The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 229

Bincheng, Criminal Investigation Brigade.


Wang Dong, with a complicated expression, glanced at the little brother in front of him and asked the question in his heart, “Since I have known you, it seems that as long as a small case passes through your hand, it can become a terrible case.” Dude, what is your physique? ”

I would also like to know… Xiao Yu rolled his eyes.

He analyzes a possibility through philosophical questions about life.



It is also true that, first of all, his crossing rebirth has explained a lot of problems.

The emergence of systems, especially the name of the system, the alert sign-in system.

And then there were cases after cases, and check-ins came and went.

Xiao Yu had a feeling.

God brought him into this parallel world, that is, to let him solve the case.

Give you the opportunity to be born again and cross, and that is the cause.

You go to solve the case again and again, and this is the result.

Of course, it will not treat you badly.

Various system capability skills arrive in seconds.

Warm home, loving his parents, loving his sister.

Is it enough?

Still greedy, that is, do not force your face.


With tears in his mouth, Xiao Yu accepted this cause and effect.

What a fragrance!

“Maybe, this is God’s arrangement!”

Looking at Wang Dong, Xiao Yu’s face showed three points of stubbornness, three points of anger, three points of pride, and the corners of his mouth were raised.

Lying in the grooves, the little brother installed up… Wang Dong rolled his eyes, “I want to be so good at fooling around, isn’t the leader of the second group fake?” ”

Xiao Yu lazily took care of him and walked into the criminal investigation brigade with a step that the six relatives did not recognize.

Looking at the little brother’s back, Wang Dong narrowed his eyes.

Never treat others like fools.

This was the longest sentence that Xiao Yu had ever said.

As the leader of the second group, is Wang Kinetic energy simple?

Maybe you can’t see some of the problems on Xiao Yu’s body?


Wang Dong knew that a person like Xiao Yu would never stand against the country.

That body of righteousness, that incomprehensible sense of justice, that upright three views.

He had to admit that he was nothing compared to Xiao Yu.

So still wonder about analyzing a yarn?

The big bosses all say that the little brother is a ‘good boy’.

This is the amulet, as long as the big boss is in the day.

No one dared to move Xiao Yu.

Who dares to question the big boss’s evaluation?

Shaking his head, Wang Dong followed Xiao Yu and walked into the criminal investigation brigade.

If nothing else, one thing is pretty certain.

As long as you follow the little brother and let the little brother fly, it is really comfortable to lie down!


Conference room.

“The net escaped, hung up the A class, it is even more impossible to go abroad, and their faces are registered in the entry and exit.”

Wang Dong talked nonchalantly, ignoring the rest of the criminal investigation brigade, and staring at Xiao Yu, who was looking down and pondering, “They can only hide somewhere in the country now, as long as they dare to take the lead, they can’t run.” ”

“Can’t afford to wait.”

Raising his head, Xiao Yu’s expression was very cold, “I don’t have time to play with them!” ”

There was really no time to play with the two criminals.

The system time frame is there, and a week has passed before and after.

Thirteen more days!

Twenty days of difficulty is indeed no joke.

Almost got a black gun not to mention, there is a death tunnel.

If the basement machine room is not a system skill, maybe the old man who eats people has any backhand.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the steps are alarming.

After a week of investigating the case, now I don’t even see the two ‘true lords’.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

First of all, it is certain that the other party has a gun in his hand.

Even his men have homemade pistols, ‘second brother’ Li Haibo and ‘third brother’ Zheng Hao, maybe not?

“The source of the bullet has been identified.”

Zhao Changshan, who felt that he did not have much sense of existence and did not want to be a tool man, opened his mouth, “A gun-making workshop, a total of four starting guns sold a pistol that was changed after the starting gun, and the bullets were twenty rounds.” It was determined that it was sold to the criminal suspect, the third brother Zheng Hao. As for the bullet manufacturing process, gunpowder formula and so on, the suspects got it through certain channels and have been handed over to the colleagues of the city bureau to investigate. ”

Gunmaking itself is a big deal.

Can do bullets, case escalation.

The case has been investigated separately.

This is normal.

In some cases, ‘case within a case’ is often present.

Large cases escalate, and most of the small cases will be investigated in another case.

Compared with the case in front of you, a gun-making case is small and pitiful!

Xiao Yu nodded.

Guns and ammunition can be traced to the heels.

It’s not that some arsenals have problems.

Dare to imagine the consequences of a problem in the arsenal?

At that time, it was not Xuan’an who came forward, but special forces attacked.

Think about it… Weird and scary!

“By the way, someone asked me about you the other day.”

Wang Dong’s expression was strange, and there was something wrong with the look in Xiao Yu’s eyes.

“Ang?” Xiao Yu was a little confused.

Even I have to inquire, do you want to just me?

“Snow Fox.”

Wang Dong said in a deep voice, “You’ve seen them three times, their captain. ”

“Ugh!” Xiao Yu’s brain melon seeds buzzed.

What is Snow Fox?

Special forces!

Yes, Xiao Yu had indeed seen it three times.

The first was a case of smuggling of remains.

The second was the trafficking case.

The third time, the Killer Group case.

All three operations special forces appeared.

No, they asked me what I was doing… Xiao Yu had a black question mark on his face.

“In the case of the killer group, their captain watched the whole time.”

Wang Dong looked at Xiao Yu’s eyes a little strangely, “People said, it’s a pity that you don’t go to the army.” Let me bring you a message and ask if you are interested in playing with their special forces? ”

There are always people who want to harm you… Xiao Yuyi brain door waterfall khan.

If it is a past life, I have not yet become a policeman.

Surely without saying a word, go, go as a soldier.

Life…… It’s impossible!

“I didn’t work as a policeman, I didn’t meet my sister, I probably would have agreed.”

Xiao Yu’s expression was complicated, “My sister is pregnant now, and I can only be a policeman in my life!” ”

Soldiers, how many boys dream.

Put on your uniform and keep the town in all directions!

Xiao Yu sighed that it was actually quite good to be a policeman.

Wear a police uniform and eliminate violence!


C City.

Xiao Yu, Wang Dong… There was also suspect Peng Junlong who stepped out of the train.

Ten members of the second group followed behind them and walked out of the station.

A convoy of police cars was waiting for them outside…

“I can’t remember that much… At that time, I was wearing an eye mask, being taken to the car by the second brother and three, unable to distinguish between east and west, north and south, and finally arrived at the basement… Some can’t remember. ”

Inside a police car, suspect Peng Junlong whispered everything he knew.

He had only been here once, and he really couldn’t remember clearly.

Can’t remember?

Xiao Yu looked at Peng Junlong coldly.

“I’ll let you remember!”

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