The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 199

Skinning the living… Make wax figures… Artwork?

This may make the people present unable to control the horror in their hearts.

In the silent conference room, there were finally more sounds.

The sound of someone sitting still and moving a chair.

Otherwise, they could not control their inner horror and shock.

I can’t help but wonder, is this inference reliable?

But the person who said this inference… It’s Xiao Yu.

He has four first-class merits, honorary titles, and is the strongest criminal policeman in the younger generation.

Do you still think that his deduction is unreliable with such a policeman?’

Would he joke about this kind of thing?

“How do you find him?”

Han Yan, as the commander-in-chief of this case, Wang Dong calmly stared at Xiao Yu.

“I don’t know.”

Xiao Yu smoked a cigarette and squinted, “It is basically impossible to find a person from an indoor photo made of magnesium and aluminum alloy.” Even anything that appears in the photo, I have analyzed it, and it is too difficult to track down. ”

“Since the perpetrators dared to take such pictures, I guess they should be for some people.”

“Magnesium aluminum alloys, surgical gowns, surgical tools, medical techniques… These channels, he will certainly erase the clues that can be left. Look for clues from the photos…”

The luster in Xiao Yu’s eyes was so cold, and he said two words, “No solution!” ”

The hearts of the people have sunk to the bottom!


Xiao Yu suddenly smiled, “The elders have said a word, those who play with fire will set themselves on fire.” Our police profession also has a saying that as long as the crime is committed, it will inevitably leave clues! ”


What are you talking about?

I’m just playing a terrier… Ignoring everyone’s gaze, Xiao Yu picked up the tablet, “The photo can’t find a clue, but there is a clue in front of you… Theft! ”


It’s not that they want to be tool people.

Now we are talking about ‘human skin wax statue’, you are talking to us about the theft case, is it really good?

“If you want to find the perpetrator of the human skin wax statue, then the case has to go back to the beginning.”

Xiao Yu raised his hand and scanned the crowd, “Because this is the only clue that can find him, and it is also the only trace he has left.” ”

“First of all, the train theft case, a family of three reported the loss of platinum balls … That’s right, the platinum ball should have been lost on the train. ”

“The stolen man didn’t get the contents of the platinum ball, a mobile phone memory card. This card is the very one that stores the photos in this case. ”

“Three doubts.”

“The first doubt, why do the three members of the Ji family have these photos, and they are specially installed on a memory card and placed in a platinum ball?”

“The second doubt, the three members of the Ji family knew that someone was going to take away the mobile phone memory card, so they deliberately let people steal the platinum ball on the train, and then reported the case… What is the purpose? ”

“The third suspicious point, the suicide of the three members of the Ji family is very big, it should not be suicide, but he killed.” Traces of this can be found on autopsies. The reappearance of the Ji family through the stolen platinum ball can also be seen. ”

“Through the above three points, we once again assume that the person who stole the platinum ball on the train, and the person who brought the platinum ball back to the Ji family, suspected of killing the three members of the Ji family, is it possible that the perpetrator of the photo made the wax figure of the human skin?”

“If all the assumptions hold…”

Xiao Yu said, “As long as we catch this thief, won’t we be finished?” ”

Yeah, what a simple truth.

The thief’s purpose is the platinum ball.

Or rather, the memory card inside.

Don’t care if the thief is the one who killed the three members of the Ji family.

It doesn’t matter if he’s the perpetrator in the nine sets of photos.

Anyway, he couldn’t get out of it.

Dig along this line, and you’re sure to dig something out.

As for catching thieves… For the police profession.

Isn’t that the most basic ability?

Don’t talk about the train theft six years ago.

Even ten years ago, as long as you left clues.

When the police force this machine, full force.

Unless you die, turn to ashes, and disappear.

Otherwise, how do you run?


Bincheng, a railway police station.

Xiao Yu, Wang Dong, Yun Xiangguo, the boss of the provincial department and others arrived…

When I saw these people, a few of them were police superintendents in white shirts.

Can you imagine the feelings of the police at the police station?

Nima’s, a group of big bosses suddenly arrived.

The pressure is too great and can scare people to death.

What’s the big deal?!

Twenty minutes later, inside a van.

The two policemen looked frightened and confused and sat in front of Xiao Yu.

“Six years ago, there was a theft on a train, and the item was a platinum ball.”

Xiao Yu looked directly at the police in front of him, “It was you who were in charge of the initial investigation of the case… Liang Du, Wei Xingyuan? ”

“It’s us!” The two policemen nodded.

The chances of a case happening on the train are small.

Valuables like passengers losing platinum balls are sure to impress.

Later, they heard that the family of three of the passengers who lost their belongings committed suicide, causing a lot of sensation.

It’s hard not to remember!

“What happened, I ask?”

Speaking was Liang Du, less than forty years old, of medium stature, a first-class superintendent.

“I’m sorry, but you don’t have the right to know, it involves confidentiality, and you can’t ask!”

Wang Dong said very politely and showed his id documents.

Not a police officer’s card, but a reconnaissance card!

The faces of the two policemen changed instantly.


Wang Dong is not oppressing people, nor is he scaring people.

The details of the case are too bad, and once it is leaked, no one dares to imagine the consequences.

Today, the message is completely blocked and only a few people are clear.

Even Guo Qiang and others have been given a gag order.

Not even eligible to participate in the case.

One can imagine the gravity of this case…


The two policemen have a serious expression, they are doing this business, and they know the principle of confidentiality.

But the heart has long been turned upside down.

Even the national security personnel have been mobilized, what level of case does this have to be?

“Can you remember the general situation at that time?”

Xiao Yu didn’t want to waste time and asked.

The two policemen looked at each other, and Wei Xingyuan spoke, “I probably remember that at that time, I received a notice from the flight attendant to receive the police and arrived at the scene of the report…”

Subsequently, Wei Xingyuan said the general situation that he could remember.

After receiving the police, arrived, checked, and did not find suspicious.

It’s basically the same as the case file from six years ago.

The platinum ball disappeared out of thin air.

The only suspect at the scene who may have committed a crime is a female passenger, and there is no possibility of committing a crime after investigation.

The item was also not on her body…

After listening, Xiao Yu frowned.

The first thought is, no.

His brain thinking has entered a state of operation that is difficult for ordinary people to understand.

Exactly five minutes later.

Suddenly, Xiao Yu raised his head violently and gave an order in a cold voice.

“Find out the female passenger’s personal information!”

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