The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 211

“It doesn’t make sense, how can the system give a twenty-day task time limit in such a case?”

Xiao Yu’s mind turned wildly, analyzing.

Unfortunately, the system didn’t give him a chance to think at all.

Like a tidal wave of ‘knowledge’, it was integrated into Xiao Yu’s brain and forcibly instilled.

This knowledge is all about the techniques and experience of how a person can disguise himself and use disguise to change his personal image.

To put it bluntly, it is very similar to ‘casual clothes’ and ‘transfiguration’.

This ability is still a bit technical, and it is a pity not to use it for agents and spies.

We are now a policeman, and we don’t go undercover, what’s the use?

At the same time that the egg hurt, Xiao Yu didn’t even think much about the ‘flea bomb’.

Analyze the task time limit given by the system again.

Twenty days!

Ten days, basically a series of extraordinarily large cases to start, right?

Twenty days, this ordinary mega-case can not be stopped!

In front of me, however, it was just a suspected murder and dismemberment case.

Why did you give me a twenty-day time limit?

Xiao Yu’s heart was hairy.

He found that the case would never be as simple as it seemed.


In the last case of a ‘human skin wax figure’, fifteen lives were lost.

The mission time limit is only ten days!

“Head, what’s wrong?”

Guo Qiang stared at Xiao Yu, who was stunned, “Your face is a little ugly, isn’t it…”

, my face now would be a ghost if I looked good… Xiao Yu shook his head, looked at the suspect Yu Shaoyang on the interrogation chair, and scolded in his heart: Are you sick, say, what kind of infuriating things have you done?!

But…… He was well aware.

Yu Shaoyang should be a fool.

Why swear?

Because…… Did he really kill people?


Ben Thanh.

A seaside villa area.

At this time, Xiao Yu was standing in a villa, looking at the messy bedroom.

What would it be like to have a villa that no one had occupied for three years?

The snow-white bedding turned gray-brown, and there were patches of mold on it.

“The scene has been surveyed, except between suspected men and women … There were no traces of any tearing and twisting when committing the crime. ”

Guo Qiang continued with a strange expression: “The kitchen has also been checked, and there is no trace of dismemberment of the body. You know, because of the particularity of flesh and blood tissue, even in how to rinse, some corners, sewers, there will be some traces. Outcome…… Nothing! ”

Xiao Yu did not open his mouth, walked out of the bedroom, walked down the second floor, and came to the kitchen of the villa on the first floor.

There is only one kitchen utensils in the whole kitchen, and the kitchen knives on it are inserted on it, neatly arranged, and there are many of them.

“Kitchen utensils and kitchen knives have passed the inspection, and there are only a few traces of human use. One is Yu Shaoyang’s, and the other… It’s Wang Mei. This point is extracted from the residual fingerprints of Wang Mei in the bedroom and then compared. ”

Guo Qiang said this, with a headache look, “This villa has not been in and out of this villa except for the traces of Yu Shaoyang and Wang Mei. So…”

So what?

Even Guo Qiang now suspected that Yu Shaoyang really killed Wang Mei?

But if Wang Mei did not die, where did she go in three years?

Xiao Yu also wanted to know this question.

Why did Yu Shaoyang insist that it was Wang Mei he had killed?

Under the Falcon’s Eye, he scanned the kitchen.

Outcome…… Found nothing, no clue to the first scene of the killing!

Yu Shaoyang lied?

No, he didn’t look like a lie at all!

Xiao Yu looked down and thought about it for a while, and continued to survey the villa.

From the inside out, and from the outside to the inside.

Until, suddenly, he raised his head and looked at a place in the villa.


He saw a small hole in the corner of the villa wall, which contained some threads.

Power cord?!

These threads are very thin, they are all in small holes, and if you don’t look closely, it is extremely difficult to find.

Especially under the observation of the Falcon’s Eye, it can be found that there are some traces of gelatinous residue on the corner of the wall.


Or what?

Guo Qiang found a ladder, and Xiao Yu stepped on the ladder to check it out and smiled coldly.


That’s right, the line of the camera.

Therefore, these lines will be so thin, because they do not need the high power of ordinary civil electricity, and the transmission data and power supply are integrated.

What about cameras?

Through the traces on it, Xiao Yu couldn’t see what time it was when it was taken away.

But it can be checked by professionals, analyzed by residual gelatinous substances, and inferred by the degree of weathering of the thread…

Xiao Yu checked the whole villa again.

Shocked to find that the whole villa from the inside to the outside, suspected of having installed a camera in as many places as many… Fifty-three!


Even anti-thief can’t use so many cameras, right?

Not only that.

If it is anti-theft, do you need to install cameras in places such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms?

Are you sure this is also anti-thief and not to satisfy some sort of fetish?

Pervert estimated not to be as sloppy as you play!

Through the arrangement of these cameras, Xiao Yu found another problem.

Suppose that in the past, all of these fifty-three cameras were there.

Well, wherever someone enters this villa.

No matter where this person goes to the villa, he will be monitored by the camera the whole time, and there is no privacy at all!

Xiao Yu went to the detention center for the first time, interrogated the suspect Yu Shaoyang, and only asked one sentence, “In the past, you and Wang Mei lived in the villa, how many cameras were installed?” ”

“What camera?”

Yu Shaoyang looked puzzled and confused, “Is there a camera in the villa?” ”

Xiao Yu turned and left.

Seven years ago, he moved in, lived in it since his junior year, and after graduating from college for two years, he actually didn’t find the camera?

So to speak…

Does Wang Mei know that there are cameras in the villa?

One more thing.

Was the camera taken away seven years ago? Or was it taken away in seven years?

Soon, experts gave the answer.

By the weathering of the gel and the camera line, confirm that the camera was removed as… Between 3 and 4 years!

Ha…… Xiao Yu sneered.

Half an hour later, a copy of the villa owner’s profile was in front of him.

Deng Hua, male, 34 years old, former bincheng people, living abroad with a family visiting passport, nationality has not changed…

Xiao Yu took out his mobile phone and dialed Wang Dong’s phone.

“Brother Wang, help me find out about someone!”


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