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The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 238

“Sister, get up.”

“Get up, get up, get up… Get up quickly, didn’t you say you’re going to work today? ”

“Classmate Mu Qianwu, I called you for half a day, but you can’t get up by yourself.”

“If you’re late and didn’t hold a shareholders’ meeting, you can’t blame me.”

Looking at Mu Qian, who was sleeping like a cat in his arms, Xiao Yu smiled softly.

If there was a mirror at this time, he could definitely see a childish face.

“Got it!”

Mu Qianwu stretched out his jade arm, hugged the bad brother, and opened his beautiful eyes, “Carry me to wash it.” ”

“Obey orders!”

Picking up his sister, Xiao Yu stepped out of bed and into the bathroom.

After the little couple took a bath, they changed into Mu Tian dance like a little mother, and sorted out the clothes for Xiao Yu, a good eldest child.

Went downstairs.

Bai Ting, a bodyguard who came early in the morning, helped make breakfast and smiled at them.

The little couple’s old face was red, and they were not polite, and they tasted the craftsmanship of the white sister, and their eyes lit up.

Xiao Yu’s face was happy, and he felt that he would not have to cook in the future.

When I saw Mu Qianwu looking at himself with a smile, he was depressed again.

I feel that I will have to cook food for my sister for a lifetime in the future…

After accompanying Mu Qianwu to the company’s shareholders’ meeting, Xiao Yu was idle and bored.

“Sister, let’s play a game?”

“Don’t play.”

“Just once?”

“…… What game? ”

“I teach you… Hey! ”

Two minutes later.

Xiao Yu looked like a domineering president, sitting on the boss’s chair and looking at his sister with his nostrils.

“See my brother is so bored, I’ll give you my supplementary gold card.”

Mu Qianwu couldn’t help but smile, pretended to be intoxicated, and took out a card and sent it to Xiao Yu, “Go and have fun, right?” ”

“Are you teaching me to do things?”

Xiao Yuniu angrily craned his neck, “Remember, you will have to listen to whatever I say in the future, you know?” ”

“It’s handsome.”

Holding his heart in both hands, Mu Qianwu couldn’t help but smile, “I just appreciate my brother’s backbone… Vomit! ”


Xiao Yu stared at her sister who was bent over and sick in shock.

Isn’t there such a disgusting thing about this game?

Mu Qianwu did throw up.

It wasn’t disgusting by my brother, it was physical discomfort.

Xiao Yu was frightened, picked up his sister and rushed out of the company and drove to the hospital for examination.

By the way, call my parents and mother-in-law.

The two families gathered in the hospital, nervously waiting for Mu Qianwu’s examination report.

Outcome…… Morning sickness, normal!


The little couple blushed and bowed their heads.

Unable to face the eyes of the elders.

What a shame, what a shame!

However, this cannot be blamed on them.

They are also experiencing it for the first time…


“Brother Wang, how did you get here?”

Just after returning home, Wang Dong came, and Xiao Yu was quite surprised.

Not only did he come, but he also handed Shaw two small red boxes.

There are four such small red boxes.

Inside each one is a first-class medal of merit.

“The case of the Killing Machine Group and the case of the human skin wax figure?”

Opening the two boxes, Xiao Yu stared at the first-class meritorious medal inside, and his face was full of emotion.

Myself, six first-class credits!


Nodding, Wang Dong had a serious expression, “The big boss asked you to go to Beijing, and the honorary title needs to go to Beijing… Second awarding title, promotion! ”

Three first-class merits, awarded: honorary title of outstanding police officer of the second degree.

Five first-class merits, again awarded: the honorary title of Outstanding Police Officer of the Second Class.

Six first-class merits, awarded and promoted: honorary titles of outstanding police officers of the first class.

This kind of awarding is not a joke, you must go to the capital!

At the same time, the big boss of the highest department of the police system will personally receive Xiao Yu.

Like The two majorities are at the same level and relatively independent.

Although Xuan An was also involved in the affairs of the Zhennet case, he was not Xiao Yu’s direct superior.

“This time, it’s the big boss of your police department who wants to see you.”

Wang Dong’s expression was very strange, and he seemed to be smiling, “He… Seems to be very angry! ”

Xiao Yu: …

Why would the big boss of the police department ‘those two words can’t be written’ get angry?

The reason is simple.

What is Xiao Yugan’s profession?

The police!

The result?

Xiao Yu went to help Xuan An investigate the case for three days.

In other words, you have such a ‘not doing the right thing’, your own family work does not work for others, you are the boss, are you angry?

However, it was also Xiao Yu’s good luck.

The big boss of the police department had been recuperating for the previous few months, in a state of half-work and half-recuperation.

As I got older, I was about to retire.

Didn’t pay much attention to Xiao Yu’s little guy.

Xiao Yu didn’t know what those things were doing.

After recuperating and coming back.

The big boss found that his subordinates had produced one who had won six first-class merits.

The whole person was confused.

After checking it out, it was found that Xiao Yu was still being targeted by the people of Yuan’an and wanted to poach people?

The big boss was furious.

Sleeper, the wild king is not there, do you dare to come and steal the house?

Can this be tolerated?

A phone call went to the big boss of Jian An.

The two old men almost did it because of Xiao Yu!

The king came to give the medal and must have known about it.

First give Xiao Yu a preventive attack in advance, so that the little brother has a preparation.

Why is the medal sent by Wang Dong?

Because of the case that Xiao Yu had received the First Class Meritorious Service Medal in the past.

Almost all of them are cases that Jian An took over!

“No, you sold it to me?”

Xiao Yu’s heart and eyes, as soon as he thought about it, he understood what was going on, and squinted at Wang Dong.

“Definitely not.”

Wang Moved his hands, “Didn’t you know when you went to see your big boss?” ”

“Do I dare to go now?”

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes and wanted to curse.

“The honorary title of first-class excellent policeman, why don’t you go?”

Wang Dong looked envious and jealous, and the sour one couldn’t do it, “Just when you are on vacation, come to Beijing with me.” ”

Xiao Yu: …

I could only say a word to Mu Qianwu in frustration.

However, this time when I entered Beijing, I did not let my sister accompany me.

Pregnant women are not good at flying, and they are worried about fatigue by train.

Letting her sister obediently wait at home, Xiao Yu and Wang Dong directly took the plane to the capital.

Arrived at The Beijing Airport.

Xiao Yu saw a big red flag waiting outside the airport.

“Your boss’s car.”

Wang Dongna called a schadenfreude, prompting a sentence.


Xiao Yu saw a middle-aged man in a suit coming.

“Comrade Xiao Yu, right?”

The other party smiled and said, “The big boss asked me to pick you up.” ”

Wang Dong waved his hand at the little brother and flashed people.

Xiao Yu was worried in his heart and sat on the red flag car…

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