The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 195

In the animal kingdom, eagles are notoriously good for their eyes.

The visual range can be seen tens of kilometers away, which is six times more than that of humans.

Ability to accurately distinguish between moving and non-moving objects…

Under the close observation of the Falcon Eye, the corners of Xiao Yu’s mouth were raised, outlining a mocking arc.

He saw silky lines on the platinum ball!

In the past, the police always believed that the metal ball was a whole and there should be nothing suspicious about it.

No one has ever observed it with a magnifying glass and a microscope, ignoring the possibility of not being one.

This is also the habitual thinking of human beings, and it would not doubt such a small precious metal ball.

Distracted by its outwardly expensive value.

Didn’t think inside the Platinum Ball… And there’s another one!

Xiao Yu’s fingers gently landed on the metal ball.

After groping it over, I turned in a direction again.

Then with a slight force of both hands, twist a little.

The platinum ball, which looks like a whole, is gently twisted open.

Divided into strange shapes, such as the bite state of the two halves.

Xiao Yu’s gaze was fixed on the middle of the half platinum ball.

A groove the size of a small finger cap was seen.

It was very comfortable and finally found the problem.


Staring at the groove, Xiao Yu fell into contemplation again.

What can such a small groove hide?

The shape of the grooves is also a bit odd.

That irregular shape made Xiao Yu feel somewhat familiar.

Like I’ve seen it somewhere?

Then, Xiao Yu knew what the groove had been placed in the past.

Can be placed, SD phone memory card!


When Xiao Yu found a new clue.

Many people in the brigade came to watch.

Zhao Changshan was present.

After seeing the platinum ball, everyone tacitly showed a “so it was” expression.

He looked at Xiao Yu with a complicated expression.

This is the so-called anger of the scum against the bully… Xiao Yu pretended not to see the eyes of his colleagues.

Can’t blame me, is your business level too poor?

Xiao Yu ignored the fact that he had opened his mouth.

The case is again reasoned.

Suppose that the murderer really wants to steal the platinum ball.

The purpose is there.

Most likely for the platinum ball, hidden mobile phone memory card.

So why kill a family of three?

“The purpose has not been achieved, and shame has become angry?”

“The murderer didn’t get the phone memory card?”

“So, that family of three was killed?”

Xiao Yu muttered to himself.

Logical reasoning is just that.

To think, to infer, to assume, to brain supplement…

In modern criminal investigation methods, this link is indispensable.

If the hypothesis holds, what’s inside the phone memory card?

On this point, Xiao Yu’s IQ was high, but it was not eggy.

God can guess, but he won’t pinch his fingers!

The above is all reasoning, and Xiao Yu is not clear about how.

Forcibly removing all emotions, his thinking became clear and rigorous.

The file of the whole case can restore the crime scene to a certain extent.

But it was no use, no trace of the murderer was left.

Inferring that the family of three may have been killed by him is also a hypothesis.

Don’t want to say a hairy egg?

Police officers need evidence to handle cases.

Only a little bit of evidence can confirm the possibility of the course of the case.

Wait a minute……

Xiao Yu’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Just their own hypothesis, the possibility that a family of three suspected of being killed, is it because of a mobile phone memory card?

Assuming that the reasoning is correct, does it mean that the murderer really did not get the card to kill the person?

So this card… Where did it go?

Xiao Yu picked up the tablet and looked at the case file again.

After the three members of the Ji family called the police, the police did not find the platinum ball, and finally…

Straight home!

“Go to the scene of the case!”

Xiao Yu stood up and gave the order.


Guo Qiang and the others followed Xiao Yu and walked out of the criminal investigation brigade…

Six years have passed.

What can be left of the case now?

All the clues were destroyed, right?

A funny question comes.

Suppose, you want to hide something at home.

Will you hide in the open?

Is it going to hide somewhere in the privacy of your home?

A place that is least likely to be discovered, the least likely to be thought of?

The so-called clues at the scene of the case were destroyed.

The vast majority of the clues on the surface are destroyed.

Some hidden places, you can’t see it, how to destroy?


The scene of the case was a household in a residential building.

The family of three died, and all the inheritance was inherited by relatives.

Companies sell, deposits are divided, and everyone divides the money.

Whether the house is a small money or a murderous house, it cannot be sold, it is not worth much.

Divided to a relative…

When Xiao Yu and others arrived at the scene, the owner who received a call from the police came to the scene.

The police called for someone to come, and few dared not cooperate.

The other party was a middle-aged man, and when he saw Xiao Yu and others, he was a little cautious and a little confused.

“I’m sorry, we’re going to look at this room again.” Xiao Yu stared at each other.

“Well, actually… There’s nothing to look at inside. ”

The middle-aged man quickly took out the key, “I later renovated it, originally wanted to sell it, but unfortunately it was not sold, and the house has been empty.” ”

This was similar to What Xiao Yu had guessed.

The house from six years ago had been left as it was, and it was a ghost.

The door opened and a musty smell came over me.

Quite normal.

Because no one lives, there is no heating in winter, and for a long time, the house is not taken care of, and it will inevitably be moldy inside.

After all, most of the decoration materials are inseparable from wood, and without heating, a winter has passed, and the house will return to damp.

Xiao Yu walked into the hall and glanced around.

The house is new,

However, you can see some mold spots that appear after the moisture in the corners or on the big white walls.

The so-called renovation of the house is only a rough addition to the original decoration.

Instead of going for a redecoration.

Xiao Yu felt that his luck was not bad.

As long as you haven’t moved roughly, there is still a chance.

He didn’t dare to guarantee that if there was such a mobile phone memory card, it would be hidden in this house.

“Check all the hidden places.”

Xiao Yu instructed Guo Qiang and the others to turn his head to look at the middle-aged man, “The house has been damaged, and the police will compensate.” ”

“Laughing, you’re serving the people too.”

The middle-aged man was also open and generous, “What’s more, you are investigating my second brother’s case that year, don’t say damage, demolition is no problem!” ”


Xiao Yule looked at the middle-aged man.

It’s kind of interesting, there are too few such people these days!

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