The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 215

Night, seven o’clock.

Ben Thanh Airport, Exit.

In the crowd, Xiao Yu, standing outside the exit gate, moved his eyes through the crowd.

Until…… His eyes fell on a man.

Thirty years old, ruddy face, thick eyebrows, black shirt jeans, height of about 180, carrying a suitcase.

Deng Hua!


When the other party walked out of the exit, Xiao Yu stood in front of him, “Deng Hua? ”


The other party was stunned and nodded, “Which one are you?” ”

“Police.” Xiao Yu took out his police officer’s card.


Deng Hua’s piercing eyes changed slightly, and his expression became more confused.

“There is a case that requires your cooperation in the investigation.”

The expression of the other party made Xiao Yu very polite.

When people are most defenseless, the actions made subconsciously are most in line with the heart.

Most likely, Deng Hua should have nothing to do with this case.

Treating ordinary people, Xiao Yu never oppressed people with his identity and authority.

Inside the police car outside the airport.

“You have a villa in District XX of the city, right?”

As the police car was moving, Xiao Yu asked with a smile.


Deng Hua nodded and shook his head again, “It’s been sold for ten years.” ”


Xiao Yu was still breathing steadily and stopped.

“Yeah, it seems like nine years ago, or ten years ago.”

Deng Hua tried to recall, “At that time, an agent came to the door and asked if the villa was sold, the price was very good, and then I sold it. ”


Xiao Yu squinted his eyes and looked directly at Deng Hua’s face.

“It’s all done by intermediaries.”

Selling such a big thing as selling a house, Deng Hua must remember, “At that time, with one hand of money and one hand of contract, I gave the intermediary a house photo, and they said that they would need to transfer the house or something at that time.” I also got my money, so I didn’t care. Later, the agent came to me and said that the house transaction was completed, and I gave the key to the agent. ”

Surprised in his heart, Xiao Yu did not show his face and continued to ask, “Later, didn’t you check the property under your name?” ”

“What do you do with this?”

Deng Hua was puzzled, “I rarely lived in China, and the house had long wanted to sell.” What, is there anything wrong with the property in my name? ”

What’s wrong?

Xiao Yu stared at Deng Hua’s eyes and became strange.

If Deng Hua hadn’t lied, a strange thing had happened.

Deng Hua’s property has never changed.

Today, the villa is still in his name.

So here comes another question.

The property was traded through an intermediary, and Deng Hua even got the money.

Is there such a neurosis, after buying a house and not going to the house, the property continues to stay in the name of the original owner?

Yes, it’s here now!

Exclude the possibility that Deng Hua is involved in the case.

Then there are only two possibilities.

First, there is a problem with the intermediary.

Second, the buyer has a problem.

Ten years ago, house prices were on the rise, and Deng Hua’s villa was worth more than five million.

Who would play like this with five million?

It’s not Xiao Yuduo who thinks, spend five million to buy a villa, ten years but not a household, for what?

“One last question.”

Xiao Yu looked at Deng Hua and asked word by word, “Have you installed surveillance in the villa?” ”


Deng Hua shook his head, “I never pretended.” ”

Don’t talk about him.

A lot of people don’t have that much surveillance in their homes either.

“Thank you for your cooperation.”

Xiao Yu smiled and nodded, sending Deng Hua to a certain Holiday Inn.

When he got back to the car, his expression was on the verge of getting out of control, very cold.

Property transactions were ten years ago.

In the case that Deng Hua did not transfer the house, it is estimated that there is no clue at all.

Xiao Yu could roughly deduce that the intermediary should be fake!

Secondly, the buyer remodeled some of the internal structure of the villa.

Surveillance was installed, some pipes were installed, and it was definitely to do something.

Xiao Yu said to himself, “Did you buy this villa just to kill people… Why kill Wang Mei? Why frame Yu Shaoyang? Why… Take the body?! ”

To know that corpses are the worst thing to handle.

After the dog carcass is replaced, then you must have to dispose of the corpse, right?

“Can’t figure it out.” Xiao Yu’s expression gradually darkened.

The case can be roughly determined.

Yu Shaoyang is an unlucky egg and temporarily excludes suspicions.

And the perpetrator of the murder is someone else.

The case has not only become complex, but also confusing.

The clue is broken?

Xiao Yu turned his head to look at Guo Qiang in the driver’s seat, “Investigate how the villa appeared in Wang Mei’s hands seven years ago.” ”


Guo Qiang nodded, “Head, it’s too late, you go back to rest.” ”

Xiao Yu’s wife was pregnant, and word had already spread within the brigade.

At this time, I must accompany my wife well.


The subordinates were considerate, and Xiao Yu did not resign and directly returned home…


When I walked into the house, I saw Mu Qianwu wearing a set of loose and conservative pajamas, sitting in the hall watching TV.


Xiao Yu was confused for half a day.

Overlord… Watching animations?

It’s still that childish mess of animation.

Pig Apartments!

“Coming back?”

Mu Qianwu got up in surprise, walked unhurriedly, and came to his brother’s side.

“Sister, sick?”

Holding out his hand in doubt, Xiao Yu touched his sister’s forehead, “How is this painting style obviously wrong?” ”

“What kind of painting style do I have?”

Mu Qianwu smiled softly and wrapped his arms around his brother’s waist, “Your mother-in-law and my mother-in-law said that in the future, we should walk slowly, we must not be tired, and we must also speak softly when we speak, and we cannot let the baby learn.” Oh, and let me watch more cartoons, the baby will definitely like it. ”

Xiao Yu: “…”

Sister educated by mother and mother-in-law?

Are you complaining to me?

“They are all elders, and they must listen.”

Mu Qianwu blinked, “You said it was my problem?” ”


Xiao Yu hugged his sister, “Of course it’s not my sister’s problem. ”

“That’s the problem between my mother-in-law and my mother?”

Mu Qianwu bent the corners of his lips.


Xiao Yu shook his head hurriedly, “It’s definitely not their problem either.” ”


Mu Qianwu smiled, “If it’s not our problem, it must be my brother’s problem!” ”

Ah this… Xiao Yu was depressed.

Why did it become my problem?

He squatted slowly, got down on one knee, and pressed his ear to his sister’s lower abdomen.


Mu Qianwu hugged his brother’s brain and gently stroked the short hair, “It’s only been a month, I can’t hear it.” ”

“I like to listen to that too!”

Xiao Yu grinned, and it contained my child.

“There’s a baby.”

Mu Qianwu pinched his brother’s cheek and smiled, “No rogues.” ”

“No rogues?”

Xiao Yu stood up and wrapped his arms around his sister’s waist, “So you can do that?” ”

The little couple kissed each other on the lips…

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