The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 225

As colleagues thought.

Xiao Yu was never a kind-hearted person.

As a policeman, you have to be fiercer than criminals, fiercer than criminals, more cruel than criminals.

If you can’t do it, then sooner or later you will die at the hands of criminals.

The reason is simple.

How do you live in the face of criminals who are fiercer than you, fiercer than you, and crueler than you?

The moment when the manhole cover is lifted and the other side shoots.

Fate is already predestined.

Xiao Yu would never give the other party a second chance to shoot…

After throwing the body up, he bent down and picked up a gun and a flashlight.

A gun is a home-made gun.

With the ‘starting gun’ post-processing, two rounds of ammunition can be reloaded.

Although there is no so-called ballistic trajectory, the range is extremely short and the accuracy is not high.

But the power of the bullet was there.

Hit people at close range… Imagine the consequences.

Just now it is Xiao Yu, and others have been shot!

Lighting the flashlight, Xiao Yu looked around.

A cement passage appeared in front of him.

After a little hesitation, Xiao Yu turned on all the system skills that could be turned on.

This was only one step at a time, cautiously walking towards it.

The cement passage is not long, seven or eight meters away.

But in these passages, you can see iron doors, six doors.

Stand casually in front of a door, hold the door handle and pull it straight open.

Inside it is a spacious room.

There was a lot of mineral water piled up, and some food, all of which were water and food items.

After finding nothing else, Xiao Yu walked to another gate.


His ears heard the sound of silk and felt the ‘sound of breathing’ behind the gate.

With a hint of mockery on his lips, Xiao Yu reached into his arms, took out his gun, and opened the insurance.

You think I’m going to go in?

Gently pressing the pistol against the door, Xiao Yu spat out two words: “Stupid! ”


Gunshots roared.

The gate was pierced by bullets, and a scream came from inside the door.

Opening the gate in an instant, Xiao Yufei rushed in, just in time to watch a person cover his lower abdomen with one hand and a gun in the other, and let out a cry in his mouth when he retreated.

The first time this person saw Xiao Yu, he raised his arm.


Blood splashed from his left chest.

That’s where the heart is.

“Cough, cough…”

He opened his mouth and made strange noises, his body paralyzed like mud.

Putting down the pistol, Xiao Yu, who had a calm expression, walked over, first kicked away the pistol dropped in the opponent’s hand, carefully looked at the other party’s appearance, and shook his head.

No, it’s not.

The man was about twenty-five or six years old, about the same age as the man he had just killed.

If it is the ‘second brother’ and the ‘third brother’, it will not be so young.

Bend over and pick up the pistol next to the corpse.

It is also a home-made pistol that has been modified from the ‘starting gun’.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes.

Guns are not hard to build.

Instead, bullets are hard to make.

Warheads, shell casings, gunpowder formulations, all require craftsmanship and technology.

Just a gunpowder equivalent is not something that ordinary people can understand.

More explosions, less can not be hit, not far away.

Especially gunpowder recipes…

Many ordinary people can build guns, but few can make bullets.

The starting gun is good, where did the bullet come from?

As he investigated, Xiao Yu found that the case had become more and more complicated.

Ignore the corpse, and someone will deal with it later.

Guo Qiang They should have contacted the brigade.

It won’t be long before SWAT and armed police arrive.

Xiao Yu walked outside with a pistol in his hand and opened the third door.

He saw a surveillance room and saw a woman.

The woman was about thirty years old, looking terrified, cowering in the corner.

The other party’s trembling, but also very timid and afraid of death, it is easy for men to have sympathy and desire to protect.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Xiao Yu smiled and walked over to the woman, “Tell me, who else is in this basement?” ”

“I don’t know anything, I don’t know.”

The woman shook her head in panic, and suddenly, with a look of horror on her face, she looked behind Xiao Yu.

That expression looked like a white-clad female ghost standing behind Xiao Yu, or a man-eating zombie.

If you change to an ordinary person, you will definitely turn your head to check it out.

Ha…… Xiao Yu bent the corner of his mouth and turned his head.

Just at this moment, the woman crouching on the ground had a vicious expression, suddenly stood up, and a hand with her back behind her reached out, holding a knife, and stabbed xiao Yu’s chest and abdomen.


The woman’s palm holding the knife was firmly held, and Xiao Yu slowly turned her face, still smiling, and her look unchanged.

“Did you know?”

Xiao Yu smiled and squinted at the woman with a frightened and unbelievable face, “When I was a child, I was a person who didn’t dare to go to the toilet after watching horror movies, and even if I couldn’t hold back, I would use a pulsating drink bottle to solve it… Are you playing this with me? ”


The woman screamed and kicked at Xiao Yu.


The woman’s thighs were bleeding profusely.


A scream echoed through the woman’s mouth.

The next moment.

As soon as he raised his hand, Xiao Yu’s pistol was inserted into the woman’s mouth, and the woman’s screams suddenly stopped.


Xiao Yu loosened his grip on the woman’s wrist holding the knife and put it to his mouth, “Hold, don’t bark, understand?” ”

The woman trembled, desperately enduring the pain, holding the gun, and did not dare to scream.

Looking at Xiao Yu’s eyes, it was as if he were looking at a devil.

“Now what I’m asking you, what are you telling me, do you understand?”

Xiao Yu slowly withdrew his pistol, “Remember, be quiet, don’t bark.” ”

“Ming, got it!” The woman’s teeth were trembling and her voice was soft.

“How many people are there in this basement now?”

“I, our people… Four in all! ”

The woman said, “Those, those toys, there are three!” ”


Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes, and the killing intent in his eyes flickered.

What is the toy in a woman’s mouth?

That’s a living person!

“Whose toy?” Xiao Yu asked calmly.

“The second and third brothers!” The woman answered.

“I solved two people, and you.”

Xiao Yu coldly glanced into the woman’s eyes, “Where is the remaining one?” ”

“He’s in the machine room.”

The woman nodded and shook her head, “I didn’t know where the computer room was, only the second and third brothers knew, we couldn’t go!” ”

“Computer room?” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes.

What’s that place?


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