The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 219

In a previous life, Xiao Yu knew that there was a Chaoyang Aunt.

In this life, this security uncle is also very bullish.

If you don’t become a secret agent, it’s a pity that this talent is great!

Next, without Xiao Yu’s orders, the criminal investigation brigade launched an investigation.

Red Lamborghini?

There are not many such cars in a city, and the drivers are still young people.

Well, eight years ago I was a young man, and now I’m about thirty years old?

In less than half an hour, the vehicle information and the attribution information were placed in front of Xiao Yu.

Peng Junlong, 31 years old, a native of the city, unemployed, his father Peng Xiaoguo, the boss of a construction engineering company in Bincheng, with assets of billions…

“Rich second generation?”

Xiao Yu raised his head, stared at the villa in front of him, and laughed, “That’s right, otherwise how could you give away a house of five million at will, or even just a house… No, but what do you want to do with the villa? ”

In the past, he has been exposed to many ‘second-generation’ criminal cases.

Those who commit crimes, unscrupulously, in defiance of the law.

Even in those cases, some of them are beyond ordinary people’s comprehension.

Seventy percent of second-generation crimes actually have only one purpose.

The most exciting!



A well-known nightclub in BenCheng.

Entering the nightclub, Xiao Yu couldn’t help but squint.

Intense deafening music, noisy crowds, seductive and sexy women and young crazy men.

The shining lights, the confused music, the frenzied crowds, the dancing figures, the mixed air, the smell of tobacco and alcohol…

Is this a nightclub?

It wasn’t that Xiao Yu didn’t have insight.

Two lifetimes as human beings, there is no opportunity for contact at all.

Ever seen a policeman go to a nightclub to bounce around?

Xiao Yu quickly adapted to the atmosphere here, but Guo Qiang and the others behind him frowned, some of them could not understand these young people.

Of course, many young people saw several middle-aged uncles behind Xiao Yu, and they were also very incomprehensible.

Because such places rarely see middle-aged and elderly people.

Ignoring the young men and women around him, Xiao Yu’s perspective moved and landed on a large private room.

There are many private rooms in the nightclub.

There are open-ended and full-enclosed ones, and there are more elegant seats and card seats.

In Xiao Yu’s eyes was a fully enclosed private room, the whole was transparent glass, and he could see some red men and green women sitting inside.

Striding away, I came to the door of the private room and pushed the door in.

On the sofa in the private room sat a total of nine people, six men and three women.

Except for the man in the middle who was about thirty-something, the others were about twenty-four or five or so.

One by one, the young men were, and two of them were bare-chested and covered with tattoos.

There are a few big words written on the face: We are the little brothers of society!

Signaling Guo Qiang and the others to stand guard at the door, Xiao Yu stepped towards the man sitting in the middle of the sofa.

When Xiao Yu walked in, the men and women in the private room were surprised.

Seeing Xiao Yu’s appearance, he was also surprised.

Celebrities have seen a lot, and good-looking men have seen a lot.

Like the one in front of you, it is somewhat rare.

The three enchanting women stared at Xiao Yu’s eyes straight.

When a few young people stared at Xiao Yu, there was an undisguised look of jealousy on their faces.

When the man in the middle stared at Xiao Yu as he approached, he looked a little confused and his eyes were a little cold.

“Peng Junlong?”

Standing in front of the man, Xiao Yu glanced at it.

“Who are you, how do you talk to Brother Long?”

A tattooed little brother stood up and pointed at Xiao Yu and scolded.

Isn’t this the plot of the novel that sends the face to the protagonist… Xiao Yu glanced at the young man and turned his head to look at Peng Junlong, “Police! ”

Two words exited, and the private room was quiet except for the sound of music.

Why do people dare to pretend to be forced by the police?

Reality is rare!


Peng Junlong sneered, tilted his head, and squinted at Xiao Yu, “You lied to me, there is such a young policeman as you?” ”

Xiao Yu did not speak, but looked into each other’s eyes.

He saw a hint of panic and fear in the other’s eyes, and his eyes looked straight to the door.

“It seems that you are not wrong.”

Xiao Yu’s expression was calm, “Let’s go, please follow me back to be investigated…”

“I’ll tune your mother!”

Peng Junlong stood up violently, grabbed a wine bottle and smashed it into Xiao Yu’s head.

Assault on the police?

He’s crazy?

No, he just wants to escape!

Xiao Yu bent the corners of his mouth.

What kind of things can make the other party not hesitate to attack the police and run away?


A thigh kicked the bottle.

Turning around, Xiao Yu’s thighs danced again.

Boom…… Stepped on Peng Junlong’s face.

Step on the couch.

“It’s better to be honest with me.”

Stepping on the other person’s face, Xiao Yu bent down to look at the panicked Peng Junlong, “I’m all here, can you run?” ”

The youth around them were frightened.

Did they dare to attack Xiao Yu?

Don’t be funny.

What age is it, do you really think it is a gu puzzle boy, dare to attack the police?

What’s more, when Xiao Yu moved.

Guo Qiang, Li Xin, and Liu Hongqiao rushed into the private room, and three police guns were held in their hands.

The muzzle of the black hole is pointed at the youth in the private room.

Scared or not?

Such a scene, not to mention the scream of fright.

Everyone was silent, and they didn’t even dare to make a sound.

Peng Junlong was handcuffed.

Not only was he taken away, but all the men and women in the private room were taken away.

Outside the nightclub.

The cadres and policemen of the criminal investigation brigade had already surrounded the front and back doors.

There is also a team of SWAT officers on standby.

When it comes to human life cases, the battle of the police is never small.

Half an hour later.

Interrogation room of the Criminal Investigation Brigade.

When Peng Junlong, who was handcuffed to the interrogation chair, no longer had a nightclub, he dared to smash people with a wine bottle.

His face was pale, and he looked frightened.

Xiao Yu did not interrogate him at the first time, but asked Guo Qiang to call Xie Shasha to recognize her.

“Yes, that’s him.”

Through the glass, Xie Shasha pointed at Peng Junlong, “Three years ago, he was one of those three people!” ”

That’s right… Xiao Yu waved his hand and motioned to take Xie Shasha away before entering the interrogation room.

“What are you going to do?”

Peng Junlong saw Xiao Yu walk in and shouted loudly, “Do you know who I am?” You cops dare to do this to me? ”

Xiao Yu sneered, “You don’t even know who you are?” ”

Peng Junlong: …

Is that what it means?

I’m threatening!

“My father…” Peng Junlong yelled again.

“Is your dad Iron Man?”

Xiao Yu remembered a terrier in Spider-Man.

A generation of Spider-Man depends on mutations.

The second generation of Spider-Man relies on technology and mutation.

Three generations of Spider-Man: Father Iron Man!

Peng Junlong was speechless again.

“It doesn’t matter who your dad is now.”

Xiao Yu shook his head, “You killed someone!” ”

Hear Xiao Yu’s words.

Peng Junlong’s face changed dramatically.

Irrepressible fear appeared in his eyes and face.

Really…… Xiao Yu’s face was cold.

Rich second generation or something.

The most annoying!

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