The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 193

Facing the female forensic doctor’s eyes, Xiao Yu’s heart was a little hairy.

No, how many do you mean?

Are you trying to dissect me?

Obviously, Xiao Yu thought too much.

The numbness in the female forensic doctor’s eyes gradually dissipated, and she looked at Xiao Yu curiously, “Are you?” ”

It is impossible for ordinary people to enter and exit the autopsy room at will, and people inside the system also need to apply.

Xiao Yu was able to walk in directly, explaining many problems.

“Criminal Investigation Brigade, Xiao Yu.”

Xiao Yu held out his hand, “Sister He is good.” ”

“Xiao Yu? Seems to have heard it somewhere? ”

He Li tilted her head and thought about it, took off the gloves full of black blood on her hands, threw them in the trash, and then took off her mask to reveal an ordinary female face.

In his forties, there are no characteristics except ordinary.

Reaching out to shake hands with Xiao Yu, He Li smiled, “I remember, you are that Xiao Yu?” ”

Am I famous… Xiao Yu smiled and said nothing.

He is indeed famous in Ben Thanh.

Especially inside the system.

Forensics are also system insiders!

“I didn’t expect Officer Xiao to be so young.”

He Li joked, “What can help you?” ”

It can be seen that although she is an old aunt, her personality is a cheerful and lively type.

“Laugh it off.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Investigate a case, six years ago there was a family of three in our city who committed suicide, it should be the autopsy you did, I don’t know if there is an impression?” ”

“Six years ago?”

He Li thought about it and nodded, “Three corpses, a family of three… Come to think of it, there is such a thing. ”

“Can you remember the details?” Xiao Yu asked embarrassedly.

It is indeed difficult for people to think back to the events of six years ago.

“Then I’ll have to think about it.”

He Li tried to recall, “There are some things that cannot be remembered, only that the body looks on the surface and is poisoned to death.” But…”

“But what?” Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up.

“What impressed me the most about that autopsy was one thing.”

He Li’s expression became serious, “The family of three of the deceased committed suicide by taking poison, a mixture of cockroach poison and rat poison.” ”

“That’s right,” Xiao Yu nodded.

I have to admit that the memory of the female forensic doctor in front of me is really good.

For more than six years as an ordinary person, this kind of detail is rarely remembered.

“That’s weird.”

He Li’s look became strange.


Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up, “What’s strange?” ”


He Li said affirmatively: “Ordinary people can’t stand that kind of taste.” ”

What a strange point this is… Xiao Yu frowned.


His eyes lit up.

Possessing the ability of ‘medical expert’, he knows countless drugs.

What are the ingredients of rat poison?

Common are glycine, fluoroacetamide, botulinum toxin, rat sodium salt… Wait.

Many people may think that rats have a very low IQ, are stupid, and eat things.

This is not the case.

Ordinary rats have a very good sense of smell but poor vision.

The reason why rats eat those rat poisons is because there is some smell on the rat poison that can attract mice.

Rat poison ingredients, basically have.

But these smells are somewhat unbearable for humans, even the taste.

Moreover, the composition of cockroach medicine can attract cockroaches, almost the same reason.

And the smell of cockroach medicine, humans can’t stand it even more.

Mix these two medicines with rice to make porridge?

To use an analogy, to make a bowl of hot rice fields, who would be interested?

Well, some of the oddities might be of interest.

However, you want to commit suicide, why not make a more comfortable way to die.

Is it that jumping off the building is not fragrant?

Or is it unpleasant to cut your wrists?

Or is it troublesome to put a liquefied gas?

How much do you like to disgust yourself before you die?

“Although these two drugs can be mixed, when mixed together, they produce a chemical reaction.”

Gradually recalling the autopsy of a family of three, He Li’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light, “For example, people’s tongue and oral taste are very sensitive, and the chemical reaction of contact with these two drugs will produce a pinprick-like tingling pain… Can you see what I mean? ”


Xiao Yu’s shuangming flashed a sharp light, “Normal people can’t drink it at all!” ”

“They drank it.”

He Limian was now puzzled, “First taste, then sting… What’s even stranger is that when I dissected the body, I found no traces of being forcibly infused… Stomach residue test, should be they themselves drink it… It doesn’t make sense! ”

Not only is it unreasonable, it is also very unscientific.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes, took out his mobile phone, and opened the photo album.

He had just taken an autopsy file in the archives.

Flip through it and look it up…

“Stomach residues, rat poison ingredients, cockroach medicine ingredients, rice porridge paste … Hey? ”

Xiao Yu was stunned, “Paste? ”

“Well, it’s a rice porridge paste.”

He Li seemed to fully remember the autopsy at that time and nodded, “What’s wrong?” ”

“Sister He, ask you and questions.”

Xiao Yu blinked, “You should be able to cook, right?” ”

“Yes.” He Li nodded.

“So, do you make porridge for a long time?”

Xiao Yu frowned and asked, “Make the porridge into a paste, slimy… Like a snot? ”

You should know that normal people make rice porridge, and when it is basically done, the rice will still appear granular.

How many people will make rice porridge into a sticky, paste-

It’s not just a matter of time, it’s also a matter of taste.

There are many ways to completely break rice into a paste.

Through the record of the suicide case scene that year, the kitchen of the deceased’s family of three, the tool for boiling porridge is an old-fashioned rice cooker.

That kind of fool-like press, the rice is ready to automatically jump on and off the pot.

If you want to make rice into a paste, you have to jump at least three or four times.

The time takes from an hour to an hour and a half.

People are going to commit suicide, you actually waste time and effort, boiling out a pot of unsightly, and unpalatable paste to commit suicide?

“It doesn’t make sense at all!”

He Li exclaimed, affirmatively: “This is my omission, I didn’t even think of it… It can’t be like this, normal people can’t make such a pot of porridge paste! ”

“Yes, then there is a problem.” Xiao Yu nodded.

“You mean to ask…”

He Li said: “This pot of paste has no trace of being forcibly poured in, and how it entered the stomach of a family of three… Did they really drink it themselves? ”

“It doesn’t have to be forced in.”

Xiao Yu sneered and thought of something, “There are still many ways!” ”

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