The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 221

“The first place I went was city C… It’s not that I really don’t want to remember, but when I get there, the second and third brothers will let me put on the blindfold… They led me to a place. ”

Peng Junlong had a strange expression, “When my blindfold was taken off, I was in a basement. No, it wasn’t a basement, it was like an underground prison. There were a lot of rooms, cells like iron cages… Inside were three people, women, children, and men! ”

“They have all sorts of wounds on their bodies, and they also carry some strange torture devices. They couldn’t even scream in pain, because their mouths were so densely stitched together that the twine was so dense that the fine stitches were like the centipede’s feet, needle after needle, and people with dense phobias would have nightmares when they saw it…”

Xiao Yu was stunned.

Cruelty to the same kind?

The purpose?

“I was thinking, how do these people eat when their mouths are sewn to death?”

Peng Junlong snorted, “The second brother told me to eat it with my nose!” ”

“I didn’t believe it at first, who knows… Those people really eat with their noses! ”

“It was a pot of porridge, placed before those people. Although they were carrying torture devices on their bodies, their mouths were sewn to death… But they knelt on the ground, buried their faces like cattle in those porridge bowls, and sucked the porridge with their noses! ”

“The third brother laughed and said that if you don’t eat it with your nose, they will starve to death!”

“The second brother also laughed and said to me at this time, saying that I found out their secrets and could only play with them in the future…”

“I was going to be scared to death, I wanted to run. The third brother took out a knife and a gun. He pointed a gun at me and threw the knife at me… He told me to kill someone, those cells… Woman! ”

“The second brother was still holding a camera and recording the video to me.”

Peng Junlong cried, crying, “I can’t help it, I will die if I don’t do it.” They said, I’m going to kill my parents if I don’t do it. I know they can really do it, they don’t treat people like people at all, they can make anything! ”

Xiao Yu was silent and expressionless in his analysis.

He had already made up that scene in his head.

More brain-topped out those women, children, men… How miserable.

The ‘second brother’ and the ‘third brother’ can no longer be described as a simple perversion.

This is out of the scope of abuse.

It’s cruelty, abuse, even cruelty.

As Peng Junlong said, they don’t treat people as people at all!

“I killed that woman!”

Peng Junlong closed his eyes in pain, “They forced me to cut off the flesh on the corpse with a knife… They’re still forcing me… Eat…… Vomit! ”

Talking and talking, vomiting like crazy.

Xiao Yu calmly stared at Peng Junlong and watched him spit out.


Not really.

Although the ‘second brother’ and the ‘third brother’ took him “into the pit”.

And later?

Why has Peng Junlong not called the police?

Are you worried about your own being killed, worried about your parents being killed?

Definitely not.

Although the ‘second brother’ and the ‘third brother’ are indeed cruel and perverted.

But as long as this kind of thing is known to the police, it will definitely be a big chatcha.

You can guess that Peng Junlong must have done something too.

That’s why I have been hiding it until now, and I have to say it as a last resort.

What exactly he did, Xiao Yu didn’t care now.

Just pry it out slowly later.

The immediate task is to figure out what happened to the whole case.

Especially…… Some things about Wang Mei.

That’s where the case begins!


When Peng Junlong was almost vomiting, Xiao Yu ignored the disgusting smell of the interrogation room and asked in a cold voice.


Peng Junlong, who was vomiting weakly, said slowly, “They took me to two places again.” One is the city, the second is a bit quirky… I went by boat, as if it were a small island. When I got to the place, even inside the house I could hear the waves and the sea breeze outside. After all, I am a Native of Bencheng and am familiar with these things. ”

Two cities, and an island?

At least three crime dens?

Xiao Yu listened quietly, and his brain remained silent while analyzing.

“The second place is much the same as the first place.”

Peng Junlong’s face became ugly again, and he was still very frightened, “But that island is very scary, the basement under the house is beyond imagination, and there are some terrible organs… The basement seemed to have been deliberately made by the second and third brothers. They deliberately released some people and watched them escape in the basement… Through surveillance, I saw a man in the process of escaping, cut into pieces by saw blades…”

“There was another man who fell into a trap and was just pierced by a hedgehog.”

“There was another person who fell into a huge blender… Turned into meat puree! ”

Xiao Yu’s face changed slightly.

I had a bad premonition in my heart.

First, at least five victims were mutilated.

Wang Mei, a woman, three people who fell into a trap…

Then, the people who can design these things are not only perverted, but also have brains.

Do you really think that some traps can be made by everyone?

When everyone else is a fool, will they jump into those traps?

He could even think that those who fled in Peng Junlong’s mouth must have not noticed those traps…

What is the purpose of the ‘second brother’ and the ‘third brother’?

Xiao Yu roughly deduced.

First, satisfy their perverted psychology!

Second, satisfy their pursuit of excitement!

Third, they are cathartic, entertaining!

Is there such a person in the world?

Too much!

It’s just that some people don’t have money, no means to satisfy some perverted psychology and hobbies, and don’t have the ability to do it.

If some people have power and money, maybe these people will be even crazier!

“Four years ago, you and Wang Mei were together, and Wang Mei found a girl to play with you.”

Xiao Yu took a deep breath, “You have eaten a kind of meat, what kind of meat is that?” ”

“Four years ago?”

Peng Junlong fell into deep thought, and suddenly said, “Oh, that’s the flesh of a pangolin.” The second brother and the third brother said that this meat tastes the same as human flesh… Vomit! ”

He threw up again.

No need to ask, Xiao Yu had already guessed.

The ‘second brother’ and the ‘third brother’… Cannibalism.

Otherwise, the so-called ‘taste’ will not be known.

“Why did you kill Wang Mei three years ago?” Xiao Yu went straight to the point.

“It was done by the second and third brothers.”

Peng Junlong shook his head, “It wasn’t me who did it, they just wanted to… Play. That’s right, they are just to play, to play with other people’s women, and then to kill, so that Wang Mei’s boyfriend thinks that he killed. They also stole Wang Mei’s body because they were worried that Wang Mei’s boyfriend was talking nonsense. No body would have found anything useful, and they would not have been found…”

Transparent… Xiao Yu sneered, and a killing machine appeared in his heart.

Wang Mei’s death, just simple play, pure entertainment?

Killing people for entertainment?

You guys are damned!

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