbing have become incredibly smooth.

Even better is that it has experienced the baptism of time, but it has not left any signs of decay on this chair.

It felt like the old man in the chair.

Xiao Yu stopped and looked more intuitively at the old man sitting in the chair.

The old man’s body was not very tall, and he was wearing a wide shirt.

Occasionally there was a light in those eyes.

It is a kind of wisdom that sees through the world.

“Salute!” Xiao Yu raised his hand in salute.


The old man skimmed his lips and squinted at Xiao Yu, “The great hero of our police system, Comrade Xiao Yu?” ”


No, your compulsion… Xiao Yu looked embarrassed, and the raised hand was not raised, nor was it put down.

“All right.”

The old man got up with a smile, came to the side of the guest sofa, pointed to the side, “Come and sit.” ”

Xiao Yu dared to disobey?


Honestly walked over to the big boss and sat down.

The old man did not speak, fiddling with the teapot on the coffee table.

The middle-aged secretary brought boiling water.

The old man opened the tea box on the side and poured a little on the teapot… Black tea.

Good smell… Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up.

Good tea is available at home, and there is a sister who is not bad for money, and these things are not uncommon.


The information from the feedback from the nose of the king butterfly told him that the tea was a bit of a doorway.

Black tea is brewed, and the water is not as hot as you think.

A hint of tea wafted out of the teapot.

After a short pause, the old man picked up the teapot and brought it to two cups of tea.

The soup is red and transparent, and the soup is red like a rose, clean and clean.

“Do you understand tea?”

The old man took a cup and placed it in front of Xiao Yu.


Xiao Yu shook his head honestly, “I don’t understand.” ”

“Taste!” The old man pointed to the tea.

“Thank you!”

Xiao Yu took a cup of tea, took a sip, and his eyes lit up.

The tea soup is not hot, and the taste is clear with a mellowness.

Stutter fragrant, slightly sweet on the tip of the tongue.

“Good tea, good drink.”

Xiao Yu sincerely praised.

I thought to myself, let my sister do something when I go home.

You must know that he was really not a tea lover before, and he felt that he was quite AC.

But I didn’t expect that this tea is indeed a bit of learning, and good tea is really delicious.


The old man smiled triumphantly, like an old child.

You can’t see majesty in him, you can only see the image of an old man with a gentle personality.


The old man’s smile dissipated, looked at Xiao Yu, and slowly spoke, “Tell me, why can you make Lao Wu say that you are a good child?” ”

Looking at the old man’s eyes, Xiao Yu suddenly had the feeling of looking at two sharp blades.

A cold current rose from within, making his eyes tingle slightly.

Oh, that’s the taste.

Only such a pair of eyes is worthy of the violent machine of the police system!

In the face of such eyes, Xiao Yu actually had a strange feeling that he could not lie.

So, he didn’t open his mouth, looking into the old man’s eyes, without a little dodging.


The old man was surprised, his eyes lit up slightly, he looked at Xiao Yu again, and nodded, “Tell me, What did Old Wu ask you, and how did you answer?” ”

“He asked me…”

Xiao Yu did not hide, “What do you think about the current era and the country?” ”

“Ha, this old thing.”

The old man smiled, “How did you answer?” ”

“I said…”

Xiao Yu spoke, “We are not living in a peaceful era, but we are lucky to live in a peaceful country!” ”

The old man was stunned and stared at Xiao Yu sheepishly.

This look is exactly ten seconds.

Looking back, the old man’s expression became incomparably complicated, and he was very gentle, like an old grandfather looking at a junior, “Why don’t you stay in Jian’an?” ”

“I didn’t want to go anywhere, I just wanted to stay in Ben Thanh.”

For the first time since seeing the old man, Xiao Yu showed a smile, smiling like a proud sun, “Some things have not been put down!” ”

The old man was stunned again, but for a moment, he smiled and shook his head, “Children and daughters are long, heroes are short of breath?” ”


Xiao Yu also shook his head, “Too lazy, there is no self-motivation, in this life I just want to accompany my parents, accompany my wife, guard my acre and three points of land, and do my best to be a policeman.” That’s enough for me! ”

“That’s the way it is.”

The old man suddenly stared at Xiao Yu’s eyes, more and more gentle, “No dreams? ”


Xiao Yu nodded his head heavily, and smiled with some embarrassment, “I want to make this world a little cleaner!” ”

The old man didn’t know that he was stunned for the first time.

He just stared at Xiao Yu in such a stunned way.

Xiao Yu stared at the old man without squinting.


“Drink tea.”

The old man picked up the teapot and poured tea for Xiao Yu.

“Thank you.”

Xiao Yu thanked him again and slowly tasted the tea.

One old and one young did not speak.

Until Xiao Yu finished drinking the second cup of tea.

“Let’s go.”

The old man waved his hand at Xiao Yu, “Since you want to keep your dreams and guard your acres and three points of land, then you must guard it well.” ”


Xiao Yu stood up, raised his hand to salute the old man, and turned away.

Looking at Xiao Yu’s back until he couldn’t see it, the old man smiled.

“Old Wu’s eyes are not blind, he is a good boy!”


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