The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 213

Detention center, interrogation room.

Xiao Yu saw the suspect Yu Shaoyang again.

He took Yu Shaoyang out of the detention center and went straight to the villa.

“Where are you going to take me?”

In the police car, Yu Shaoyang, who was handcuffed, asked.

“The scene of the murder in your mouth.”

Xiao Yu, who was sitting on the sidelines, opened his mouth coldly.


Yu Shaoyang was silent, and his face gradually turned pale.

Xiao Yu glanced at him, knowing that this was, escapism.

There are many things in people’s hearts that they don’t want to face.

Trouble, evil, bad things… Too much.

Arriving at the villa, Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang took Yu Shaoyang to the bedroom first.

“Through your confession, you said you strangled Wang Mei here?”

Xiao Yu pointed to the large bed and coldly stared at Yu Shaoyang, who was bowing his head.


Yu Shaoyang whispered, “Yes, it is here.” ”

“With what tool?” Xiao Yu continued to ask.

“Telephone line…”

Yu Shaoyang’s gaze involuntarily looked at the bedside table and at a landline phone.

When he saw the landline, his eyes straightened and he was stunned.

Because that landline phone, it’s intact!

Xiao Yu was also looking at the landline phone.

Under the Falcon’s Eye, the landline is indeed intact.

I didn’t see any signs of excessive pulling on it, it was in a normal state, and it was buckled on it.

Guo Qiang handed over a pair of latex gloves.

After putting it on, Xiao Yu picked up the phone and put it to his ear…

Beep, beep, beep…

Xiao Yu’s eyes flashed with a strange luster.

Landline telephone lines do have the potential to strangle people.

But after excessive pulling, the power that can strangle people is used.

Even if the epidermis does not break, the copper wire inside it should mostly be pulled off.

Is the quality so good?

The forensic doctor arrived and began testing the landline line.

What is the test, is there still a fingerprint?

Not fingerprints, it’s tests… Grease!

Human skin secretes oil, which is known to the world.

Suppose, this telephone line strangled a person’s neck, do you think there will be traces of residual grease?

Outcome…… No!

Xiao Yu’s expression cooled down.

Two possibilities.

First, the suspect Yu Shaoyang did use the landline cable to strangle Wang Mei.

However, the landline has been changed!

Second, the suspect Yu Shaoyang lied, he did not use the landline line to kill people.

The process of killing is made up!

Which one might be more believable?

Turning his head, Xiao Yu stared at Yu Shaoyang’s face, carefully distinguishing the other party’s expression.

He saw the stunned, the incomprehensible, the disbelief…

That expression was like Yu Shaoyang who couldn’t understand why the landline phone line was intact.

The expression of the other party Xiao Yu looked very fine, and finally could only be sure… The first possibility!


Villa kitchen.

“After strangling her, I panicked. But…… At that moment, I felt the blood boiling all over my body, and there was an indescribable excitement. ”

“I knew the body had to be disposed of. Then, I came up with a solution. ”

“I went to buy a large suitcase, and I was going to hide her in a suitcase, but it turned out… Her body is so hard that it can’t be curled or placed in a suitcase…”

Yu Shaoyang had a white face, recounted the killing process at that time, and tried to recall all the processes.


Interrupting the other party’s words, Xiao Yu frowned, “The corpse is stiff? That is to say, after you strangled Wang Mei, it took a long time before you thought of disposing of the body? ”

After death, the body generally begins to harden within 3 to 6 hours, and the corpse stiffens.

That is, from the time of death, the heat in the body will gradually dissipate.

Until it drops to the same temperature as the surroundings, the body gradually becomes colder, which is greatly affected by external factors.

The greater the temperature difference between the body and the environment, the faster the body becomes cold, and the faster the corpse stiffens.

So, what is Yu Shaoyang doing in these 3 to 6 hours?

“I was like…”

Yu Shaoyang said somewhat uncertainly, “Asleep?! ”

Xiao Yu: ???

What is the situation, after killing people, you fall asleep?

Even guo qiang, an old criminal investigator, was stunned when he heard this.

What kind of psychological quality does this have to be?

“Are you sure you’re asleep?”

A sharp light flashed through Xiao Yu’s eyes.


Yu Shaoyang tried to think back, and finally confirmed, “I was asleep, and when I got up, her body lay next to me, and I was still frightened!” ”

Something went wrong… Xiao Yu and Guo Qiang looked at each other, and they could see what the other was thinking.

Normal people can’t fall asleep in that state.

Yu Shaoyang slept in the past, the problem was too big.

Of course, it is not excluded from Shaoyang’s psychological problems.


Xiao Yu asked in a cold voice, “What is the process behind?” ”


Yu Shaoyang whispered, “The body can’t be put in the suitcase, I can only think of a way.” At last…… I thought of the corpse splitter! ”

“Kitchen knives? Dismember? Xiao Yu frowned.

“Yes, yes!”

Yu Shaoyang nodded, “I first took a kitchen knife and cut her skin… However, I can’t seem to remember how I did it at that time…”

He tilted his head, his face appeared confused, and he muttered, “I seem to be tired? Seems excited? It seems to be confused again… By the time I was somewhat awake, the body was torn apart… Arms, legs, head… They were all chopped off by me, all in front of me… Placed in the trunk! ”

A strange luster flickered in Xiao Yu’s eyes.

How can it be?

The kitchen knife could not have dismembered the corpse normally, and it was still a stiff corpse.

It can’t even be done!

Tired? Excited? Stumbled? Finally… Awake?

These keywords were rapidly combined, analyzed, and deliberated in Xiao Yu’s brain.

At the same time, he thought of the forensic and criminal police investigating the murder scene, and found no trace of the dismembered body.

From the bedroom, yu Shaoyang’s killing process has a problem?

And then, the process of dismembering the body, there is a problem?

So, is there a possibility …

There was a person who used a method to make Yu Shaoyang pass out in the process of killing Wang Mei?

And then, he killed Wang Mei?

When Yu Shaoyang woke up, he took Wang Mei’s body to the kitchen and wanted to divide the body.

The man reappeared, leaving Yu Shaoyang in a state of mental trance.

This person carried the body away, dismembered it, put it in the suitcase, and placed it in front of Yu Shaoyang?

Then ‘wake up’ Yu Shaoyang, who is in a state of mental trance?

Let him mistake it for his own divided corpse?

Xiao Yu’s brain crashed.

Is it possible?

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