The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 226

“Turn around.”

Xiao Yu looked at the woman and said calmly.


The woman’s face was terrified, thinking that Xiao Yu was going to do something.

But still limped around.

Click! Click!

A handcuff was placed on the woman’s wrist.

The other hand was handcuffed to the ankle.

The woman’s body was bent over, she could not stand steadily, and fell to the ground.

One of her legs was injured and one leg was handcuffed so she couldn’t run.

After handcuffing the other party, Xiao Yu stood up and looked at the monitor in the room.

There were five monitors, all of which were surveillance footage.

There is an entrance and passage into the basement.

There is also a surveillance footage that resembles a bedroom.

And then there’s a… Cell?

Xiao Yu wasn’t sure if it was a cell.

But he saw three… Toy!

Two women and a man.

Because the cell was a little dark, the surveillance showed a slight blur.

But you can still see that the mouths of these three people are stitched up.

Stitched to death with twine thread, stitch by stitch.

The fine stitches are indeed the same as centipede feet.

Chilling and creepy!

Not only that.

The eyelids, ears, and ears of the three were all stitched up, leaving only the nose panting…

With a chill in his heart, Xiao Yu’s eyes were cold and piercing.

When interrogating suspect Peng Junlong, the other party said that he had seen people whose mouths were stitched.

At that time, I didn’t think it was good to listen to it, and when I saw it with my own eyes, it would make people feel bad.

It’s easy to get people scared.

The perverted psychology of some people can no longer be described as brutal.

Yes, they are really using their kind as toys!

Take a deep breath and suppress the emotions that are about to explode inside you.

Xiao Yu let his state of mind be as smooth and calm as possible.

The police profession is like that.

Exposure to too many dark sides can easily cause mental illness.

According to authoritative investigations.

In the police profession, mild psychological symptoms accounted for 13.33%.

Police officers with moderate psychological symptoms accounted for 3.86%.

Only 0.98 per cent of police officers were severe.

Other injuries and illnesses caused by occupational relations accounted for 33.31%.

Less than 49 percent of police officers are at a normal, mentally healthy, and physically fit level.

Less than half of the police officers who can retire in good health?

Consider again that the average life expectancy of the police profession is only 48 years.

What exactly is this profession?

It can no longer be described as high risk.

Think about it!

Xiao Yu looked at the surveillance screen of the fourth monitor.

Strangely enough, it was an underground corridor.

It looks like a channel and is normal.

Why do normal things need to be monitored with monitoring?

After thinking for a moment, Xiao Yu looked at the fifth picture.


Yes, this picture should be the computer room in the woman’s mouth.

You can see a person sleeping on the operating table.

Go to bed?

Xiao Yu frowned.

The roar of the gunfire just now didn’t wake him up?

Or is the sound insulation of the machine room very good?

Looking away from the sleeping man, Xiao Yu saw the buttons on the operating table.

Colorful, large and small.

Some words of suspect Peng Junlong could not help but echo in my mind.

I remember what he said and saw three people running away in the basement.

One was cut into pieces, one was stabbed into hedgehogs.

The last one, turned into a meat paste!


The brain quickly analyzed, Xiao Yu’s look gradually became cold, and the corners of his mouth grinned, revealing a sneering smile.

First rescue the people in the cell as soon as possible.


Xiao Yu’s foot kicked at the woman’s cheek on the ground.

The woman passed out suddenly.

This is safer!

Xiao Yu stepped out of the monitoring room.

Without hesitation, he opened the remaining three doors.

Three passages appeared in front of us.

How to choose?

The nose of the king butterfly, the ear of the wax moth… Start giving feedback for Xiao Yu.

Inside a passage, you can smell the residual smell of bloody gas.

The second passage smells of no one entering.

There is only one passage where the smell of people is stronger, and some sounds can be heard.

And this channel is what appeared in the surveillance screen.

Proof that this passage should be safer, but not absolutely.

At the very least, the passage is frequently accessible.

If it’s dangerous, who will walk often?

Without hesitation, Xiao Yu stepped into this seemingly safe passage and moved forward step by step.

Why not wait for support and act rashly?

It’s too late.

The island must be guarded, not one or two.

Support will not arrive until at least an hour later.

An hour is enough to happen too much unpredictable.

Xiao Yu couldn’t afford to gamble.

Past experience told him.

Even if it’s a few minutes, a few seconds.

It is also possible to cause the death of innocent people…

The passage is long, more than seventeen meters.

While walking, Xiao Yu’s brain was rapidly analyzing.

The ‘basement’ under the island is too big.

The area range, in his inference, should be a thousand flats, or out of the way?

With such a big project, no one in the past has found anything wrong?

However, it can be proved that the suspect is really rich.

This kind of underground building is not an above-ground building.

Artificial materials are huge, such an area of construction construction.

The starting point must be in tens of millions, and it is possible to move hundreds of millions.


Xiao Yu stopped and inexplicably felt a sense of danger.

Just wanted to step back, too late.


The ground cracked, and Xiao Yu’s body fell downwards.


In the air, Xiao Yu’s arm was already waving.


Palms rest on the edge of the ground, dangling bodies in the air.

With a force of his arm, Xiao Yu’s figure, like a flexible tanuki cat, jumped back to the ground.

Looking at the eyes… Pitfall!

Two separate iron plates with a large pit five meters deep below.

Inside the pit, there were two-meter-long spikes.

If someone falls… Can’t imagine!

Calculation error… Xiao Yu shook his head.

Wrong, this passage is indeed frequently walked.

Not only are some criminals walking, but some victims are also walking, right?

Misled by the smell!

So, the one in the computer room, woke up?

How did I find out?

Xiao Yu suddenly looked up and glanced around the passage.

The Falcon’s Eye’s perspective, seeing two surveillance cameras.

I see…… Xiao Yu raised his arm, and the gun appeared in his hand.

Bang! Bang!

One shot at the front and one at the back.

Two cameras are shattered!

“How are you spying on me now?”

With a cold smile, Xiao Yugang was about to step forward.


Not far from the ground, five objects emerged.

Huge round steel sheet.

No, it’s a saw blade!

Five blades of saw blades, exposing the ground to a radius of at least one meter.

There are sharp serrations on it, and there is a black air-dried… Bloodstain!

Xiao Yu lowered his head and looked at the ground.

Only then did he notice five grooves.

Thinking about it, he knew that these five saw blades should be cut from the end of the channel, all the way to the end of the channel?

Raising the corners of his mouth, Xiao Yu stared at the saw blades and turned.

He followed, moving slowly toward him.

Why does it feel like a horror movie?

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