The blind date went to the wrong table, and I was kidnapped by the blind date Chapter 189

Vacations are fun.

Although this kind of leave is exchanged for injuries.

But Xiao Yu, who was living in the hospital, was not happy.

As soon as the discharge procedures were completed, I pulled my sister home… Parents’ house!

When I got home, my parents were there.

I prepared a table of meals early to celebrate the discharge of the eldest child.

The mother-in-law also came, and the two families got together again.

It was only at the laughing dinner table that Liu Yunxuan suddenly became dull.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Xiao Yu gave his mother a dish.

“Or don’t be a cop.”

How strong is it on weekdays, Liu Yunquan is a mother after all.

My son has been injured twice because of this profession.

It is true that anti-violence is a glorious profession.

But the mother is very worried about one day her own good eldest son, really glorious…

“Say what?”

Xiao Shengguo coaxed his wife, “That is the path chosen by the son himself.” ”


Liu Yunquan wanted to stare at her husband, and finally turned into a light sigh.

“Sons and daughters have their own blessings.”

Zhou Xuelan smiled and persuaded the good sisters, “Yunquan, if the child likes to be a policeman, let him do it.” Besides, the children are older, and they have not opened their mouths to dance, and it is not our turn to speak. ”

The crowd looked at Mu Andi.

“My brother likes it.”

Mu Qianwu smiled gently, “What he likes, I like.” ”

The young couple glanced at each other, and Xiao Yu held his sister’s hand, very tightly.

The three elders brushed their eyes in unison.

What is a husband singing woman?

That’s it!

Seeing that the dinner table had become silent, Xiao Yu rolled his eyes, smiled and said to his mother, “Mom, I recently watched a family search program, and there was a child who was abducted and sold by traffickers since he was a child. ”

“How many meanings?” Liu Yunyan glanced at his son.

“Mom, you say I’m not like this, why do I look so handsome, my mother seems to be very general.”

Xiao Yu blinked his eyes at his mother, “Or shall we go to a blood test tomorrow?” ”


Except for the old mother who rolled her eyes, everyone laughed.

“Yo, you’re suspicious?”

Liu Yunxuan sneered, “When you were five years old and still wetting the bed, I was suspicious, and my heart said that I was wrong in the hospital, otherwise how could you still wet the bed at the age of five?” ”


Xiao Yu’s face was flushed, and he was indeed his mother.

No, that’s a child’s physical problem, and I can blame it?

Shame, let Xiao Yu to the point of rolling on the ground, feeling faceless.

I was even more eager to cut my stomach and kill myself and leave this dark world.

“Hahahahaha!” The room burst into laughter.

“Sure, it’s not my mother!”

Xiao Yu blushed, looked at Xiao Shengguo, who was laughing the loudest, and blinked, “Father, why don’t we go and check it?” ”

“Do you think I don’t want to?”

Xiao Shengguo accompanied his sons to perform together, “I just want to leave some hope for the living… You say, after this test, if it is really biological, we have no hope at all! ”


Both families laughed.

“Okay, don’t get skinny.”

After all, he was born by himself, and Liu Yunquan couldn’t see that his son was coaxing her to be happy, and smiled: “You are a small thing, you have been ghostly since you were a child.” But now that you’ve gone out, you’re left with your dad and Carla with me, and I’m a little stuffy too. By the way, yesterday I saw that one of my sisters had a parrot that could talk, but it was funny, if you have filial piety to buy me one. ”


Xiao Yu was happy, teasing his mother, “Mom, what parrot do you want, that thing is precious, and those who can talk must be tens of thousands.” Well, my mother gave me three thousand, I can recite three hundred Tang poems for you, which one do you order, I will give you back which, how do you see? ”

“It’s not biological.” Liu Yunxuan skimmed his lips.

“Mother-in-law, there will be tomorrow.”

Mu Qianwu smiled and took Liu Yunxuan’s arm, “My brother is teasing you.” ”

“Hmm, he’s just a conscienceless, or my family dances the best.”

Liu Yunquan put his arms around his daughter-in-law, happy and broken.

“Ha, I also have my mother-in-law.”

Xiao Yu was a little jealous, and took Zhou Xuelan’s arm, “This is the mother!” ”

The two families laughed and laughed and spent a good day happily.

In the evening.

The little couple held hands and strolled toward the way home.

This man is sometimes quite strange.

I want to buy a car when I don’t have a car.

When I have a car, I like to walk.

Looking at his sister’s warm face like a flawless jade, and the charm in her eyes, Xiao Yu’s heart was a little hot.

In my mind, I changed my sister’s clothes, and I made up a small T-shirt with a bear on my chest, a pair of denim shorts underneath, and a pair of small cloth shoes under my big legs.

It will definitely become pure and lovely, and the second will become eighteen years old.

However, a woman like Mu Qianwu, who is as witty as a fox on the outside, will become stupid in front of her lover.

Fortunately, I met myself, in case I met a scumbag or something, it was easy to be deceived by those who were ambitious.

Xiao Yu automatically plucked himself from the list of “wolf ambitions”.

I’m a serious person!

“Brother, when do you like me the most?”

Mu Qianwu took his brother’s arm and leaned on his brother’s shoulder, “You are not allowed to talk about meat!” ”

She herself found that nowadays there are more and more birds clinging to people.

It’s like a changed person in the past…

“Ah this…”

This is not for me to play ah… Xiao Yu thought for a moment, “Sticking to me every day, annoying me, jealousy, spoiling… Well, and when we weren’t together, he messaged me every day, sent me my sister’s selfie every day, and told me if I was happy. Preferably the kind… When I go to the toilet, I have to come over and stick to me. ”


Mu Qianwu chuckled, “Pervert! ”

“It’s perverted.”

Xiao Yu was triumphant, “I do.” ”


Mu Qianwu hugged his brother and buried his face into the familiar embrace, “Brother, do you think we will be so happy for the rest of our lives?” ”

“Of course.”

Wrapping his arms around his sister’s waist, Xiao Yu nodded heavily, “Happy for a lifetime!” ”

“My mother-in-law told me today…”

Mu’s dancing eyes rippled with moist light, “She went to make a wish, saying that we will have a son, she will have a grandson!” ”

“Then we’ll have one.”

Xiao Yu’s hand caressed his sister’s delicate cheek, “Like my sister, there is a beautiful pear vortex.” ”

“What pear do boys want?”

Mu Qianwu raised his head, stared at his brother confusedly, and asked worriedly, “What if we have to have a baby for a long time?” ”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a little late.”

Xiao Yu hugged her sister tightly, “As long as the end is final, the baby’s mother is a sister… That’s it! ”

Although the world is not very good.

Fortunately, I have my sister with me.

Three lives are lucky!

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